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Natural Facts.

Do Easter Island statues hold secret fountain of youth?

It¿s been nearly 50 years since scientists first discovered the natural drug hiding within the soil at Easter Island, and now, it¿s been hailed by some as the ¿fountain of youth.¿

It’s been nearly 50 years since scientists first discovered the natural drug hiding within the soil at Easter Island, and now, it’s been hailed by some as the ‘fountain of youth.’

Note: I have always been fascinated by Easter Island. But here, along comes a conundrum! What the heck is a bacteria which extends life doing there? Wouldn't the OPPOSITE have evolved, in so helping people die sooner - so that the population and environment might stabilise?

Or: Maybe the bacteria was actually doing this - BY GIVING EVERYONE CANCER!?'

Or: Maybe the population of Easter Island crashed and went extinct precisely because everyone was living too long, being exposed to this bacteria! See how perplexing reality insists on being - endlessly!

Why reading this could help you live longer: Immersing yourself in a good story can keep the mind active and ease stress!
The US researchers said that immersion in a gripping plot doesn’t just keep the mind active, it can also ease stress and even lead to us taking better care of our health.

Note: I once got mad at some older waitresses who - all they did was - sat around reading each other the obituaries. So, idk how that factors in.

Study shows some genes activate after death: We can probably get a lot of information about life by studying death.
Scientists have even discovered that genes associated with creating an embryo and cancer can actually turn on and remain increasingly-active after death. - [Developmental and onco-genes].

(Re-SEARCH also: epigenetics + aging)

Note: This is fascinating and yet not surprising. I have mulled over the concept of plant seeds before. Seeds are really not different to the rest of the plant(s) - and yet they sprout new plants somehow. But this ability is also exhibited by twigs and grafts. Seeds are basically the same as plants, except that they usually combine the genetic info from two different sexes or plants. Sex is really the most interesting thing, wouldn't you agree, baby? Anyway... Processes occur after one form of life virtually ends, and another then begins in the seed - pushed by the same momentum of past generations, in a new cycle of the same life-force. The same energy flow. Notice how these morbidly reactivated genes, (article), are of two sorts: embryonic or cancerous. Similarly, the Easter Island bacteria bestows the same dilemma, between longer-living and cancer. This has always been a conundrum for both anti-aging and cancer research! Well, speaking of life-after-death, what's this?...

Is this proof there's a soul? Eerie footage appears to show woman 'floating out of her body' after her death in Chinese hospital

RadioLab goes OUT OF BODY this week!

Note: I'll have more to say on the next two subjects in a later post...

Internal clock helps young sunflowers follow the sun

What makes us wake up? 'Thermostat' in the brain switches off when we've had enough sleep

Note: More conundra! Also, the subject of dementia/alzheimers, brain/cells, aging, etc., is vast, and good for more future posts...

Fat people have OLDER brains: White matter in overweight people is the equivalent to someone who is a decade older

Are skinny people MORE likely to get Alzheimer’s? Why being underweight 'drives up your risk of developing the brain disease'

Homo sapiens interbred with THIRD species of hominin on way to Australia: DNA study finds mystery new ancestor

How Christianity spread across Roman Empire 'like Starbucks' to become the 'monopoly religion' of the continent
‘There were a huge number of different religions in the Empire and the chances were that one of them would “do a Starbucks”, become ubiquitous, monopolistic and eventually intolerant and kick the other ones out.’

How heroic humpback whales from across the world are rescuing vulnerable seals from orca attacks

Note: This is inspiring - but also interesting because there was another story in the news about the Weddell Sea heating up. Perhaps some mammals are reacting, to save other populations, through altruism.  Warm ocean current reaches surprisingly far south in the Antarctic Weddell Sea. More at w_a_r_m_i_n_g Also check my tags.

Is this old lady trying to tell us something?...
Experts have been studying whales in the North Pacific Ocean, called the Southern Resident Killer Whales (SRKW) since the early 1970s. Granny, pictured in 2014, is said to be the matriarch of the group and was spotted in the Strait of Georgia at the weekend

Longer-term warming: Woolly mammoths’ last request: Got water?
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