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[Friday] - It is 4:40pm, and I am at McDonalds. I can't get tge WiFi to work. I feel very CFS/etc. This bench is very uncomfortable. I can try to write an entry. But I don't want to. My bus isn't due for an hour. So, I'm just going to dawdle.

[Saturday] - It is 5:30am, and my slipper just fell off a chair. This means that there will soon be a giant BANG from the psycho downstairs, in mad retaliation. If you ever wonder how some countries go berserk, like Iraq, Uganda, Germany, N.Korea, USA, etc., it is because there is no shortage of these psychopaths in this world. As if this were not enough, naive sheeple like to hoist such lying bullies into positions of power. And, to top it off, the BANKS, and their mega-corporations, love them, because they all make huge profits from the economic and military destruction that they cause. Or are told to cause.

You may read more of this sodden sort in my popular posts, such as the recent one entitled, "The Nature of the Beast."

I grow weary and leary, and cynical and bored, when I listen to a lot of American talking heads, perpetually going over the questions of the decades, that never get resolved. "How should we deal with ISIS? Perhaps we need a political solution?"

How about this: How about we cut off their heads, the BANKS? You know, the banks which also run our country, and presidents? Which is why America is behind ISIS in the first place? The banks run the guns. The banks run the drugs. The banks finance the oil. The banks launder the money. The banks traffic the slaves. And, being too big to fail, they continue to parasite, (e.g., bugger), us, by calling for negative interest rates on our own money; austerity; pension fund implosions; more taxes; illegally altered interest rates; mortgage fraud; debtors' prison; overdraft and other fees; bail-ins; manipulated gold, silver and real wealth values; financing of unfair monopolies over job-producers; the flight of jobs overseas, and so on. And it is the banks who finance the massive USA military-industrial GUN SALES complex.

So, the main thing that irks me is this: The professional American talking heads go on and on spinning their tongues, spewing out money like ATM machines, happy to be in consternation, in a quandary, about all these problems in the world... OH THAT SADDAM HUSSEIN! - OH THAT "USSR" INVASION OF UKRAINE! - OH THAT VENEZUELA! - OH THAT ISIS! - OH THAT WHACKY ECONOMY! - WHAT IS A BODY TO DO?!

But what we call America is the one CREATING THESE PROBLEMS! - America is creating them either by the continuing imperialistic policies of the past, or by amping up their new means of enforcing these status quo failings, and all the destruction and injury and hurt which accompany such profligate dysfunctions.

THIS IS A GAME. "America" creates ISIS, while all the voters are obligingly asleep, and then billions and billions get dumped on the fire of war against ISIS, which really means the destruction of the popular Assad leader of Syria. The complexity and deviousness of these schemes, to destabilise countries like Iraq and Egypt and Syria, and then to put in crazy fundamentalist Islamic puppets who just want money like any gang in L.A., and then to spend and spend and spend on perpetual warfare and terrorism, is real and criminal - and very much unAmerican!

I am kinda nauseated by Americans in general who have the wealth and the luxury, or the insulation, to forever view the world - or reality - in perpetual perplexity, when the easy answers would come in a minute, if they would only look at the gaffs and the crimes and the sins that they themselves are committing. It is looking to me like the PRIMARY purpose of all this harm put into the world by America and daft Americans is just to give Americans something to complain about, in disengenuous superiority, as if they have all the answers, when they can't even get the questions right.

We all know about random roadside searches by the police, looking for drunks or drugs, just in case, to keep us all safe. Driven by the abstract. But have we forgotten that this is a nascent form of ENTRAPMENT? We all know about the rationalisation of the National Insecurity State to collect infinite METADATA on us and all the insects in our homes and bodies. Meanwhile, they somehow deny that this means they are spying on us. "Anyway, Google, (i.e., the CIA), is WORSE!" But, look, how many more people have to wake up before we oppose this as being ENTRAPMENT?

Why am I talking about entrapment? Because it is a booming industry, just like warfare and the prison-industrial complex. And it is exactly what I am talking about: THE PROBLEM IS BASICALLY US. That is to say, there isn't a problem, until our tax dollars create a "problem." Then, our dutiful status quo cops and politicians can say, "Hey, aren't I so great? I arrested the criminal that I basically created in the first place!" It's exactly what I'm talking about. Americans balloooning their egos, fighting the problems that they themselves have created. This is the hubris of failing imperialism.

Check out this article on the FBI now elevating the art of entrapment into an actual UNCONSTITUTIONAL CRIME, which is fine because they are the authorities, just like it was fine because Hitler was the authority...

FBI Runs ‘Hundreds’ of Sting Operations to Create Homegrown Terrorists - http://sputniknews.com/us/20160609/1041095326/fbi-daesh-terror-plots-fake.html
Sputnik News - The controversial FBI practice looks to radicalize those who have no previous interest in, or connection to, terror organizations like Daesh, in order to keep arrest statistics high. The FBI has announced that they are ramping up Daesh-recruiting sting operations that legal experts criticize as entrapment and which national security experts see as US law enforcement radicalizing their own citizens to send them to prison. Recent arrests resulted after the FBI shipped fake guns to people who had no prior ties to Daesh and then arrested them for plotting terror actions. The agency also made plane tickets to Syria easily available and then arrested recipients of those tickets at the airport. Most recently, an FBI agent gave a panhandler some money and a knife and told him to stab people "for ISIS." Analysts wonder if rounding up those foolish enough to engage in Facebook conversations with undercover FBI agents and then accepting packages from unidentified sources is the best way to apprehend would-be terrorists. Based on flimsy statements by FBI informants and the barest minimum of evidence, the FBI has expanded arrests and are calling for the speedy detention of terror suspects even when cases lack sufficient merit to prosecute.

Last BUT NOT LEAST: Here is a very nice, simple discussion of how and why ISIS IS A LIE. I think everyone should listen to this, because it is really palatable and to the point. It says what is real. There are so many facts behind what this guy is saying, but what he says here is basically the summary. Our tax dollars created ISIS. It continues to be a convenient enemy, (just like Trump is now Enemy Number One of the Democratic Party), as well as an almost endless money-maker. When we focus on ISIS, it is just like focusing on the phony left-right, push-me pull-you, paradigm: IT IS BULLSHIT. What really matters is the official, and the criminal, financing going on by the banks and their mega-corporations, and the strings they pull, keeping our lovely politicians perpetuating such crap as the TPP, and NATO incursions in the Middle East. That includes the Fed, and the decades-old fast-failing policy of the USA Petro-Dollar / War Machine....

Author BRANDON TURBEVILLE joins The Power Hour to discuss the turmoil in Syria and other areas around the globe. Brandon is the author of seven books and has published over 800 hundred articles dealing with a wide variety of subjects including health, economics, war, government corruption, and civil liberties.
(Website: http://www.brandonturbeville.com)

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