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FBI Agents Silenced on Hillary Probe
Newsmax - FBI agents who worked on the investigation of Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server reportedly had to sign an unusual non-disclosure form banning them from talking about the case unless they were called to testify. Unnamed sources tell the New York Post they'd never heard of the special form — known as a "case briefing acknowledgment" — being used before, though all agents initially have to sign nondisclosure agreements to obtain security clearance. "This is very, very unusual. I've never signed one, never circulated one to others," one unnamed retired FBI chief tells the Post…. The Post additionally reports some FBI agents are disappointed that Director James Comey decided against recommending that charges be brought against Clinton for her mishandling of classified information. "FBI agents believe there was an inside deal put in place after the [Attorney General] Loretta Lynch/Bill Clinton tarmac meeting" just hours before the release of a House report on the Benghazi, Libya terror attack in 2012, one unnamed source tells the Post.

Russia Is Reportedly Set To Release Clinton's Intercepted Emails
OilPrice.com June 13, 2016 - Reliable intelligence sources in the West have indicated that warnings had been received that the Russian Government could in the near future release the text of email messages intercepted from U.S. Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s private e-mail server from the time she was U.S. Secretary of State. The release would, the messaging indicated, prove that Secretary Clinton had, in fact, laid open U.S. secrets to foreign interception by putting highly-classified Government reports onto a private server in violation of U.S. law, and that, as suspected, the server had been targeted and hacked by foreign intelligence services.
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Clinton legal team moves to block deposition in email lawsuit
Politico - Clinton's attorneys submitted a legal filing Tuesday morning in a bid to shut down a conservative group's request for an order forcing her to submit to a deposition in the midst of her presidential campaign. Clinton’s legal team said her testimony was unnecessary and superfluous in light of her questioning before the House Benghazi Committee last October and several State Department inquiries into the issue. “Despite this public testimony and the various investigative reports, Judicial Watch claims that it needs to depose Secretary Clinton, a former Cabinet Secretary, about six purportedly unanswered questions," the filing states. "The record, however, already answers those questions or makes clear that Secretary Clinton has no personal knowledge to provide.” Judicial Watch has asked to depose Clinton in a pair of Freedom of Information Act lawsuits which have raised questions about whether her private email system was created in part to avoid making messages accessible under FOIA.

The Clinton Foundation owns the FBI: The Clintons have used the foundation to enrich themselves
Attorney General Loretta Lynch was on the Hill today in front of the House Judiciary Committee at an oversight hearing on Justice Department Operations. Regarding those operations, Attorney General Lynch stonewalled the Committee with non answers and legal diversion. Meanwhile, the democrats used the opportunity to promote gun control. Democratic Congressman Hank Johnson weighed in on the democrats perception that the hearings were unimportant to protect national security. You may remember Johnson once expressed concern over Guam tipping over. But Lynch could not avoid the clarity surrounding her decision to speak with Bill Clinton days before the decision and her declaration to support the FBI’s investigation before the investigation was closed.

Clinton crime mafia back in full force
In your face and rubbing your nose in it is for all to see. That’s the pattern of the Clinton clan that perfects their criminal culture of corruption and law-breaking. The unmistakable premeditated meeting between William Jefferson Clinton and Attorney General Loretta Lynch is a violation of every ethical legal canon. It should be grounds for expulsion from the practice of the law. Well, in Clinton’s case he is no stranger to disbarment. For Lynch, who was appointed to United States Attorney for the Eastern District of New York by President Bill Clinton in 1999, she should know better. Yet, if you are the successor to Eric Holder, there seems to be no need to conduct your affairs ethically as AG.

EXCLUSIVE: A fully equipped dentist's chair, close-ups of young girls' backsides, a stuffed teddy bear by his bed...the creepy images and shocking VIDEO from inside the Florida mansion of Bill Clinton friend, pedophile Jeffrey Epstein - WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT

  • Daily Mail Online has exclusively obtained video showing cops combing over property pervert friend of Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew called home

  • The video taken at the $16.4million property shows in intimate detail depraved Epstein's liking for young girls — the younger the better

  • Photos included one of a child bending over in a dress and images of teenagers posing in bikinis

  • Ghislaine Maxwell, who was Epstein's girlfriend at the time of the raid, features in many, including one where she is nude on a beach

  • The raid on the mansion overlooking Florida's Intracoastal Waterway in Palm Beach took place on October 20, 2005

  • At the time, authorities were investigating claims that Epstein hired underage girls to massage him in their underwear or totally naked

  • Epstein pleaded guilty to a single charge of soliciting an under-age prostitute and was sentenced to 18 months in prison

  • The billionaire served 13 months and had to register as a sex offender

Jesse Ventura: Why I'm voting for Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson for president
I've always had the belief that you vote for someone you believe in. When you cast your vote, you want that person to be president. You don't vote for one politician so that another doesn't become president. And yet here you have an instance where people don't want either the Democrat or Republican nominee as president! People are going to vote for Donald Trump because they don't want Hillary Clinton — and people are going to vote for Clinton because they don't want Trump. That's a horrible way to pick the next commander-in-chief.

