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The other day, I was watching a DVD of, "A Prairie Home Companion - 30th Anniversary". There are few national treasures greater than Garrison Keillor. He is a great poet - a genius with words, in the caliber of John Lennon. He isn't the greatest singer, but he has musical talent comparable to Morrissey. His story-telling and wit betray his wry Celtic pedigree; (his mother's side was from Glasgow). And, he has been in a wee bit of trouble... Wikipedia:

In Slate, Sam Anderson called Keillor "very clearly a genius. His range and stamina alone are incredible—after 30 years, he rarely repeats himself—and he has the genuine wisdom of a Cosby or Mark Twain." But Keillor’s “willful simplicity,” Anderson wrote, “is annoying because, after a while, it starts to feel prescriptive. Being a responsible adult doesn’t necessarily mean speaking slowly about tomatoes.” Anderson also noted that in 1985, when Time Magazine called Keillor the funniest man in America, Bill Cosby said, “That’s true if you’re a pilgrim.”[57]

The Simpsons parodied him in an episode in which the family is shown watching a Keillor-like monologist on television; they are perplexed at why the studio audience is laughing so much, prompting Homer to ask "What the hell's so funny?" and Bart to suggest "Maybe it's the TV." Homer then hits the set, exclaiming: "Stupid TV! Be more funny!"[58]
- (I remember that episode).

So, I'm watching this guy and I say to myself.  "Wait a minute!  This guy is AUTISTIC!"  His stylised vocalisations, with reduced eye contact, reminded me of that kid who started communicating by immitating scenes from Disney movies - and now he's doing pretty well.  And, Garrison Keillor also looks a little like the original, "Rain Man," Kim Peek..

I go to Wikipedia, and, sure enough!...  "Keillor considers himself a loner and prefers not to make eye contact with people. Though not diagnosed, he also considers himself to be on the high-functioning end of the autism spectrum.[12] He spoke about his experiences as an autistic person in his keynote address at the 19th Annual Minnesota Autism Conference in 2014.[13][14]"

Who's another Scot with autism?  That Talking Head from (Dumbarton) Glasgow, David Byrne...
David Byrne 2006.jpg
He was rejected from his middle school's choir because they claimed he was "off-key and too withdrawn". From a young age, he had a strong interest in music. His parents say that he would constantly play his phonograph from age three and he learned how to play the harmonica at age five.[4] In his journals he says, "I was a peculiar young man—borderline Asperger's, I would guess".[5][6]

So  - Q'est-ce que c'est?  What's the deal with Glasgow and Aspergers?  Note that I, despite being 100% "black" (Northern/"Scots") Irish, had relatives who grew up in Glasgow/Dumbarton.  There is at least one relative with autism over there, and at least one over here!  Plus, a lot of grumpy, shifty relatives who - who knows? - may be on the borderline.  Although I could never even IMAGINE not looking someone in the eye today, perhaps I was a little shiftier when I was younger.  I am a loner, and sensitive, and creative, and smart - but the main problem I have is CFS - (which may have some connection to processes in autism and other disorders).  CFS is what dashed my life and relationships.  (I had a relative in the UK who also had CFS, and one here with Alzheimers).

Another person who looks like he might have some touch of autism, and who's social skills are a little wanting, is ...
Trump at lectern before backdrop with elements of logo "TRUMP DonaldJTrump.com"
"I'm REALLY rich!"

And guess where his mother's side is from?  Scotland!  But not Glasgow.  The Western Isles - (which is not too far away from Glasgow).  I sometimes compare Donald Trump to one of our greatest presidents, who was also a red-haired Scot, Andrew Jackson, the innitiator of the Democratic Party.  Jackson is today very unpolitically correct, because his terrible social skill was responsible for the tragic Trail of Tears - which was something I could never really understand.  But he was progressive in other ways.  So many progressives had a patronising view of non-whites, the poor, etc., and went on a mission to help them, i.e., control them, i.e., to destroy them.  This sort of denial certainly continues on today.  (Sometimes, it was better than what was being offered up at the time.)

