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POLITICS OF PREEMPTIVISM (- Part 3) - The remainder of the previous post!!!! - (PART 6 IN SERIES)

Posted on 2016.05.06 at 17:02
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Please be sure to read the earlier post, just below, before you read this one!

[inserted 5/13/2016 for bernie 2016 community]: This is the follow up to the last post. It contains thoughts and info about Bernie, and also the economy - and conspiracies. I will just note, first, that I was right about the GOP/elite money leaving GOP candidates and going to Trump, now that trump is the presumptive nominee. The Bushes are sending Hillary money, while there are Hillary callers seeking money from Republicans. (Can you believe it). (BTW - 100 million dollars has been donated to the Clinton Foundation from 5 Arab states, I just learnt).

But, this may have been thwarted by the lattest kissy-kissy between Trump and Ryan, etc., wherein the GOP is doing the same thing with Trump as it did w/ Obama, trying to force concessions via childish stubbornness. (That could continue if Trump became president!) On the other hand, Katherine Austin Fitch has voiced a hypothesis I have kept on back burner: "Maybe Trump was always MEANT to be the winner - maybe it was all planned. Because things are going too well too fast now!)

However, I feel that the GOP may still try to oust Trump. It all depends on whether or not he decides to institute some of their BS policies, and if he picks a VP like Ryan or Cruz, so that if he acts up, they could just take him out, and give the VP the presidency. Bernie Sanders also faces the peril of being knocked off, should he choose for his VP, Hillary Clinton, darling of the corrupt establishment. The big question is, will she be indicted - or will Trump reveal serious dirt on her before the Dem convention? If so, then everything gets upturned in both parties!


Do conspiracies exist? Absolutely. Everyone who spends a dollar is somehow linked to various conspiracies, such as the skewed terms of trade, along-which congeal various banks, drug-runners, etc. For example: Say a family decides it only has enough money either to take a vacation in Disneyworld, or to go visit Auntie Wanda in the old country. It decides to go to Disneyworld. Does that mean the family is conspiring against Auntie Wanda?! Not really...

But in another sense, it does. All choices work against alternate possibilities. This is especially true when blithe denial, or self-interest, or secret spite, are at work. While this family may be forgiven, what needs to be seen is that once we go up the ladders to massive amounts of money and power, these choices become habitual and regimented, actively HARMING the folks, or environments, who disagree with them.

So, when a system or power structure becomes desperate to maintain its income, expectations and authority, in times of economic strain, it will turn more and more to corruption, and corrupt groups, to keep it going. It is all people, after all.

When the status quo becomes seriously dysfunctional, it tends to put a great deal of its energy in the short-cuts of lies, abuse, corruption and conspiracies. Since it supposedly does so for the public good, "to maintain social order", then all the people involved, (selfishly desiring a cut or promotion - or JOB), behaviourally tend towards being self-deceiving, self-righteous narcissists, or even dangerous psychopaths. This is the danger of centralised power, Statism, or fundamentalist religion. Hypocrisy ends up being the currency de jour.

Have you heard that an Apple CEO was found dead, from a gunshot in the head? The body was found lying in the Apple CEO boardroom. This news came on the same day that the FBI announced yet again that it has no knowledge of how to break into a, (San Bernardino, et al), iPhone, and so everything is fine. Was this CEO snuffed out for getting the FBI's pursuit, of infinite iPhone spying, all snarled up to begin with? Probably. This kind of thing is going on ALL THE TIME.

And, who was the person who brought the info on how to hack into a SINGLE iPhone, (as opposed to knowing the encryption of ALL iPhones)? It's pretty much 90% that it was John McAfee, the spyware giant. He was probably told to remain anonymous, and not to divulge any info to the media or public, since any slip could incriminate them. He will probably be rubbed out before too long. Do you know what happened to John McAfee, (officially deemed, "nuts"), when he lived in Belize? He was hounded by secret agents. He was intimidated. They tried to hack into his own computers. But, instead, he hacked into theirs, ha ha! Yeah. This guy won't last long now.

Anyway, with this example stated, consider what it means that pro-Clinton billionaire, Bill Gates, offered, FOR FREE, special Microsoft vote-counting software to the Iowa Primary - (and all subsequent). Software that could theoretically be controlled and manipulated from the inside. And then look at the weird Iowa results. As I said, this kind of thing is going on ALL THE TIME. For more on vote-tampering, see the next section.

