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alzheimers 2

Posted on 2016.06.08 at 16:22
Last night, I heard an actual radio news blip reporting that, "scientists are excited about the new theory that infection may help cause alzheimers." So, that means that this has gone mainstream all of the sudden - or maybe they just stole it from the author on Sci-Fri. The report said that beta amyloid is doing a good thing - trying to fight infection, which is what I suspected, especial as it relates compares to similar proteins. So, "it may be possible to treat alzheimers by revving up the immune system." WRONG. Certain aspects of the immune system are probably already revved up, causing the problem. what is more likely needed is FINE-TUNING the immune systems - bring up what is down, lowering what is up, and such. And, like CFS, get some more BP into the brain, otherwise the infection will quickly increase, leading to a positive feedback loop, falling head BP, etc.

On Sci-Fri, the author mentioned some possible infections associated with alzheimers, ALL being exactly the same ones I have posed as possible or likely, as well for CFS, brain injury, etc., including: Chlamydia, Candida yeast, Herpes viruses, and others. This is all nice and unexpected support for my on-life-support ego.

I have been so plagued by brain probs, heart, BP, fatigue, etc., today. Pushing myself, despite asshole downstairs. Managed to go to pantry and chat w/ Bee-Girl. Then managed to come here to library. I just had to get away from the stress and insanity in the house. I am still in much illness.

Tried ot write about what happened w/ the Bernie momentum, even before the voting, but was too ill. And I don't think I can do it today. So maybe I can post that on Friday, when I get on McDonald's WiFi, if up and about. By for now.

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