Donald Trump is no progressive - wanting a bigger military, water-boarding, denies global warming, etc.  (Even though he opposes the TPP, the GOP/VP do not).  (Trump cleared away natural habitat on a coast of Scotland, to build a golf course.  Then he fought windmills going up nearby, because they were unsightly.  Then he builds sea walls to protect this and other properties from rising sea levels - even while he denies global warming.  That is some major kinda denial going on - and it is, as usual, fuels by THE ALMIGHTY SAWBUCK).  I don't even think Donald Trump is a true Scot.  Why?  His hands are too small.  And, if he was a true Scot, he would have a bigger nose, like the preeminant, Andrew Jackson...

Now That is one serious Scotlish nose!

Speaking of denial, many of you will be uncomfortable to know that this whole thing about Jackson being too "concerning" to retain his face on - what - the $20 bill?  It was manufactured - manipulated - contrived.  A lot of sincere PC people went along with it, and many Native Americans were awakened into it, and so there was a movement to remove Jackson's visage.  It was just like the movements seeded by George Soros - there were underlying interests by the elites.  The elites, associated with the Federal Reserve, wanted Jackson's face removed because JACKSON OPPOSED CENTRAL BANKS, and substitute currencies.  So did JFK, and he got shot.  So did McKinley, and his Mount McKinley was renamed, Mount Denali.  All populist Celts.  Maybe they all had Scottism.

Sincere hurrays for Native Americans!  And for Harriet Tubman!   - but I am pointing out, here, that other things go on behind the scenes. That's what the whole corporate media is about - all 6 of them.  So: now you know.  There was another similar name-change - of some park in the West, I think - but I don't recall that one now.

[I felt especially Scotlish the other day.  For the first time even, I went out without wearing underwear - because it was so hot outside.  It was not noticable.  I went to the food pantry and gave Bee-Girl a guitar for her kids.  She gave me a hug.  Then this little girl came up and also hugged me, with her head right in my crotch.  I patted her head and I am like, :O....  Her mother awkwardly called her away.  Then, a few minutes later, she did it again!  Ha ha!  I'm a real man.  It was just funny.  I can't wait to mention it to Bee-Girl].

It would be hard to think of another Scott who's crimes challenge the horror of Jackson's Trail of Tears.  But... I can think of one...
John McCain's official Senate portrait, taken in 2009
"I stomp my feet to Abba!"

John  McCain is possibly the most deranged Scott alive today, unless Dick Cheney has Scottish heritage, (and Cheney isn't techically, "alive").  Instead of a spine, John McCain has something called, "The Military-Industrial Complex."  I don't know what the diagnosis is, but he some major psychological problems.  And he dutifully comes out in support of every war or military-funding possibility that comes down the pike, along with his siter, Lindsey Graham.  If McCain opposes Trump, then that's something major in Trump's favour.  And yes, he is called a hero when he crashed planes and got captured and got special treatment because his father was a major officer.  No othe person better exemplifies a life of lies papered over by American symbolism and jingoism.  He parades as an honest respectful man, and his wife believes it, when he is in fact a petty, thin-skinned, dunderheaded narcissist.  Just so you know.  I have no strong opinions, one way or another.

For the purposes of exhaustion, I tried to find out if Kim Peek also has Scotlish heritage.  I do not know.  But he isn't technically autistic.  So, who knows what anything means.

