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The conexionz between consciousness, mind and matter - between brain and universe - are far more awesome than our work-a-day noodles have a mind to figure. The brain is at once a branching tree of alternate futures, or worldlines to be collapsed into time, and a meta-field for resolution of all points of the brain and body - and environment. Not only is there proven particular quantum entanglement of meaning, (in the operational sense, in the real world, which can stretch across the universe, there is quantum entanglement stretching across all points in the universe, in turn feeding the deeper consciousness of the brain. So, take this tour, won't you, and wake up to the miracle between your ears, and all around you, emerging from chaos? Be sure to check the additional article links offered by each article!...

Important Link between the Brain and Immune System Found: The new line of communication prompts rethinking of neurologic disease

Does the Immune System Have a Role in Battling Autism? - New study finds mice may need infection-fighting molecules to socialize

Could ECSTASY treat autism? Scientists call for tests on the illegal rave drug as they claim it could have 'therapeutic effects for disorders'?... researchers claim it could help autistic people experience empathy (Search also: magnetic brain stimulation).

First signs of Alzheimer's can be spotted in THREE year olds: Toddlers with 'dementia gene' have smaller memories: A gene variant called APOE4 has been linked to a higher risk of dementia

Here is the same topic. https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2016/07/160713172713.htm - Science News, (next), has several articles about childhood / aging, which could be an LJ post in its own right.

The brain’s blueprint for aging is set early in life: An elderly brain has some telling similarities to a developing brain

Astrophysicists draw most comprehensive map of the universe

Dark energy measured with record-breaking map of 1.2 million galaxies

Using artificial intelligence to chart the universe

Everything Worth Knowing About ... Entanglement: The “spooky action” really exists.

Brain-Data Gold Mine Could Reveal How Neurons Compute: Allen Brain Observatory releases an unprecedented survey of activity in the mouse visual cortex

Organic computers are coming: Scientists found a molecule that will help to make organic electronic devices

Scientists are on the verge of creating an EMOTIONAL computer: AI could think like a person and bond with humans within years... Machine will be used to play the role of a person, and set its own goals

To read about the amazing topic of quantum computers, search online: SCIENTISTS QUANTUM COMPUTERS. The reason I am not post about this here is because it is a big topics requiring its own LJ posts and thought. Very important.

Alas! - A bug in fMRI software could invalidate 15 years of brain research. - "This is huge." Those pesky computers, messing with our brains again!

Here's another important topic, EMERGENCE, which requires lots more LJ posts, (see also tags for some past posts). Analysis of ant colonies could improve network algorithms: Exploring networks efficiently

By learning more about this phenomenon, we might build better communications, internet, traffic, economic - and quantum computer hardware/software - networks which will really open our eyes to a wonderland of wisdom and possibilities, if we should live to see it. Times are perilous.

Hopefully, space aliens, with their big empathetic brains, will save us from ourselves. They should also give us money. And a new car!

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