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I am the person who will destroy China.

So many blindspots swirling around, it's like a full-on concussion.

Now it is said that the hacking of the Dem Party has gone beyond the DNC. It is said. Ya never know. They could be building on the issue, just to further blame Trump for being a rascal. In fact, maybe the whole thing was a set-up. I never trust ANYTHING I hear or see in politics, or the press, or my talking dog. Especially from the All-Hillary Network, NPR.

As soon as the hack was revealed, NPR rolled out some prominent DNC hack who reported over and over, "The EXPERTS say it was from Russia, i.e., Donald Trump... The EXPERTS say it was from Russia, i.e., Donald Trump..." making it sound like an actual NEWS bit. And when Trump snarked back about this, the issue became oh how dangerously un-PC he was being! Um, if the guy is cool with Putin, who actually has some sense, then this is NOT comparable to yelling "FIRE!" in a crowded theatre....


The whole Dem convention was CONTROLLED to remove the reality of Bernie supporters, and "send a message" of unity. Right, so they fire Debbie Wassermann-Schultz for "putting her thumb on the scales" to thwart Sanders, and they proceed to do the same damn thing during the convention? And Hillary hires her onto her campaign team? I'm like WTF REALLY?! The people who had been so opposed to the establishment party corruption, and yet proceeded to support Hillary - YA DID IT AGAIN. Ya wonder how this corruption keeps coming back AND YOU FUCKING DID IT AGAIN.

The thing about Obama was that he kept making terrific speeches, while, mean-while, supporting the banks and coups and murders and prosecution of whistle-blowers and far worse. Once again, he gets up in front of a crowd, putting on his commonfolk black-slash-Michelle accent, and lauds Bernie supporters. "ALL democrats must keep voting every year, only for Democrats, and then: HOLD THOSE LEADERS ACCOUNTABLE!" lmfao.

Right. Like YOU should have been held accountable all the time you SECRETLY negotiated the TPP, against the will and interests of the American people. But, the point is, the establishment Democrats, over-and-over-again, keep eating this demoCRAP up. Because its all about stories. Words. FEIGNED INTIMACY.

It's a drug-induced rock concert yay!

So, anyway, with all this hacking going on, you'd think that the beltway baby boomer elites would have learnt something about computer security by now, yes? "Oh, it's OK that Hillary put her personal server in the bathroom /slash/ our country at risk, because everyone here is stupid like that."

This is a new world, dawgs. It has been for like 30 years.

You'd think that they would have done what I do, at the very least. Get a fucking Russian firewall! Get a Russian browser! Get a Russian LiveJournal account! They ain't gonna touch you if you look like a Russian, lol. Seriously, they have the best security, including Aussie-Assange-in-the-Airport, ha ha ha. Someone whom some regard as being a true hero, fighting against vice and presidents. Oh - I must admit: My search engine is not Russian, it is StartPage from the Netherlands.

I eat big sardines that were processed in Ecuador, as my way of supporting a country which supported the rights of internet whistle-blowers in the past. True Catholic/Inca values here. Not necessarilly vegan.

I can't find any Russian products to support, (other than my security suite). I don't know why we are still in a baby boomer cold war with Russia and its demonic Hitler, Putin. Maybe its because it doesn't matter HOW much tax moneys you send to WDC, they just don't know what they're doing EVEN MORE.

Taking the focus off of the Clinton email scandal, everyone in the NeoLIBERAL establishment, e.g., NPR, is now attacking Donald Trump for goading Putin to release those DNR/Clinton emails. Trump performed his sarcasm AFTER he was attacked, but his sarcasm became all the rage, consuming hours of media time, with more finger-pointing and charges of treason. When all it was was something called THE FIRST AMENDMENT.

Well, there was a Republican who was being interviewed on NPR, actually offering an alternate opinion. The interviewer kept goading him and accusing him, "But don't you think Trump shouldn't have put our national security in jeopardy? Talking to a foreign leader?!" And the guy said, "I think what Trump did is nothing compared to what Hillary Clinton ACTUALLY HAS DONE TO IMPERIL OUR SECURITY.

That's true. The Dems are trying to pass the buck, shift attention, blame the messengers and whistle-blowers. But the fact is: HILLARY CLINTON AND THE DNC ARE AT FAULT. That's what this is about, not Donald Trump saying, "Hey, Putin, are you out there? ... because I HOPE... you might FIND..."

Tens of thousands of emails, illegally kept on a personal server, were deleted just prior to the investigation. That's the crime. If the Russians, or Assange, or Anonymous, has info leaks or emails - because hacking is WHAT THEY DO - THEN I HOPE THIS INFORMATION COMES OUT AND REVEALS THE TRUTH. Cuz, um I mean, woman or not, this person is running for PRESIDENT.

