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I am the person who will destroy China.


Yesterday, I decided to do something for myself. I went out, looking for garage sales. I didn't find any. So I just kept walking around, because I need to burn off some calories. I decided to walk a fair distance to check out some garden plots behind a large clinic. I had been considering renting one this year, (but the deadline passed - and then I heard it announced that they were still available - that's how this town works).

I managed to find it alright. There was a long walking trail stretching way back. I walked down, seeing various vegetation. The trail curved around. I found the garden plots. They were too small. Interestingly, their fence was not even locked. (I remember some plots in Philadelphia, where I did a little work for my Electric Landlady, which were almighty large, with abundant security). So I walked up the horse-shoe trail, and sat down and rested. Some big black pickup truck apparently drove up to check me out.

Then I walked down the street, thinking that it lead to one street, but it lead to a different one. The consequence of this was that I got lost. I walked around for a long, long time. Finally, I got my bearings. I ended up being close to the liquor store, so I bought some wine. There was a skinny black girl there who gave me the eye. I walked home, finding that I had gotten sunburnt. I got drunk and sang a little, since the guy downstairs has been relentlessly stomping around. It is nice that I have been able to rescue myself from hangover and illness, and am ready to go somewhere else TODAY. This luck will not last, and I am going to crash soon enough. That's when the aggressions from the guy downstairs increase, and become really harmful.

Anyway, the take-away from viewing the garden plots was that, though they were too small, it was a great place for me to take my dog, if the clinic will allow it. That's where I see my CFS doctor.

It is about 1:pm, Tuesday. Last week, I had arranged a ride to go shopping today. However, my disability $$$ has yet to show up in my bank account. If it doesn't show up soon enough, I shall have to forget about going anywhere today. Therefore, whether I will go or stay is uncertain. The two choices exist in a superstate, like the ambiguity inherent in Schrodinger's Cat's box. If you think that grappling with such ambiguity in one's life and choices, remember that, at least, humans so very often get to classify things into EITHER versus OR. Just think of the relentless plethora of possibilities, all merged into superstasis, confronting subatomic particles, (themselves the nebulous substance of said Cat).

It is now 7:30pm. I had to cancel. The wave-form has collapsed. There is no cat in the box. Watch me pull a rabbit out of my head. Now, back to our story.

[It is now 9:30pm. The guy downstairs has been distracting. It is too humid in here].

My dog knows that I am going to go somewhere the instant I make my mind up to go. We could both be lying quietly in separate rooms. But as soon as I make my decision - my intention - he runs in and starts acting weird. He acts like my intention to go is HIS intention to go. The sad thing is that he gets so difficult that I often have to yell at him before I leave. How sad is that?

Today, my decision to go was suspended. So, he did not act so crazy. However, he did give clues that he felt that something was up. For example, when the oldies radio station switched from noon news back to oldies, he thought that perhaps I had flipped on the oldies radio before leaving, which I often do. (He walked into the living room and stared alertly at me, as I was reclined on the couch). But, on other days, he would not react at all to this programming change.

Also, when I took him outside later, at around 6pm, he acted all crazy, excited, wagging his tail, running, pulling. This is exactly how he acts when I take him out either BEFORE I leave or AFTER I return home, because OUTSIDE has become the all-important commodity.

Isn't that interesting that his behaviour was mixed, just as my intention was mixed? In normal life, we coast along most of the time with a whole bunch of mixed plans, enquiries, surprises, boringnesses. And so we put out signals that are all a blur, and so our psychic effects on others, who are equally blurred, are not noticeable. All is a normative mesh. This is also how the origami universe works. Mostly, it just seems like haphazard or logical reality. But every so often, along comes some salient event which collapses all around us into obedient meaningfulness. Like deja vous. The flow.

But my decision was not so much mixed as it was clear, though waiting to be activated by the news that money was in my bank account, (which never came). So, if my intention was to go, but the reality was that I was not FATED to go, then perhaps my dog is reacting less to my intentions, and more to the actual (determined) future. How do we separate intentions from consequent fate?? The two are entangled. So what is the nature of the ambiguity? (See below).

But the big question is, here, HOW can a creature sense one particular future, even when no outward signs point to it, (and the creature does not determine it)? The physical answer is that time is not what we think it is. There really is no such thing as a future or a past, in the big picture. All are contained in the now. So, that brings up the whole puzzle of what is thought and memory and experience. But, the point is that a particular "future" already exists within the moment. However, this brief synopsis does not really clarify things for us. It is too complex to develop. We must therefore go back to the view that time does exist, for the time being.