For more small-talk about conspiracies, be sure to see the Notes below, especially note #3. Includes stuff about Saudi Arabia, which is an important topic right now.

The topic of the Clintons being involved in conspiracies is extensive. Despite the surface show, where the Clinton's supposedly oppose the Bush's, for political play, the fact is that both dynasties have been intricately involved, going back to Mena, and George Bush #1, just as Nixon was involved all the way back to Prescott Bush and the Dulles, (not excluding LBJ, who is a prime suspect in the JFK assassination). One trait of a successful politician is learning what to hide, to benefit the elites who subsidise one's campaign, and offer jobs and gifts after office. 4

So, here is a quick note I thought to repost to you, (lifted from my upcoming post in o_c_c_u_p_y):

Note: It makes "perfect sense" to have Hillary re-negotiate NAFTA, yes, since her husband was the president who actually signed it. And since Hillary sat on the Board of Walmart, who gained very much from NAFTA. Walmart is based in Arkansas. So were the Clintons. Did I mention the rampant drug-running going through the Mena, AK, airport when Bill was governor, in association with the Bush crime family? This history was conveniently obscured when the records of that activity were destroyed in the Oklahoma City Federal Building bomming. It's stuff like this that makes it seem very consistent that Vince Foster may indeed have been murdered, by the hand of Hillary Clinton. These are the people we trust to be our leaders, in our interests. Also note: Prescott Bush preened Richard Nixon. George H.W. Bush preened Barack Obama. The list of victims suicided by these people is endless: The, "DC Madame"; Joe Biden's son; the "American Sniper"; Gary Webb; many tech geniuses; Mathew Hastings; Justice Scalia, and so on. But, this is unwanted information to most Americans, which immediately elicits attacks on the messengers. Strangely, Barack Obama has some kind of death wish on true-blue whistleblowers, prosecuting more than any other in history. Ever wonder why? Ever wonder why Obama's cabinet was stacked with bank and corporate and Fed executives. And his appointees all favoured such things as GMO's, or Citizens United, or TPP? Oh, and why does Hillary get massive amounts of campaign and foundation money from Monsanto, and so on? Don't you ever wonder about such vastly consistent facts? 3

Conspiracies are indicative of dysfunctionalising systems. They are substitutes for functional societies and economies, going to seed. They are preemptive of the free markets of money, health and ideas. They are often connected to large mega-corporations, monopolies and cabals, because these too-big-to-fail entities are inherently weak, and broken, relying on corruption and the government in order to survive.

Peddling wares to buyers, for a marginal profit no longer does it for these super-people. Instead, they need to make increasingly rising profits to pay CEOs, and to keep ahead of system entropy, and interest payments. So, like almost all of the big banks, they become deeply involved in drug and gun running, money-laundering, human trafficking, and investment in war and other quick-kill destructions. Thus, they routinely fund a whole spectrum of illegal conspiracies, even those against the host country, all for greed turned to need.

Some of these giant dysfunctional, pro-conspiracy corporations are, by name, Pfizer, Monsanto, Goldman-Sachs, Walmart, JP Morgan-Chase, ADM, Lumber Liquidators, Koch Industries, Haliburton, BP, "Blackwater," etc. They "donate" to the Clintons to NPR, or to the GOP and Dems. (More about Hillary's dark connections can be found in my madman101 tags).

It has been said that, "War is the health of the state." That is to say, the more a state can go to war, the more powerful and "healthy" it is, though it be more corrupt and criminal to its people. In that case, the state is fascist, ruling by force, dictating by analogy. And, we all know that fascism is very closely related to corporatism. Corporate Totalitarianism is the rule of corporations through the force of the state. In this world, the customer is always wrong. The worker is always a terrorist. The consumer is always a cost.

It is war where all this collusion and corruption has us headed. We have seen the office of the Presidency expand its power, along with the growth of the anti-privacy, anti-rights military-security state, bureaucracy and debt. We have seen the growth of debt behind the preemptive lies being perpetrated on us. When intelligence agencies seem convinced that, with the coming economic crash, there is certain to be extensive civil unrest in this country, then the thing for them to do is to prepare for it. So they have been preparing, but, more so, they have been preparing for war.

War is entropy controlled as a tool - and accelerated. It is the way to divert the anger of the people, to take their attention off of politicians, and to prevent the vast infestation of criminals from being discovered and hanged. The coming collapse, social turmoil, and inevitable war: these are the reasons we see a flight of elites and experts out of this country, and to the Southern Hemisphere.

