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Magical Thinking?

I came upon this idea, which is kinda like the placebo effect in a way, but with far less substantiation. It is called the "Mandela Effect." And here it is in Wiki - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mandela_Effect

There are several other articles, suggesting that the effect may prove the existence of parallel universes, such as this one - http://www.strangerdimensions.com/2015/01/24/mandela-effect-proof-parallel-universes/

Well, vaguely, this is all consistent with my ideas - meaning to say that it is not impossible. Quantum effects do bleed over into larger realities, slightly altering their timelines, as I proffered in this recent post - http://madman101.livejournal.com/1787484.html

I don't deny that it could happen, especially in more discrete instances.

But I have an alternate theory: Nelson Mandela was actually killed in prison. In fact, I have heard this elsewhere. According to this theory, a charade was permitted by the heirs, that Mandela actually lived on and on, for political reasons. Heck, they killed Garbage Bin Laden before Obama finally killed him one big last time, since we now had ISIS waiting in the wings to pick up the reins of pseudo-terrorism.

Just as we never ACTUALLY saw Obama taking a swim in the BP oil-polluted Gulf, as he claimed to do; we never ACTUALLY saw Nelson Mandela when Obama claimed to visit him in Pseud-Afrika. And look at the lies Hillary Clinon has pitched at us. We are ruled by psychopaths.

My theory is that people have been lied to. And when people are lied to, and abused, by the authorities they hope to love, then it feels very comforting to create "alternate universes," and other fantasies. How bizarre, then, if we are fed absolute delusions by Big Bother, so what do we do? Investigate the truth? No, we create lies to bolster the lies we are fed. And we call ourselves wise. We're. So. Pretty.
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