A guy called in to "Car Talk" this weekend, (so to speak). His car's odometer had been broken for a long time. One night, he had a dream that it worked. The next day, the odometer worked again. This is indisputable weirdness. This sort of thing happens all the time. More than coincidence, more than circumstance, more than statistics. There is some sort of fishy element going on in existence. Well, but how?

This guy was going to go on a car trip the next day. So it is possible that this thought partly influenced his dream. But I personally have learnt that external information, beyond such mundane influences, intercedes in dreams, and this can include information from some future. In universal quantum entanglement, information previously unknown to the dreamer comes in from a sharing with the cosmic "greater mind" in which we all partake - in which all entities partake - in which all our alternate futures partake. And this entanglement is a way of reconciling all differences into a coherent, somewhat meaningful local future, which is allowed to exist by the physics of the entire universe. Our more mundane-life ruminations are merely fumblings for keys to the intercessions of this greater information. After all, if time really does not exist, then it is OBVIOUS that this sort of magic HAS TO HAPPEN.

Most of our stumblings about in life, where no one great thing seems to happen for a good long while, and all are generally normalised in a lukewarm soup of chaos, are fumblings to find the future that works. In social terms, we go along to get along, and the group finds its way. Like ants competing on the micro level on how to manage bits of leaves, there emerges in the bigger picture the building of a perfect leaf-bridge. This is the scientific concept of emergence. The determination of one future over another is just such an emergency, from utter unpredictability.

And this can be applied to market economics as well, of course. For the accumulation of capital is a management of potential futures. The futures market. How that capital is or is not invested is what determines what sort of future society shall be subjected to. When a society becomes more invested in debt, actually ledgering debt as an "asset", and then lending more money out based on that "asset", then the society is investing itself in a false future, i.e., in economic COLLAPSE. It is during such times that dreams inform the emotions of the masses, and the claims of the prophets, as the collapse becomes more and more determined.

It just so happens that this dysfunctional economy is also saturated by injustice and corruption, which is deeply abhorred by the nature of the masses. In fact, there is close connection between the building of a false future and the emergence of these corruptions, as the failing status/quo and state of authority - i.e., the past - are more and more reinforced.

Emerging patterns from apparent randomness are discretely informed by the greater information of the universe. Each atom is an antenna, both receiving and transmitting. This is also the function of our DNA. Once most atoms receive the same far-fetched, infinitesimal information of the pattern, or future, a mass-transformation occurs - a Schrodinger’s Cat wave collapse - a phase or paradigm shift.

It is important to note that all atoms receive this information as much through psychic channels as through physical ones because, at that level, both are the same. Therefore, from our atoms, and then from our cells, and then from our organs, if we are right of mind, there does emerge within us patterns from the greater information of the universe, though it may come in from a billion miles away, "instantaneously." Order, (and meaning), as in the laws of numbers, are dispersed through the universe in this superluminal manner.

That is the miracle of crop circles. Crop circles contain profound information, much of which have not yet been decoded. One circle contains binary code where the zeros contain one message, the ones another, and the two-combined yet a third! That means a linear super-position of temporal encoding was fashioned, presumably from a 3D or 4D, multi-factoring supercomputer-like consciousness. I think the most likely "onus" "emitting" these crop circle "messages" is the sun, but it may also be a cooperation of both sun and earth consciousnesses. (See also below).

Notice that crop circle patterns so often emerge near historically important spiritual sites, such as Stonehenge or Turin. That is because this is how the greater information travels, through meditation or spirit. I have said already that regular information travels on emotion, and each is partly contained in the other. Well, a greater consciousness is naturally "trying to awaken us" to our civilisation/environment's impending false future, or collapse, by appeal to our spiritual antennae. But this pattern emergence is also occurring in our own dreams.

Whether or not wise aliens - or ghosts - are involved in this is irrelevant, because it would be the same dynamic either way. And it a mistake to think of this as being a message being sent by something entirely "outside" of us, because we are all a part of the same meditation, OUTSIDE OF TIME, OUTSIDE OF SPACE. It is our own natural spirit nipping at our heals. "Here and now."

OK, back to the simple question, "How did the caller dream that his odometer would work again?"