So, who do the status quo elite want most, to fulfill its impending agenda of war? They need a well-connected HAWK. They need someone fully aware of the BIG LIE which is ISIS. They need someone familiar with drug and gun running, destabilisation of the Middle East and Africa, and the ruthless carnage involved in the game of false-flag "counter-terrorism."

If this is what they are looking for, then Hillary Clinton is the president for them. This is why Hillary Clinton should not be the president FOR US.

The greatest weapon you have against this mess of conspiracies, is not to vote for what you WANTED to believe. Not to believe what you wanted to see. Not to remember things that never were, building a future in conspiracy, which never can be. Instead, remember what is real. Be what is real. Be the change you want to see...

Build a future from nothing but the Truth!


Speaking about getting real, lets discuss the common phenomenon called vote tampering or manipulation, which has been a ballooning industry ever since the creation of electronic voting machines. Which. Sometimes I think that PEOPLE are electronic voting robots. But I digress...

Well, I'll start off by mentioning Arizona. As you may know, Donald Trump has complained about some rigging of votes during that states primary. What you may not know is that, reported, there was also rigging there of Democratic votes, so that Bernie Sanders should have come out 10 points or so ahead of Clinton, instead of 5 points behind. (Recall that this is John McCain's state). I have seen no further development of this story. If any of you research this, it would be great to learn more.

There has been lots of vote tampering in recent history. One need only to think back to the crazy Gore versus Bush contest, suspended by hanging chads and expunged minorities and soldiers, down in Florida. Illicitly, Bush won the election. The GOP has certainly tampered in the past including down in Alabama, manipulating thousands of votes on electronic voting machines, and sending the Democratic governor, Seligman, to jail just to shut him up.

During the 2004 election, I was quiet convinced that the Republicans pulled a large change in votes. Then, Obama may have gotten wise to their game, and so possibly used, "Anonymous," to hack their system before they stole thousands of Obama votes in Ohio. This is my theory. How does one know? These voting machines left no paper trails. Was it irresponsibility to install them so, or was it deliberate? Assuredly, the latter.

We did learn that the machines in one state had to send their info to the machine corporation's headquarters in another state, where the info was processed and released, with zero oversight along the way. But this corporation had links to the Bush crime family, I believe.

There has also been overt vote-tempering, of course given some other name. The GOP has been in a country-wide crusade to require voter IDs, and other specifics for voting. This not only hampers the ability of the poor and minorities to vote, it reduces overall voting, which usually favours Republicans. Scott Walker won the last Wisconsin election, assisted by such a law. (These laws are starting to be reversed, btw).

Another overt form of tampering has been the installment of Super-delegates by the Democratic Party, to basically throw their collective primaries. This was done to keep newcomers and underdogs in their place, favouring instead the chosen front-runner. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy, biasing voters from day one. Thus, Bernie can win in an open primary landslide, as he did in Wisconsin, and yet pick up only the same amount of delegates, or even less, than Clinton. And partisans all say, "What problem? What bias?"

After something like that happening in New Hampshire, the Dem candidates moved on to Iowa. There, the very pro-Clinton controllaholic billionaire, Bill Gates, volunteered free Microsoft software which would count the Iowa Primary votes, without public scrutiny, and then give the magic results. It was in that Primary where Hillary Clinton somehow won 6-coin tosses in a row, in 6 different counties. Then, Hillary and Bernie ended up in an impossibly close tie which, in retrospect, was quiet out of whack. With this great success, the Party of Debbie Wasserman chose to keep this new gate-keeper software for the remaining primaries and caucuses.

Did I mention that Windows is full of windows which let preferred hackers, like the government, in?

Did I mention that Bill Gates is a wanted criminal in India, for the deaths of 100,000 people by a polio vaccine?

When Bill Gates was a young billionaire, he would write down the license plates of all the cars coming and going in the Microsoft parking lot. "What problem? "

You can find many YouTube examples of people voting for one candidate, only to see their vote changed over to a different candidate. This was certainly rampant in Texas this year. According to the Golden Jackass, several states are throwing out their flawed results, although this isn't making the news. If, or how, this might affect Bernie's delegate count is not known. In the politics of preemptivism, the truth doesn't matter - just the power.

Needless to say, human beings can be as unfair as machines. I read a ThinkProgress article about college voters being turned away in Wheaton during the Illinois Dem primary. It was insanely lame. Hmmm... I wonder what candidate this loss was meant to hurt...

