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Russ Feingold's

Dear Friend,

Following last year's election, many of you reached out to me to express your desire that we continue our work together to promote a progressive reform agenda nationwide. I listened carefully, took your suggestions to heart and recently formed the Progressive Patriots Fund to give a voice to our agenda.

I am proud to announce our new website, http://www.progressivepatriotsfund.com will officially launch tomorrow, June 1st. Because you have been such a strong supporter, I wanted you to get the first advanced look at this exciting new website. Please take a minute to visit the site and share your thoughts with me about how we can develop this site into a meaningful forum for progressives across the country. I also encourage you to let your friends know about our efforts to get our country moving in the right direction and ask them to join our cause.

The Progressive Patriots Fund is dedicated to promoting a progressive reform agenda and supporting candidates across the country. The organization will enable us to be part of a larger national effort to build the Democratic Party throughout America. With your continued support I plan to travel across the country listening to people and speaking out on important issues like reforming the USA PATRIOT Act.

I know I am not alone in having serious concerns about the USA PATRIOT Act and its threat to our freedoms. Please take a moment to sign up as a citizen co-sponsor of the SAFE Act, a bipartisan bill I co-sponsored to fix some of the very provisions of the USA PATRIOT Act that forced me to vote against it. Working together we can protect the cherished freedoms that make us Americans.

Take a moment to suggest a candidate whom you would like the Progressive Patriots Fund to support (as I have always thought, many of the best ideas come directly from citizens like you).

Please also sign up for periodic updates and stay involved in our cause as we continue to grow from the ground up. In both so-called red and blue states people have a voice that needs to be heard. People in every state want a dialogue that moves beyond the electoral partisan politics and ideology that divide us.

I need your help in giving a voice to those who believe we must work to provide health care for all Americans, protect and create jobs, ensure fiscal responsibility, and fight terrorism while also protecting our freedoms. So let us begin a dialogue about how we move forward as a country united by the values we share and the challenges we face together.


Russ Feingold
United States Senator
Honorary Chair, Progressive Patriots Fund


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