At the subatomic level, the OBSERVER influences reality, and so the determination of a future or pattern. This inclination does not disappear at the macroscopic level, it just evens out, creating a local illusion of a logical reality moving forward in one single time, towards one single future.

(This view is certainly reinforced by the Judeo-Christian idea of linear time, which can end with us dying unto some great abstraction called Heaven, while below us, the LIVING continue on under the linear, materialistic arrow of time. It is the continuance of successive generations which keep the concept going. Progress marches on. Capital accumulates and centralises).

However, our observation - or measurement, judgment, consciousness and memory - continues to influence reality and the gross determination of a future(s). As I said, we are part of the greater meditation. So, occasionally, we get glimpses of the magic of this, normally hidden behind reason, prejudice or science. That is what happened when the caller had his dream about the working odometer. The dream was both a prediction caused by a definite future, and also an observation helping to CREATE that future. So, again, fate and intentions are entangled.

The word, "meditate," may suggest that we are trying to find a middle ground, a path of least resistance, a norm of order and time. When we meditate, we clear away stress and illness, so that the potential within us - the DNA, the momentum of our ancestors, the flow - are potentiated. We are bringing forth our potential, and so helping to determine our future, in contrast to, e.g., a future of ill health or accident. In sleep and in dreams, the same thing happens: the junk plaque in the brain are all cleaned up, and we awaken refreshed, and able to act and to focus and to remember much better. (This is not so true with CFS, brain injury, etc.). Indeed, all of nature is doing this.

All beings in nature are perpetually trying to reconcile themselves to the paths, or worldlines, or intended futures. This involves everything from grappling with the intentions of gut bacteria, to searching for the shortest path by which to shoot lightning. Behind this dynamic, "meditation," is the superluminal magic of emergence, or instantaneous patterning, imbued from across the universe. You can also see this as the tonos involved in the perpetual reconciliation of divergent/convergent entities in Einsteinian relativity. [Pause now to reflect on this].

My favourite example of this attempt to reconcile through, "dynamic meditation," is that of the planet trying to hew to its orbit, despite a holy host of other intervening forces, from other entities and systems. (That cyclical orbit has been laid down through billions of years, just as our individual lives are repetitions, or cycles, of lives that have gone before us in "time").

The planet pushes on, with this cycle being a little - (or a lot) - different than the cycle that went before. The planet has to adjust to variations in ice accumulation; in wobble; in the relative positions and vectors of other planets; variations in the lunar schedule; the influence of solar storms, heat, magnetic field, and so forth. What goes on inside the sun also affects what goes on inside the Earth, both immediately and in delay. The planet also has to factor in changes made to climate, and heat, which also affect volcanism and earthquakes.

So, all along the way, the planets is grappling with how far it should bend in this or that direction, or slow down a little, or speed up. These reconciliations are minute. But since they are on a massive scale, they produce tensions, which result in the emergence of electromagnetic phenomena. Instead of the planet inching in on particular direction, there may be an explosion of super-lightning in that direction. If the planet choses to inch in another direction, then the geomagnetic field alters, which affects everything to some minute degree.

So, think of it this way: The planet is constantly endeavouring to roll along in the best possible rut, which is a determination of a FUTURE. Where there had been alternatives for different futures, there is instead emergent ENERGY surrounding the planet. These energies are indicative of alternate futures which actually do exist in alternate dimensions or universes.

That is why seismic stress which produces piezoelectric, etc., phenomena, is often associated with paranormal events. Beings from other dimensions or universes can use these emergent energies as vehicles to transport them to our time. This is why orbs of light have been associated with the creation of crop circles. There is no doubt that the meditation of universal consciousness is involved in these physics, expressing as more particular actors, as in solar, planetary or alien consciousnesses.

Presently, our planet is in a cycle wherein it passes through the Galactic Plane. This involves an increased amount of stress on the planets normal "intentions", or inertia. Therefore, there is a lot of weirdness going on. Orange balls of fire or electricity are sited. The sound of hums, metallic gratings, and, "Gabriel's Trumpets," are reported. Earthquakes are increasing. The Madrid fault is acting up. Sinkholes, etc., are everywhere - even across from my apartment. I have even heard someone say, (don't trust this!), that the Southeast of the country is dissolving into the Earth's mantle. The poles are shifting. The Earth's wobble is increasing. The geomagnetic field is weakening. And then there are all the symptoms of global warming and acidification.