In Bernie's, I mean Clinton's, hometown of Brooklyn, NY, votes were being rejected. This also happened in the Bronx. These are two boroughs as big as Saint Louis. (Greg Hunter, http://www.usawatchdog.org).

In Virginia, the Dem governor did something we can all agree is right - but during the primaries, in order to benefit Hillary Clinton, especially over Trump. He signed legislation allowing released felons, largely black, to finally vote. Other states are doing the same.

And there has, of course, been Gerrymandering, commandeered by Republicans.

The existence of closed primaries, such as occurs in NY state, systemically prevents independents, and progressive Republicans, from voting for Democratic candidates such as Bernie. They squeeze out the margins. So, not only do we have stupid Super-delegates to stultify the vote, we also have closed primaries to help do the job. This is the main reason why Bernie lost New York state, as opposed to his landslide in Wisconsin, which has an open primary.

Those marginal independents include many poor and working class folks - and some who just never got around to registering as Democrats. As Bernie has said, "The poor tend not to vote." Why? Well, they are often hassled for ID, or blocked in other ways. Many don't have cars - or drivers licenses. Negative GOP campaign commercials certainly deplete them of inspiration to affect change. The media, in general, does not cover their issues or their candidates. (They often fall into that media statistical game discussed above). They are often painted as homeless, irresponsible, or dangerously black(!)

But the poor and working class are also simply overwhelmed by life and the unending effort to survive, if not to break even or get ahead. I am somewhere between the poor and the working class: I belong to the Walking Class. And I know from experience how difficult it is just not to become homeless, when there is illness, etc., to deal with. Paying bills without bank auto-pay is a major challenge, because my thinking is so often clouded.

The simple fact is that the people who need to vote the most are just too preoccupied by life to find the time to try and change it, through the abstraction of politics. Well, at least this has changed a little, in this latest time of marginal underdogs. Too bad both margins cannot get together and become the primary force for change!

The deadline to register to vote in California is coming up soon! It is May 23. So let your friends and relatives there know! As you may know, independents have also been pushed back in California, through the highly suspect, "American Independent Party." Listed as, "American Independent," on the registration form, many true independents choose it incorrectly, signing up as part members, rather than as free independents(!) So independents, including from both main parties, lose their chance to vote for Bernie or for Trump. This hurts both candidates, and gives the benefit to, hmmm, Hillary Clinton!

I have said that we may have a chance of Bernie winning, if a true-hearted FBI agent, or such, comes forward with soundly damning evidence on Clinton. But, there may be another way. It is possible that one of Trump's clever henchmen may do the same, as they probably did to Cruz with the National Enquirer dirt on his father, Raphael Cruz, (which compelled the GOP to cave to trump). These guys have all the skinny on vote tampering and manipulation, as well as of conspiracies going way back to JFK.

Who are they? One is the son of conspiracy-theorist movie producer, Oliver Stone: Roger Stone, (who has been banned by the status quo media). Remember Oliver's JFK movie??

The other, Roger Stone's co-author, is the son of conspirator, E. Howard Hunt, who confessed to his participation in the murder of JFK on his deathbed: Saint John Hunt, who is also a musician. It is noble that Saint John seeks to right the wrongs of the past, despite his father's sincere devotion to high criminality. Maybe he's a saint.

Stone has written two books, helping Trump. (Saint John Hunt has co-authored one of these, but I forgot which one). These two books extensively describe the crimes and conspiracies associated with the Bush and Clinton crime families. As I have said, both dynasties are symbiotic. These books are:

"Jeb Bush and the Bush Crime Family"

"The Clinton's War on Women"

You can also find some books over at my progressive book list over on the profile page of madlink_101. I also recommend exploring my madman101 tags. Regarding the serious issue of vote tampering, you can listen to http://www.thepowerhour.org, see below. The first organisation listed below is very important on this issue of, "blackbox voting":

http://www.blackboxvoting.org - (Power Hour, Thurs. April 21, 2016).

http://www.stopthesteal.org - Roger Stone - (Power Hour, unk)


What is the future for Bernie Sanders, in light of the fact that he faces a minority of delegates, and in light of all that has been said above? Before Indiana, the rampant question was, "Should Bernie drop out now?" and thus adhere to the preformulated script? You can answer this question.

According to the latest Reuters poll, Bernie is in the lead over the other two contenders, raising more money than Hillary Clinton. That shows popular confidence! Are you kidding! Confidence in Bernie even when there is a popular bully in the race?! At the very least, the race between Clinton and Sanders comes down to a national dead heat, despite the psychological manipulations that have given Clinton a majority of delegates. A big reason for this is that Bernie WOULD have won many independents if more of the Dem primaries had been open.

