I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

No can do.

I was finally able to create a new email account, so I could contact a guy selling a mobile home on craigslist. Actually, I think he died. His daughter called me this morning. The mobile home requires too much work and so expense. Can't do it. Meanwhile, the guy downstairs keeps stomping louder and louder. I have never known that anyone could be this mentally ill, other than in some Hitchcock movie.

I'll write more about the whole Hillary thing later, hopefully. But, "let me just say this"... The guy who headed the "unreasonable" investigation basically said...

"No reasonable person would have acted so irresponsibly... and... No reasonable person should try to prosecute her..."

So, are there no reasonable people left? Or no unreasonable people? If she gets to be an unreasonable person, shouldn't we allow her to be prosecuted by an unreasonable person? And they make it sound like since poor little Hillary had no INTENTION of committing a crime, (pffft), let's just send her to bed without her icecream... We all make mistakes. The fact is that it is not necessary to prove intent in order to convict in this case. You are being led to believe the opposite. So, the fact is that it is fair game to try to prosecute her, despite the schoolmaster's chidings. But if the GOP is in on this too, then there will be no prosecution.

And NPR says the latest story is that, "The FBI recommends that Hillary not be indicted"... Instead of, "The Attorney General accepts the FBI recommendation." because to say the latter would make it look too much like a conspiracy.

I look at how these things are so vastly and intricately set-up - choreographed - that I am beyond fearing for this country. Huh.........

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