All of this stress cannot be happening without consequently heating up the entire planet. (So, I believe global warming is multi-factoral). And quantum and subatomic energy coming from the similarly-stressed sun is certainly also warming the Earth's core, which is the primary area of concern. Finally, there seems to be a large increase in paranormal phenomena. It is in times like these that we fear for the future, and rightly so. But the planet is trying to find its way, while prophets and dreams and crop circles appear to reconcile us to whatever shall pass.

It must be noted that we humans are intricately implicated in the planet's dynamic meditation and stress. We think ourselves to have free will, but we are largely involved in the will of the planet and of the universe.

OK - now we have seen how a planet goes about its meditation. The futures it does not choose in THIS worldine are energy - but are real futures in alternate worldlines. The main aim is to conserve mass. (In fact, mass can be created, but this is a topic I have yet to discuss at length). The main aim is to reconcile with the other entities and forces in the universe. In this way, everyone comes to some normative local future, even though time is an illusion.

The planet is grappling with a whole plethora of discrete forces, on mass scales. From trillions of subatomic particles, themselves entangled, it gathers greater information. From this infinite soup of chaos comes most of the information, physically/psychically. The planet then converts it into basic vectors of action, which also involves rejecting other possible vectors.

Similarly, we people have information coming in from subatomic particles and quanta. These inform our cells. Our cells inform our organs. All the while, the information is becoming more and more normative. Then we have organs presenting us with individual choices. Our brain interacts with our gut, and the decision is made to pass food. or maybe that is the wrong decision, because the autonomic system is acting up. We have half-baked ideas coalescing and building. We have some ideas and memories which seem to make no sense, and must be repressed...

The brain is mainly a regulatory switchboard. It filters out all the incoming information and abstractions which are deemed unessential to the future. Trying to keep ahead of entropy, it is the aim of the mind to find the best rut to roll on, towards the most beneficial future. Mind you, this is not merely a construction of some future - it is also a selection from a number of alternate futures, which really exist in alternate dimensions or universes.

So, the caller selects a REAL future, through dreaming, where his odometer works again. He is also part of the process which creates the reality of that future. His meditation or dream gathers all diverse, discrete information from across the universe, in trillions of bits, and refines these to a few alternate futures from which to choose. When one is asleep, the NORMAL regulation by the brain is less strict, and so divergent images and ideas and memories and futures can get through all at the same time, even though some may contradict each other.

The "odometer-working" got through, despite the fact that it so completely seemed to contradict "reality". The fact that it was correct makes us think that it was merely a passive omen or prediction - if not a fluke. But there is so much more going on, which I hope I have partly related to you. A major point to remember is that fate and will are intermingled. We mainly judge will according to the big decisions that our brains make - but there is an infinity of consciousness going on, wherein we are dynamically a part of all beings. Sharing information on that level is where the magic of quantum mechanics and of psychic communication occurs. It is from that soup that the ultimate patterns first emerge.

Sometimes, as during sleep, we may be ruled by our liver above our spleen, or one kidney over our heart, or one self over another. They are all "competing" entities. (This is in contrast to when we are awake, and pumped with adrenalin, where everything is supposed to work together). When sleep and dreams lets this looseness happen, then it allows energies to balance out, which is paralleled by the clearing away of now-irrelevant information, memories, and plaque. So, the consequence of always having to push on, mapping out a future, in an orderly fashion, is that we MUST fall back into sleep, so we can experience that soup of chaos again, recoup, and awaken to start all over again. Almost all creatures must sleep in some way.

When we push on in our rut, awake, we can often forget the value of this soup. We can get so fixated on the status quo, that we build up a false future, or illness. If we lack enough sleep, this is what is going to happen. Our mind has less robust information to use, is less attuned to psychic input, and mistakenly represses the very new information which it should be attending to. This dysfunctionalised repression is called denial. Denial, like corruption and decay, invests us in a false future, so that the future which does materialise is one of our own collapse. If one is lucky, one will collapse into a nice long sleep, rather than into the jaws of a nice long alligator, or such.

PS - It is now 2pm Wednesday. I have been very tired. It is definite that I will be going out today, finally, even though my mood, and even my intention, are comparatively flat. This time the REALITY of the future predominates. And it seems that my dog is very keyed into this. You know how close women will synchronise their menstrual cycles? This dog has cycles surprisingly similar to my own, even down to bowel movements, etc. Right now, he is all crazy to go somewhere, because that is what I am going to do. It's weird.

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