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kitty sundae

The sun shines out of our behinds.

Posted on 2016.07.04 at 17:52
Look. You can't lose, predicting this stuff. Rising population, global warming, reduced resources and food, failing economic theory, mass extinctions, nuclear war... Inevitably, eventually... Relatively SOON, in the big scheme of things: Our civilisation is going to fall apart. As it does, it will sport the same old stand-bys of Famine, Pestilence, Drought, Disease, etc... As sure as we are all monkeys' uncles. While I do see an economic crash coming soon, I don't necessarilly see the vast food crisis hitting this year. BUT I DO SEE IT HAPPENING. So. It makes sense to pay attention, and read the leaves when you drink your tea.

"According to NPR!"... What Is The Government Preparing For?

And here's a video, but I haven't viewed it, so... ELITE TO CREATE FOOD CRISIS FOR GLOBAL TAKEOVER!

Whether or not the latter is true, it points to something that is always partly true... Natural destruction always goes hand in hand with a bunch of corrupt corporate pirate psychos, conspiring together to exploit that destruction, and hasten it, to the harm of us all.

"It would have happened anyway! I'm not going to be the one who's left behind! In fact, I'm going to be king of the world. Then I can worry about Martians invading my kingdom..."

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