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Return of Tesla.

Remember my big post on Tesla? (Scroll down). He was a genius merely because he keyed in on what was true. THAT IS ALL IT TAKES MY DEAR LADS AND LASSIES. (Edison, on the other hand, was keyed in on how to hire 100 monkeys to refine the concept of the light bulb). Don't always believe who invented what. And don't always believe what is handed down to you as news or as truth. So many people consider "UFOs" to be some kind of wacky conspiracy theory. But, unidentified flying objects do exist - and any true scientist will keep his or her mind open to the possibility that some UFOs convey aliens or time-travellers - and so that anti-gravity propulsion is possible. It is said that Tesla, who died in love with a pigeon, (ha ha), understood gravity - and ANTI-GRAVITY. Therefore, his office was raided by American agents, and papers were confiscated - many decades before our current Big Bother regime.

I have heard many descriptions of how anti-gravity, or free-energy, might be created, and I have concluded that it is possible. It is a hypothesis to explore and test. It is the cusp of new theory, which, we all know we need, as Stephen Hawking continues to bemoan the frustrating incompatibility between the theory of relativity and the theory of quantum physics. It's out there somewhere. It's in us somewhere. And - I have also considered that dude down in Florida who was said to have levitated stones - as well as the building of giant pyramids and dolmens, etc. These have also supported the hypothesis that anti-gravity manipulation is possible, and possibly not too difficult. Some indications are that it can - oddly - be done through the manipulation of sound waves. (But this is an offshoot of the main hypothesis, of course). (Coral Castle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia).

So, here is an article about Tesla and anti-gravity:
Tesla’s anti-gravity research in use in dozens of secretive military projects
We have been kept in the dark about a known free energy source so that the powers-that-be can profit from our ignorance - By Christina Sarich - August 19, 2016

Yes, often, right-wing-nuts believe crazy things, dismissable as being paranoia. But, often, liberals dismiss important possibilities because they are naive, caring and standing to benefit from a status-quo conspiracy of ignorance - and they often do so by blaming or judging others, as is the human habit. Sometimes, wing-nuts have a hankering for what is TRUE, precisely because they KNOW how such things are in fact deliberately covetted and hidden - and also, because their big egos allow them to, not only believe in nonsense, but to stand alone for what they believe to be true. For example, a multi-trillion dollar "black budget", largely used for advanced military weaponry development, most surely HAS existed.

Neither left nor right, SCIENTISTS must keep their minds open to all angles - and angels - as Hawking would advise.

Now, imagine this, according to me: You know how, the closer together that two things are, then the stronger the forces between them? If there is magnetic attraction, then the attraction grows stronger at a geometric ratio or calculus. We assume the same for gravity, right? The closer an asteroid is to the Earth, the greater it is pulled into orbit, or swift descent. We believe that gravity is an attractive force.

But what if, as if to compensate the square-root-type phenomenon of nearness - in space, and time - there is a balancing force whereby the farther apart that two things are, then the stronger is that force between them. Doesn't this kind of make sense, just to help maintain equilibrium in our universe, which would otherwise be a house of cards? Imagine that, from across the universe, all things are working on you - the more-so the farther away they are. That would mean that the furthest periphery of the universe, with all its multitude, is working on you the most. Imagine, in all directions, this force is working on you. But it is not attracting - like "gravity" - it is repelling.

Imagine that some planet comes between you and a section of this forceful horizon. In that direction, the repulsion is blocked. Therefore, you fall towards the planet - as if gravity were an attractive force.

But do you see what I have just done? I have demonstrated to you how we must never believe everything - we must keep our minds open to other hypotheses. We learn alternate views by listening to idiots and saints.

I have suggested to you a hypothesis that gravity is a REPULSIVE force. If this were a truth, then working with "anti-gravity", as Tesla was said to do, would have been a lot easier than we think it is today - a lot less far-fetched - a lot less insane. - madman101

Mystery of the Coral Castle Explained

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