I think I have posted enough about the Clinton's involvement with corruption in the past - and there is more to come - to assert that Hillary Clinton should stop receiving special treatment, by the establishment, byt the FBI, by the Justice Department - by the media, especially NPR, the All-Hillary Network.

YOU WOULD THINK, with all this hacking going on, that the Secretary of State would have known better than to open up official information to easy hacking, yes? See, it is her fault for making the information vulnerable in the first place. THAT'S WHERE THE PROBLEM IS. She is also at fault for lying, and delaying, and deleting, and trying to cover up this whole scandal, just as occurred in other fiascos.

Hillary Clinton was raised by something like a bastard father. Too strict, abusive and Republican. I known people who have come through such childhoods. I have seen those who were wrecks because of it. I have seen people who became controllaholic, opportunistic, career politician-types. The latter are people of the psychopathic stripe, in that they privately, and in conspiracy, see nothing wrong with putting bad personal ends before means, at the expense of the truth, social propriety, or even of LIVES.

The latter are also people of the narcissistic stripe, in that they personally feel some kind of greatness underwriting everything they do. They are on a mission from some kind of self-styled god. Since they think themselves MEANING WELL, then they have more of a right to control things than anyone else, even if it means screwing everything up for everyone, just like Clinton's and Obama's crusade to destabilise the middle east. Well, they got rewarded handsomely for the latter, because the corrupt elite profit from destruction.

George Soros, to wit.

And they rationalised it all as, "bringing democracy to blah blah blah, because those demons, Hussein, Assad, Khadafy, BinLaden, Mubarek... ISIS... are just so BAD!" And all the good American women nod their heads. Nevermind that the vast disruptions caused ISIS to grow, refugees to swarm over Europe, bommers and shooters to proliferate all over the world, and so on.

You see, these dysfunctional controllaholic children - who also happen to be old baby boomers with a naive, wreckless sense of entitlement - they say one thing, but end up making mistakes upon mistakes upon mistakes... They can't help themselves. They are social retards. They are closet basket cases. They carry a mark of Cain, forever visitted upon them by their abusive parents. They are doomed to destroy. But all along, they try to cover up and lie about this, painting it to be, instead, the exact opposite: COMPLETE SUCCESS!

How many people can they delude into believing in this - and in their craven egos? That is their game. To manufacture "the truth," with bureaucracies of lies. POWER is the ability to lie - and get away with it.

So, imagine a swarm of arrogant, self-important losers all clawing their way to climb to the top of the POWER heap, and sway the most believers. What happens is a lot of CONSPIRACY to simultaneously produce destruction, and cover it up with lies and platitudes and promises and theories and technocratic explanations and high ideals, propping themselves up as being the greatest souls ever.

So, while they spout platitudes and rationalisations, what they are actually involved in is endless CORRUPTION. This is how a failing system eats itself alive, recruiting these very parasites to enable the process. Every ideal or dream is exaggerated until it runs dry and then turns inside out, hiding nothing but failure and expense behind it. The whole game becomes: Say one thing, do the opposite. That's how you keep ahead of the cogitating, cud-chewing masses. The more innocent people who actually believe in consistent values, honesty.

From this better nature comes the upswelling of populist fervour for Trump and Sanders - seeking some kind of new way, around the establishment, and all its disgusting corruptions.

They are not so keen to blame the messengers, the whistle-blowers, the sarcastic or ironic, the innocent bystanders, and souls in body bags. They are not so keen to take the bait and believe Putin is just the latest in a long line of EVIL ENEMIES. And, some of the are even not so keen to fall for the official stories on 9/11, or San Bernadino, or Sandy Hook, and so much more. And that's good, because it means they are actually THINKING. They actually believe there is something valuable to FINDING OUT THE TRUTH.

NOTE: This first part of my post was begun many days ago. I decided to use it as a lead-in to the following links. So, I expanded it into what you have now read. And, regarding the links:

I was preparing many links for an awesome post for bernie2016. I had all the web pages tabbed in order, ready to compose. Some links, mostly regarding Clinton corruption, were rejected as not being good enough for the bernie2016 post. Some people at that site might also be pro-Hillary. So, I set them for a separate post to go into my person, madman101 journal. So, here it is - a post of rejected links.

Well, when I was getting ready to take my dog outside, my shoe accidentally tapped the computer surge-protectors on the floor. And my computer shut off. I lost the entire bernie2016 post!

I have thought about this a lot, and decided that most of the mistakes in my life have something to do with my dog. But that is something to post about later, in my own personal server, I mean LJ.