Well, we have seen how many people who suffer from "Scottism" may also have autism, and may also be populist upstarts who eventually get assassinated or defaced.  Others, such as the Donald, can become warped by the very evil that their kin oppose: rampant profit-making and big-headedness.  This has to do with a conspiracy based on something called, THE CORPORATION.  This system is today called corporatism, but is not so different to a lot of men in skirts battling over fields of manure to end up with their heads lopped off by the English overlords.  This was documented in the film, "Lenny the Bruce," if I am not mistaken.  Well, another Scott, who looks a little like Garrison Keillor, is Michael MooreMoore was interviewed for the 2004 documentary, The Corporation. One of his highlighted quotes was: "The problem is the profit motive: for corporations, there's no such thing as enough."[49] And he made a film, among others, called Capitalism: A Love Story (2009).  As you can imagine, he was a big supporter of Bernie Sanders:

In December 2015, Moore announced his support for Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders in the upcoming 2016 United States presidential election.[74] Moore has stated that Sanders is a "force to contend with"[74] and showed his support on Sanders debate performances.[75] In January 2016, Michael Moore officially endorsed Bernie Sanders for president.[76]... In February 2016 Moore was hospitalized with pneumonia.[92]

Woops! DO you think that that was a coincidence? Well, until you read some posts of mine, coming up, check out what has happened to some good folks associated with the DNC. And search "clinton body count". I'm telling you, folks, I told you about the suicided bankster, the suicided molecular biologists, and naturopaths - and the Texas techies who went down in the Malaysian air flight, and SO ON. This ain't small potatoes. Anyway...

Michael Moore is well-red.

Finally, renowned Scott, (of sorts), Michael Moore also made a movie which could solve all our problems.  IF ONLY WE COULD ATTACK ALL THOSE SCOTTS IN CANADA, NORTH OF THE BORDER!
Canadian Bacon (movie poster).jpg

This next movie, THE CORPORATION, was based on the book, written by a Canadian, also named Bakan...
Movie poster the corporation.jpg

Caitalism and the Industrial Revolution. Where did they come from? They came from Scotland! It's a disease!

That's all for now!


st_martin_a at 2016-08-13 16:24 (UTC) (Lien)
I was convinced that you were a white American...you're a black Irishman? Do you live in the States now?
where hypotheses come to die
madman101 at 2016-08-13 18:34 (UTC) (Lien)
I am basically a white American, non-citizen. The term "black" Irish refers to dark-haired Irish who perhaps resemble the Spanish. A myth is that they came from the Spanish Armada. In fact, my lineage goes back to the High Neil.

When I use the term, "Scots Irish," it is associated with the Scottish decendents in the country of Northern Ireland, who are predominately Protestant. But there were earlier and later waves of Scots, beyond the borders of that country. My family comes from the very northern tip of the Republic of Ireland.

My guess is that the "black" Irish are a mix of Scots, Picts, Scandinavians and red Irish. I do distinguish myself because I am very much not freckly and red-headed, (similar to the Dutch/Germans, who also had Celts). I tan very nicely. I love the sun and heat. But maybe this is because I am Australian.

I am an outsider/ observer in this country, but for all appearances, a white American, since a young age. I have grown up around black Americans, and this has flavoured some of my personality and posts. My last gf let people at her hotel read my posts, and they all insisted that I must be black. My jnl was slightly different in those days.

Edited at 2016-08-13 18:38 (UTC)
st_martin_a at 2016-08-14 18:51 (UTC) (Lien)
I'm from similar ancestry. On my mum's side from Donegal (northwest Ireland) but protestant, on my Dad's a mixture of what is now northern Ireland and Scotland. Also, dark on both sides.
So were you born in Australia?
where hypotheses come to die
madman101 at 2016-08-16 22:14 (UTC) (Lien)
We are then very much brothers. My6 northernmost tip of Eire has more in common with Donegal than it does with Ulster. But everyone around the Irish Sea is darkish. In hair.

I don't like the term "black Irish" - I would rather it be "dark Irish." Otherwise it is confusing.

I want to hail to you on the graces and comforts of our shared family traditions and nuances. Really. These are invaluable... which cannot say justice for them...

I would like you to befriend a guy d9own in Australia, in the spirit of kinship. he's a wild card, but what do you expect from Australia"? I'll ask him to add you - space66.
st_martin_a at 2016-08-17 07:35 (UTC) (Lien)
Sounds interesting. : )
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