According to progressive talker, Sly, "Bernie got more votes in Wisconsin than Trump got in NY!" That's the Bernie difference, in an open primary versus a closed one.

Great that Hillary won so many Southern states, but these will be destined to go to the Republican candidate, as I have said above. (That is, unless the GOP actually does secretly get behind her!)

Bernie consistently wins out over Trump versus all others, including Clinton. Doesn't that kinda say that Sanders should be the national nominee, if the Democratic Party wants to save itself, by going back to the progressive spirits of the Roosevelts? If we ended up with Hillary versus Trump, then Trump would lop up many, many independent Bernie votes! That would mean Hillary has a big chance of losing. If the Dem choice was Bernie, many Democratic Bernie voters will probably drop out before November!

A caller to Sly remarked that, "Bernie lost the race as soon as he didn't attack Clinton on the email scandal, during the early debates!" Bernie did that because he was trying to appease the party; was trying to stay on the economic issues, and was trying to take the high road, appealing to only one enlightened segment people on the hierarchy of moral development. I can tell you, not so many Trumpers, of Hillerycrats, have graduated so high on that scale.

But, I have always felt the same way as this caller, regarding that lost opportunity. My feeling is that Bernie has to fight more, only to win, not to make a mark, which will quickly be sanded over by the powers that be. I feel that this won't be a revolution unless Bernie decides to tear the Democratic Party apart! If this should fail, at least this: I personally wouldn't mind so much if Trump won over Clinton.

Sanders should be colluding now with the Trump campaign to tear BOTH parties apart! Trump should bring out the dirt on Clinton ASAP, because, for one thing, he may fare better running against Sanders than he would against Clinton, (certainly in the California primary).

I have said many things about Trump which appear to forgive him for being an ass. But I will assert here that Donald Trump, with his billionaire-hood petty meanness, does have a history that is filled with his own graft. (This is another phenomenon of this election, outside of Bernie Sanders). But, Trump does represent a groundswell of disenfranchised voters, and exists partly as a manifestation of this movement, as certainly does Sanders. Even if Trump has a shady past, at least he is drunk by the will of the people, and would probably heed that will, with a rambunctious, and sometimes mean, style like Jackson's populism.

Trump has had connections to the mob. He has bankrupted his companies four times, to run off with the profit. He has played ball and won, in a mean game, and so he will inevitably have many scars and flaws. For a lot of info opposing the bad Donald Trump, you can go to http://www.craigheulet.com. I partly mention this to show that Donald Trump is very capable of playing mean, preemptive politics. Even Alex Jones doesn't trust him entirely. But Trump is capable of spilling the dirt on Hillary, and so helping Bernie become the Dem nominee.

Hillary could crash and burn as a result of Trump's divine intervention. Or, she could do so as a result of some other whistleblower. Just this alone should tell us that, even with less delegates, Bernie MUST stay in the race!

But there is more that could bring Hillary down soon enough. She is not in perfect health, apparently coughing and falling down. Also, it could be the email scandal, which the FBI has been closely investigating. The fact is that Hillary did do wrong there, but also oversaw gun-running operations. And even mere innuendo, if widely circulated, could cause a healthy switch of Super-delagates over to Bernie's camp. This won't save the day, but it will give another authoritative stamp of approval to the Bernie campaign.

Finally, a most likely take-down of Hillary Clinton would be a crash, or turmoil in, the economy. Things are presently straining to fall apart. This could happen between June and September. There are many possible trigger events coming up, such as the UK vote on the Euro, etc. (I discuss these things elsewhere). See also 2.

As I said, a reveal on the 28-page redaction, re: Saudi Arabia and 9/11, could also hit Hillary hard. So could some Obama military fiasco. On the other hand, as discuss, war and war rhetoric might be invoked before November, diverting attention, benefitting hawkish Clinton. Whether sooner or later, Clinton's graft will come back to hurt her, especially if there really are establishment Dems who are opposing her.

So, there is an accumulation of chances that Hillary Clinton might not make it to the national election. Instead, drama even more bizarre than what has happened in the GOP may be in the cards. The Hillary House of Cards. Therefore, it would be insane for Bernie to back out, or even make concessions now! So, my answer is, "No! Bernie should NOT drop out!"

