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Rice and Fish Dish

Rice is one of the least irritating things to eat, and since it's been with the human race for a LONG time, it must be good for us. I try to have some on hand at all times - which is easy, because rice is very sticky.

My major accomplishment for today was making an incredible-tasting rice dish. Just by accident - it was so good, I couldn't imagine eating anything else for as long as I lived...

Bowl of cooked rice...
Cut up a Van De Camps breaded/cooked fish thingy into chunks, add...
Chop a little bit of onion - eh - 1/4 cup, add
Add a little brocolli or veggie water
Soy sauce...
Sesame oil...
Add half a small can of mushrooms (w/o the water)...
Microwave til it's warmed up


Maybe water chestnuts would be good here, too, but then that would make it decidedly Chinese, if that's what you really want.

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