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crazy - myspface


Posted on 2016.05.16 at 17:12
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I had a difficult morning. Racked by migraine and fatigue, I had to prepare for a Physical, early in the afternoon, (when I have no steam). The crazy downstairs neighbor has been stomping and slamming away at full speed. (No, Glitterophelia, this is actually a new neighbor, who does the same evil stuff).

After that, I got dropped off at the library. I have been nursing this illness, and only now starting to feel a bit better. Anyway, I first got on the library WiFi via my laptop. I read the LJ comment by Space66, and reread a little of my post, on which he commented. That post reminded me of the long artsy poem by Ginsberg or Burroughs, (which I have posted about here in my LJ before, but cannot locate).

Coincidentally, Bernie sanders has also reminded me of that poet's recitation of the poem, (which should be found SOMEWHERE on the internet - a definite must find).

So, I searched, "Allen Ginsberg the great god Pan is dead". The first result was this, "That Time Bernie Sanders Walked Away from Allen Ginsberg" - so I read this. When I got to the words, "Anal Sex", I somehow completely lost my WiFi connection - hmmmmmmm... So, I logged on to one of the official library computers, (and here I am). And now I found this:

That's here - http://sfist.com/2016/02/22/allen_ginsberg_and_bernie_sanders_a.php - And see - http://forward.com/culture/longform/333227/that-time-allen-ginsberg-wrote-a-socialist-poem-about-bernie-sanders/

So, it's just weird that Bernie Sanders popped up when I wasn't searching anything to do with him, although I had thought of him in connection with said poem.

Anyway, once again, someone go find that long audio poem about Pan and Pandaemonium, by one of the beat poets. I cannot for the life of me find it on the internet - maybe it was expunged?! Also, the moderator of bernie2016 might consider making a post of that story about Bernie And Ginsberg - idk. But I don't believe I can manage more than one post at a time over there, and I must now try to do some other post there instead.

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