Now.... the following links are not all recent. Some are from the past. (I might already have posted two or three in an earlier post). The idea is to look back a little, and review the corruption that has allegedly been going on, to put things in perspective. And, some links take a look at what has been happening lately, under the shadow of the recent Dem convention.

I'm not sure I have a link for this, but Obama recently announced that he is having the FBI investigate the hackings on the Dem party. And, I'm like, "You mean the same FBI that let Hillary off the hook?"

I also need to mention that both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were moved by their party establishments to choose a VP running mate who was Pro-TPP. Six years of secret negotiations on the behalf of huge global corporations with no allegiance to this country, with a promise to them off TRILLIONS of dollars: Do not think for a moment that either presidential candidate will sink the TPP. That is not going to happen. If either, as president, truly opposed the TPP, they would be knocked off, and the VP would succeed.

Hillary Clinton is clearly aware that all the talk she spouts regarding the TPP, before the election, means nothing but TALK. She knows that the TPP, which she so centrally organised, SHALL succeed under her administration. If you won't believe this, because you've been drinking the Koolaid, or because Clinton is a female, then you have been dutifully deluded. Look at what has been done within the DNC, to control reality. Hopefully, we'll be privy to more information on that front.

God bless WikiLeaks. If you care about the truth, you might like to consider joining the perennial community, wiki_truth

Assange: More Clinton Email Leaks Coming
Refutes claim his aim is to destroy Hillary Clinton.

Assange Counters Media Propaganda on DNC Email
Blaming Russia for hack is "a diversion being pushed by the Hillary Clinton campaign"


Unfinished post:

Presidential races have always been weird, but this is the worst, we can agree, yes? When did it get so terrible? Well, most of the first part wasn't a presidential race, but a media festival, all focused on the spectacular Donald Trump. The media corps did this because they wanted to make money off of all the dazed and entranced viewer stuck to their TV screens, seeing and hearing things that they had only dimly imagined in their most distant smouldering temper tantrums.

But another reason they might have done this was because the big money said, "Let's choose someone in the GOP to LOSE against Hillary Clinton. Whether or not the latter is true - IT IS NOW. I can guarantee you that. Trump is preordained to LOSE.

Although, there are others who want him to win, such as Putin, and millions of Americans.

Here is an Infowars article or video which I haven't even viewed, which will probably support my strong hypothesis - Clinton Insider: RNC To Betray Trump At Cleveland Convention

I don't know if they stabbed him when they forced him to accept a pro-TPP running mate, and kept the TPP on their platform, which was a major chunk of wind taken out of Trump campaign sails. I don't know if it was the other anti-Trump things they kept on the platform. I don't know if it was Cruz coming out and anti-endorsing Trump, which was rather spectacular.

I do know, however, that tonnes of dark money, by those who lord over both parties, as well as from the Bush's and other GOP, are flowing to Hillary Clinton, so she can and shall win. whether or not Trump has been willingly complicit in this conspiracy to elect his old Clinton friend(s) into the presidency is impossible to say. My feeling is that Trump truly wants to win. Because of this, I sometimes feel sorry for him, trying to express some dense populist uprising, with no solid hold on the issues, but with a heart like a bulldog, and the back of a duck. And hair of steel.

"You bet I'm all for waterboarding! Just like the Beachboys, right?"

The presidential race didn't get REALLY TERRIBLE until a certain phenomenon occurred, in both parties. What was that? The race got super-terrible when both parties reverted to their establishment autocracies. This was when Trump began sputtering like a downed 1940's enemy fighter plane. He got the nomination, and was invited to talk with Paul Ryan, and suddenly all his rhetoric got a store-bought circumcision.

While Trump was anti-establishment, caving to establishment, the same thing happened over at the Democrats: The establishment/Clintonites demanded that Bernie Sanders come over and support them - which actually happened, and was agreed to by Bernie, ebfore the California Primary, when Sanders STUPIDLY REJECTED THE VERY POTENT CHANCE OF A DEBATE WITH TRUMP. That's when it ended for him.

Bernie had a few pivotal times when his campaign became wounded by self-affliction. The first was when he exclaimed, "Nobody cares about your damned emails!" Yes, it was a snazzy thing to say, but it meant that he could not attack her again on this issue. Instead, he handed it over to the Republicans.

When the latter did so, they turned the race into a Trump-Clinton race. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

But Bernie did so because he was all about the issues. Because Americans were enlightened, and not slovenly toads, they surely must come around to supporting him on the issues. And, if not, at least he was true to his morals. Spoken like a true Puritan progressive dunderhead. Just POSSIBLY, many Americans were swarming to Trump because they were tired of this ineffectual PC crap.

