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I am the person who will destroy China.

Mean Girls - and madness to no end

It is currently 2016. June. Wednesday. 7:30pm. I may go so far as to post this via my main computer, which really isn't ready yet. I haven't downloaded browser security programmes. And I have been downloading my firewall's virus database FOR DAYS because it is all dial-up, and I keep getting booted off. Maybe it's too late again, for security. It is possible that I have already been pulled up and spied on by Big Brother, who should really be called Big BOTHER.

Something weird just happened. Somehow, my SVCHOST.EXE incurred major changes, which I allowed, since it could just be Windows updating. When I got back online, my SVCHOST.EXE connected to my service provider for many minutes, and disallowed me any other access to the internet. I finally hung up and tried again. It worked the second time.

My theory is, if it IS Big BOTHER, that my constant downloading, day and night, caught their attention, and so they went in to find out just what it was that I was downloading. If so, they can go in any time they want now.

Ugh - my dog seems like he is needing to go outside. We are on the cusp of tornado weather here....

Well, I took him out, and now he's back in. He is just STANDING around. I guess it might be the humidity. His ear also hurts. But it is possibly also him sense the big storms coming.

Speaking of which. Remember how the Nethers always went crazy prior to a rainstorm? Especially on a full moon? Same thing with the psychopath downstairs. I don't know how some people can allow themselves to be reactive pawns of nature, or to lock themselves into tit-for-tat bullshit politics, arguments or relationships, which look so ridiculous from the outside, or which work against their own best interest.

Anyway, this guy with the thinnest skin has been relatively quiet for the past few days, (revealing that when he DOES stomp around, etc., it IS deliberate), because he hates it when he can even so-slightly hear my meagre music. I turn it up when he stomps too much, and I keep it there. And keep it there. So, a few days, he quieted downly.

But today, in response to my normal behaviour, (i.e., talking to dog), and despite my music being lower, and despite my general quietness all day, he suddenly gets up and starts stomping away again like a lunatic. He did that several times. Up my music went, and now it is bedtime, and so he is quiet again. He has the attention span of a goldfish, but remembers to take revenge like an elephant. But, the thing is that he did this just prior to tornado weather. Even though he knew my music would go back up. By the way, my dog senses his bad vibes - psychic vibes.

And by the way, when I took my dog outside just a bit ago, the black family across the intersection who hate me for some reason had one person sitting on their porch. Whenever they can, they try to muck things up for me in some small way. They have a nice fortress-like brick house and a few SUVs, so I don't know what they have to be mad about - but maybe they are just jealous because I am white. When I first moved here, the mother just SCOWLED at me constantly. I think she was the source of the whole mentality.

The other day, when one black guy walked by me with a little wave, she called him over to her, all the way across the intersection, to say something to him. Then when he came back, he steered clear of me.

Anyway, I was on guard tonight. Instead, the house across from both of us, which belongs to a white couple who mind their own business, was up with something. My dog looked that way, hearing some loud female laughter. Then I noticed it too. Suddenly, a girl climbs out of the top of a bedroom window, and walked across a roof to another bedroom, and starts banging on it. The girl inside, laughing, shone a flashlight out, or something. The father told the girl to get inside. She said, "It was FUNNY!" - Now, that's my kind of girl. I also laughed. She had a bikini top on, with spherical hooters, yes. I have had boobs on my mind ever since watching Lindsay Lohan in, "Mean Girls".

The daughter climbed back in the top of the window.

This was weird because ya never see any sort of LIFE over there. Let me tell you about this daughter. When I first moved here, I was outside with my dog, and I petted him. Then she pops out of the window on the right, and starts mimicking me, petting the air. I don't exactly know what that was supposed to mean. (Also, the daughter over at the angry black house, mentioned above, turned their porch light on and off, on and off, once, when I first moved here).

Then, she seemed to move away. But the last time I saw her, she was in their back yard, with a black dog who looked very much like mine. How odd. So, she is probably vacationing with her parents now, with nice boobs.

So, I am hoping she pulled this stunt largely to attract my attention. You see, I recently gained a reputation in the neighbourhood for being an asshole. I did this by yelling at some jerk, and almost ripping him apart. I did this following increasing idiocy by so many blacks. They shouted louder and louder when they would pass by me, trying to intimidate.

They would also stand directly outside the house of whites, (mentioned above), and chat with each other AT THE TOP OF THEIR LUNGS, to intimidate them. Don't tell me blacks can't be racists. So, I did my crazy guy thing, and this shut them up, finally, but also gained me the reputation of being an asshole. either way, you don't win. You're not allowed to win.

So, maybe this white girl with nice boobs found out that I stood up to some blacks, and this impressed her. In her eyes, I was not an asshole. So, maybe this is why she wanted to get my attention, if that's at all what happened. Anyway, I can just imagine the black person sitting on the front porch of the brick house, SIMMERING with anger, because those whites were actually having fun, and I also laughed.

Don't get me wrong. I am nice to everyone here. But I have gotten a hell of a lot of disrespect in return. Everyone in this region is basically full of crap anyway. They don't see how mutually self-limitting they are, unlike more progressive people in Madison - even though the latter has a fair number of PC and non-PC jerks. Anyway, maybe I'll get to meet this girl. Maybe not. I don't see why my endless life of hell should change anytime soon.