Congress to release 28 redacted pages on '9/11 Saudi connection' as early as Friday

  • Sources tell CNN that 28 pages redacted from Congress' 2002 report on 9/11 could be released as early as Friday

  • The pages are said to relate to a possible connection between the hijackers and the Saudi Arabian government

  • Victims' families have been pushing for the pages' release in recent years so that they can sue the government of Saudi Arabia

How did the Dallas sniper get honorably discharged from the army despite sexual harassment claims? Mystery surrounds how Micah Johnson left the armed forces
A week after Micah Johnson killed five cops at a Dallas protest, it's still unknown how he was honorably discharged from the Army
Johnson served in Army reserves for six years, including Afghanistan tour
Officials sent him home early from tour and suggested he be thrown out of the Army after a sexual harassment complaint was lodged against him
Details of the complaint have not been made public and the accuser has refused to speak about the incident
Lawyer who was assigned to represent Johnson in other-than-honorable discharge hearing said it was unusual for a soldier to be sent home early
He also said he was shocked when the case was dropped and Johnson was allowed to leave the military with an honorable discharge

Day of rage protests are scheduled for July 15th in 37 American cities
Daisy Luther - The hacktivist group Anonymous is now calling for nationwide Day of Rage protests on Friday, July 15th. The video below promotes the protests.(WARNING: There is some disturbing and graphic violence in this video.) While I firmly believe that we are being distracted and manipulated so that we stop paying attention to the machinations and corruption of presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton, the fact remains that being anywhere near these protests greatly increases the chance that you could become a victim of violence. When the mob mentality takes over, normally decent people can commit heinous acts. Use this as a list of places NOT to be on Friday the 15th. While the video by Anonymous does specify non-violence and denounces the actions taken against police officers that were not involved in these deaths, with the tagline “Day of Rage” I think it’s safe to expect emotions to be running very high on both sides of the line. No matter how great your empathy might be for those who have unjustly lost their lives, these protests are not safe places to be.
** Here are the cities and times for the protests.

Global Conflict Tracker

War Is Coming And The Global Financial Situation Is A Lot Worse Than You May Think
On the surface, things seem pretty quiet in mid-July 2016. The biggest news stories are about the speculation surrounding Donald Trump’s choice of running mate, the stock market in the U.S. keeps setting new all-time record highs, and the media seems completely obsessed with Taylor Swift’s love life. But underneath the surface, it is a very different story. As you will see below, the conditions for a “perfect storm” are coming together very rapidly, and the rest of 2016 promises to be much more chaotic than what we have seen so far.


What Is The Government Preparing For?
You may not be getting prepared for a major national disaster, but the government sure is. I have been informed that in recent months numerous emergency food companies have been contacted by the government, and they have been told that their inventories could potentially be seized in the event of a significant emergency. And as you will see below, the government recently participated in an exercise that simulated “an unprecedented global food crisis lasting as long as a decade”. In addition, NPR has just revealed details about the very secretive Strategic National Stockpile program that is storing billions of dollars worth of medical supplies in warehouses around the nation. This is a program that most Americans do not even know exists. On top of everything else, strange reports of military vehicles with UN markings have been coming in from all over the nation. So what in the world is the government up to? Why are they working so feverishly hard to get prepared?

city skyscrapers clock time stopwatch seconds - public domain

The CIA’s “Pokémon Go” App is Doing What the Patriot Act Can’t

Privacy advocates (that’s establishment speak for “normal human beings”) celebrated earlier this week as the House rejected yet another attempt to expand the Patriot Act’s snooping provisions. House Resolution 5606, better known by its Orwellian name, the “Anti-terrorism Information Sharing is Strength Act,” would have allowed Big Brother to access Americans’ financial information based on what the government deems to be “suspicious activity.” Given that the DHS has labeled such things as using binoculars, paying with cash, or even “appearing normal” as “possible terrorist activity” in the past (thus making pretty much every human being a possible terrorist), everyone can breathe a sigh of relief that the bill failed.

But don’t breathe that sigh too deeply, because exactly as that threat to privacy was being extinguished, another one was rising to take its place. It goes by the name of “Pokémon Go” and it is a so-called “augmented reality” game that allows users to capture, train and battle virtual Pokémon by chasing them around through real world environments with your smart phone.


More interesting stuff being posted soon at w_a_r_m_i_n_g, bernie2016 and o_c_c_u_p_y.

MORE CLINTON CORRUPTION in this recent poste la!

11 common health symptoms hint at global depopulation 'slow kill'

It’s Official: Robots Are Now Injuring And Killing Humans

Decision to Blow up US Citizen With Robot Was Improvised in Less Than 20 Minutes
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