Don't get me wrong. I believe in voting your conscience. It would be OK to vote for Jill Stein, even if all outward appearances meant that such would help get Trump, the devil, elected. ........

(See my recent post in bernie2016 for a link to a piece discussing your choices in voting).

Jul 1 - Report: FBI Ordered Media Blackout at Lynch Meeting

Note: I heard an NPR interview of a reporter who covers Hillary Clinton, (who claims not to be biased for her).  She explicitly said that SHE was told, by Lynch or someone, BEFORE the FBI decision, that the FBI would NOT prosecute.  It was in the cards.  Now, if this information was known ahead of time, then it is probably that Lynch knew it when she illegally met on the tarmac with Bill Clinton.  It is pretty obvious that the two were meeting to discuss and cooperate on the coming FBI decision, letting Hillary off the hook.  So, now see this:  Jul 3 - CNN, MSNBC Report Hillary Clinton Will Not Be Charged After FBI Interview – Trump, GOP Go Berserk Conspiracies are real.

Loretta Lynch & Her Relationship With The Clintons

Comey Has a Long History of Letting The Clintons Off The Hook

The Clinton Foundation owns the FBI: The Clintons have used the foundation to enrich themselves

After FBI Interview Clinton Still Lying to American Public About “Security Review”

Exclusive: Bill Clinton and the Selling of US Security

'This is going to get very ugly' – Former top CIA officer says 'Obama has lost control of the Middle East'
The president of the United States, as Newt Gingrich has stated, has failed in his responsibilities to defend the United States

Oh great. Just as planned. Hillary Clinton will reset Syria policy against 'murderous' Assad regime

Exposed: How the Clintons likely stole billions from the world’s poorest
Investor and financial crimes researcher Charles Ortel joins me to uncover what he is calling “the “largest unprosecuted charity fraud ever attempted.” Charles reports that the Clinton Foundation is part of an “international charity fraud network whose entire cumulative scale approaches and may even exceed $100 billion, measured from 1997 forward.” And the most shocking aspect of the Clinton Foundation’s missing Billions is that much of it was stolen from those who need it most, the world’s poorest of the poor. Along with the Bush crime family, the Clintons formed The Clinton-Bush Haiti Fund after the devastating 2010 Haiti earthquake. Charles says, “What the Clintons have done, is they are stealing the people’s physical gold in Haiti, as well as perhaps stealing or diverting massive sums that were sent towards Haiti and refusing to make an accounting for it.”
-This is a story of fraud and corruption so vast in scope that it should result in putting the Clintons in prison, not back in the White House.
-You can get the very latest research from Charles, including 40 soon-to-be-released research reports about Clinton Foundation fraud, by visiting him at his site CharlesOrtel.com

Gingrich reverses course on trade as Trump VP chatter swirls
The former House speaker, who helped pass NAFTA, tells POLITICO: ‘I basically agree with Trump’s speech on trade.’

Clinton under pressure to pick running mate who will fight Wall Street and TPP - Reuters 21 Jul 2016
Members of the Democratic Party’s liberal wing on Thursday nervously awaited Hillary Clinton’s announcement in coming days of a vice presidential running mate, urging her to choose someone who opposes a massive Pacific free trade deal and backs tough Wall Street reform.

Two U.S. senators, Tim Kaine and Cory Booker, and Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack were among the contenders, according to a Democratic source with knowledge of the discussions.

“After promising to oppose the TPP, it’s important for Clinton to pick someone who shares that position,” said Stephanie Taylor, co-founder of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee

The Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade deal, known as TPP, became a key issue during the primary season, with critics contending that it would be unfair to American workers. Clinton’s chief rival for the Democratic nomination, Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, has headed the effort on the U.S. left to oppose the TPP and trade deals like it.

Jun 30 - TPP Could Haunt Clinton in General Election

Hillary’s Top Choice for VP Just Assured Big Banks He Has Their Back

Democrats Try To Bully Bernie Sanders Into “Playing The Game”

Leaked: DNC Staffers Mocked the Bernie Sanders Campaign...

Reality Check: Why the DNC Leak is Much Bigger Than Just Bernie Sanders - Watch




For more scoops on Hillary Clinton and associated corruption, you can hit this tag CLINTON - HILLARY. You can read NEW, even better, posts over at bernie2016, which is morphing into a site for "OUR MOVEMENT", as inspired by Bernie Sanders. There continue to be posts there about the 2016 election, Clinton, etc. You may also find many of my political posts, especially regarding corruption, over at liberal_plus. If you are thinking of joining, here's another community which continues to be relevant: o_c_c_u_p_y. There will be another WikiLeaks post coming up over at wiki_truth.

That's all for now! - mm101
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