Mean people. This is the theme of this post.

You know, I like the word, "Vain." Aside from its other spellings, it has a double meaning. It means to be full of hubris. But also means wasting your time on silly things that don't matter. On things that don't get you anywhere.

I think that the word, "mean," is similar. It means to be petty and rude, etc. But it also means... an act, method, device, etc., TOWARDS SOME END. So, when someone is mean, then they are lost in the world of means, and forgetting about any sensible END. So, it is very likely that mean people also tend to be VAIN people, wasting their time on silly things that don't matter. Indeed, meanness, like spite, is stupid, when we look at the big picture, yes?

The big picture I've been watching has been, "Mean Girls." You may not know it, but I was a big Lindsay Lohan fan, way back when. I posted my LJ love for her, and even added LJ users called, "lindsay_lohan", etc. So, it was good to FINALLY see this movie!

What I thought about the movie... I loved it. It wasn't a typical high-school movie. It had more depth. I like how it switched to Lindsay's standard voice-over narration at times. And she is a very good actress, besides being so hot. Too bad she went insane, but that's fine I guess. She should marry Charlie Sheen, or maybe he's gay. I also think Charlie Sheen would make a great running mate for Donald Trump, lol.

There were some incongruities in the movie. There were some continuity problems. Like when the guy spills all of the popcorn out of the bowl, it is suddenly full again. Or one scene where one of the girls, (the dumb one), had her arms down, (and the Queen Bee, Regina, says, "Give me your phone!" to Fetchin' Gretchen), and suddenly her arms are folded.

By the way, although all the girls were hot, I really liked watching the dumb one, (is her name Karen?), not just for her beauty, but she was always doing interesting little things on the side. Another weird thing was mentioned in the commentary, where the Queen Bee, Regina, slapped photocopies against the walls, and they somehow STUCK.

I also had some problems with the plot, or such, which simply didn't jibe with reality. For one thing, a social know-nothing from Africa would never be crowned one of the "Plastics" based solely on her looks, even though looks are the basis of their club. She would be too much of a social liability. Also, even if it was the Queen Bee, Regina, who dropped the guy, and not the reverse, it would be implausible that the guy would later be conned by her tricks, into opposing Cady, (Lohan). Also, highly unlikely that the school would go through so much trauma, and everything to end up all hunky dory, but of course I prefer happy endings so.

Imagine what a wild ride it would have been for Cady. Seriously. What she went through has happened to NOBODY EVER in high-school.

But I came close! When I came to high-school, Freshman year, I was only on of two people from my school, which was largely black. The other person was a weird and wacky black girl I had never really known. She eventually faded away.

In the begging, my comedy kept people interested. I was pretty quiet, but I ended up with a bunch of funny nerds. I was a goofball. But I think I was a more dimensional character to others because I had been through adversity, whereas most everyone else was rich. Get the picture? I eventually broke my way through the snobbery. It did help that it was a Catholic high-school.

Once, in art class, I called a guy by his nickname, and this somehow made him angry. So, he came over to where I was sitting, and picked me up by the hair. So I looked down, grabbed my pencil, and stabbed him in the stomach. Do not mess with this Aussie!

This got me in trouble, but the guy was removed from the art class, and my reputation grew.

Early on, I met the smartest guy in my class. He had a weird sense of humour. He was a complete dork, but I eventually turned him into something more cool. In fact, our arguments over religion, etc., did a lot to influence his later career. While he edited the school newspaper, I drew pictures of the teachers, which were published, and got a LOT of play. I also had a column.

I started silly little clubs. Lots of people joined in. They were playfully subversive and deliberately daft. (And, folks, you don't get much better writing than that last sentence!) I went to parties and acted like a wildman. I was part of a morning "radio show" on the school speaker system. The smart guy, with his followers, and I, with mine, developed our own wonderful gang, who were know to be hilarious, and smart, and cute! Instead of playing the mean games, we cut straight to the end of the movie, and tried to bring people TOGETHER. It worked. I became super popular.

One summer, four of our gang drove all around the Western USA for a month!

Once, when one of my friends' sister was auditioning for a play, and we sat watching, someone egged me into auditioning myself, and the rest is history. I became a theatrical superstar for two years.

I had virtually no enemies!

Life after high-school was a bummer. But I kinda did the same thing in college. I became the guy who got all the workers at our restaurant to go out dancing, and so forth.

Then there were reality things to deal with, which followed all this, like abortions. One girl seemed to become an alcoholic and/or schizophrenic. Needless to say, even more bizarre situations were soon to present themselves to me, destroying my life, and leaving me with this impossible, socially misunderstood illness. And now I am stuck with an angry black mother across the intersection who just SCOWLS at me, and plays mean girl games. Little does she know that all I ever wanted was to be Lindsay Lohan.

Oh - another thing I found interesting about the movie: Yes, when one was deemed mean, then they were judged negatively. However, there was no fine line between being nice and being mean, in actuality. They blended together. The whole school was mean in some way.

Kinda like Africa.

Kinda like nature.

The end.
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