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The IRONY marches on!

There has been so much irony exuding naturally throughout this dysfunctional election season, (which comprises about 12 regular seasons).  For example, Bernie WOULD have been, "the First Woman President," but was instead supplanted by the hypocritical, misogynist Clintons - and of course Trump. Or, the DNC was chided for rigging the convention and primaries, (AND THAT'S ONLY THE TIP OF THE ICEBERG), yet Hitlery hires Debbie Wassermann-Schultz onto her campaign. (Yo, the people in Florida will be throwing her out soon). Or, the establishment/sheeple Dems complained about Trump asserting that he will build a BIG WALL, but they conspired to build a wall to keep out the reality of Bernie supporters, i.e., OUR MOVEMENT'S IDEAS. And how about this irony: Clinton, who has switched back and forth on the TPP in the past, now saying that she will reject, (i.e., renegotiate, i.e., sign behind a smokescreen), the TPP - yet she chooses a pro-TPP, pro-bank VP, and will indeed support it once she is in office!... Oh, wait, that isn't irony. That's called LYING. You can read all about the inexorable IRONY HERE - there is more to come!

Here's another bit of irony which isn't even going into my series over at bernie2016. It's a special exclusive report JUST FOR YOU!...

With DNC Wrapped FBI Director Suddenly Declares:
“Success Against ISIS Means ..................… MORE Terror”

Beware, the squeamish, this article is highly anti-Dem-Party.  But it takes biased outrage, sometimes, to bring to light the truth which the other side(s) try to hide - and hide behind.  For example, it took Wikileaks, ("i.e., Russia, i.e., Trump, i.e., all Republicans")," to reveal the truth about the DNC's corruption targetting the Sanders campaign.  And, isn't it ironic that someone who claims to promote peace, ends up being complicit in the unravelling of the Middle East, in the growth of ISIS and terrorism in Europe, and the USA, not to mention the false flags, demanding that we need gun control.  (There was no such cry after the shooting of JFK, MLK and RFK, etc.).  I speak of course of Hillary Obama Clinton.  Or was that Bush I mean Clinton I mean Bush?  Or was that LYING?...  WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE?  It is impossible to tell the difference when this is how the imperial system eats itself alive.  Here's what Julian Assange has to say about Hillary Clinton, which, ya know, is certainly a valid point to make, considering how many people have died - Libya, Syria, Egypt, etc...

Assange blasted Clinton on Wikileaks in February, calling her a 'war hawk with bad judgement who gets an unseemly emotional rush out of killing people'. - The Daily Mail:

Julian Assange confirms Wikileaks has more material on Hillary

Again, how ironic that we need some whistle-blower locked away in Russia, to tell us the truth, while we keep voting in lies.  And, ironically, it is Trump who is blamed, while it was CLINTON who committed the crimed.  Our whole society is freakishly backwards - upside down - kissing the ass of "authority" because it has more "experience."  Because it is the only one who can win SINCE IT GETS SO MUCH MONEY.  Because it represents a dual-party elitist conspiracy of duplicity and theft, spearheaded by a dynasty of CROOKED LAWYERS.  Unlike doctors, (e.g., Jill Stein), lawyers are generally not so much concerned with curing people as they are in SETTING PARTY AGAINST PARTY, THROUGH THE INSTRUMENT OF LIES.  We idiots keep reelecting a nest of lawyers.  Yep.

I need to write an essey on the FALLACY OF 'STRATEGIC VOTING'.  Apparently.  Because people have become self-important zombies being led around by their ringed, and wringed, frontal lobes, for the placebo which never delivers.  Of all people, Ted Cruz said it best: "Vote your conscience!"  Otherwise, you are trapped in a spiralling, tragic violation of the commons, running like the herd, jumping off a cliff. Calling yourselves smart.  With the convention and primaries behind us now, whoever asks WHY - Why was the DNC's tipping of the scales in favour of Hillary, so vastly, allowed to happen?  It just kept happening and happening.  And, now that the herd is awakened b y the easy rhetoric of the convention(s), they decide that they know enough to vote.  They decde to 'strategically vote'.  To vote for Hillary to keep out Trump.  To vote for Trump to keep out Hillary.  Because: To vote for a third party candidate, well...  THAT would be tipping the scales!

I've also been wanting to write about how this latest DNC convention/election resembles, in some deep ways, the convention/election of 1924 (& 1928). (That doesn't bode well for the economy, perhaps). You can go ahead now and check that out on Wikipedia if you'd like.
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