Bernie should announce that, "I am the true Conservative!", because he supports the working class, jobs, American industry, the environment, morality in politics, fair play, free enterprise, the break-up of monopolies, and so forth. As far as possible running mates, I have, now or in the past, had these ideas: Elizabeth Warren; Cynthia McKinney; Jesse Ventura; Joe Biden(!), and, the weirdest of all, Donald Trump! (ha ha).

OK. that's about it for this post. I can't believe it's almost finished. What I want to say now is this: As we hope and act for change, we must keep in mind that we have immense power, especially in numbers. We have the moral high-ground when we stop to see that a mergence of progressives right and left can be built, (as written about by Ralph Nader, "Unstoppable"), even if it means Trump being in the picture. In some ways, Trump, with his independence and Celtic madness, may just what the lethargic status quo needs.

But, most of all, we have power because we have MEMORY. We are workers, and builders, and thinkers and doers. We see what CAN be, and say, "Why not?" We work for progress not because it is easy, but because it is hard, and it is best. If we make enemies along the way, of people fixated on harming the free, the original, the creative, the poor, the minority, or the weak, then we are doing something right, and we welcome their hatred. For, in time, these dinosaurs always fall of their own weight. Or they get carcinoma on their bald heads.

So, as we advance, we look at reality, in the past, and so in the here and now. As Transcendentalist, Ralph Waldo Emerson said, "Live to the real future by living to the real present."

I say that Memory is the greatest enemy of the state.

Therefore, as we march ahead, let us bring our greatest power - the power of memory - of the American enterprise - of the sins of the past that shall not be left to rest! Let us never forget why we are here, thanks to Bernie Sanders, but also to the justice residing in all of our hearts.


- All those abuses I have mentioned above!

- All the lies from both Clintons.

- All of the betrayals, left and right.

- Bill Clinton's record, leaving bomms in the economy which went off after he left. Remember Mena, Monica Lewinsky, Vince Foster, NAFTA, deregulation, welfare reform...

- Ross Perot warning of the, "great sucking sound," of fleeing jobs, after NAFTA is installed.

- the GOP believing that Reagan was a saint - who brought us deinstitutionalisation of the mentally ill, the recession of 1987, trickle-down economics, etc.

- CIA schemer George Bush #1 calling that, "VOODOO ECONOMICS."

-Iran-Contra; the Savings and Loans Scandal (see also Bush, McCain); the recessions, the job losses...

- How and why the economy crashed in 2006/7/8, and was bailed out, with the Fed Chairman doing some absurd drama to get his preordained money.

- Instances of vote-tampering, as in the Gore-Bush race in Florida.

-All we learn online and reading. We must preserve memory in media and on the internet. We must document all of it.

So, goodbye now. And remember:

Don't remember what you wanted to belief, but what is real.

What is true will always be true. Despite all the fight, this approach ends up being the easiest - and the most inspiring. Kick ass!


2 - An economic crash is very possible before this year is over. The global oil sector is in dire straits, without a strong alternate fuel sector to step in and replace it, (other than China's solar panel industry). The whole petro-dollar scheme has been around since WWII, long before Kissinger and Nixon. Conspiracies and collusions have circulated around it, sporting rabid Anti-Communism; destabilisation of sovereign states; forced regime-changes; gun, drug and human trafficking; big bank money-laundering and war-machine financing, and the emergence of the pathological National Insecurity State, with all the hypocrisies, deceptions, and incursions upon our rights that this has entailed.

Recently, "rogue" forces representing the USA has been messing with Saudi Arabia, geo-politically, and stealing its gold, stored in Switzerland. Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia has been going rogue, overproducing its oil for desperate profit, damaging the global economy, and threatening to go off the USA petro-dollar, into trade with China in Chinese currency. This will happen, and will be devastating for the USA dollar. More and more countries do not want the USA dollar. (In the meantime, China will be driving up the price of gold/silver a little, to dent the western economy). Once today's dollar bubble finally bursts, the bond and derivatives markets will implode, causing runs, including runs on savings, BAIL-INS, and capital / austerity controls. This is only to be expected, because real world productive output has already been tragically low, despite the dollar and stock market.

In addition, the upper-end real estate market is failing, as elites move out of danger-zone USA, and to the safety of New Zealand, the Cook Islands, and other points south. The overall real estate market is likely to deflate as well. Finally, China is in trouble - and is yet to get worse. Triggered by possible moves by the Fed, the Chinese stock market took a dive last year, which has affected world stocks, and economy. Hundreds of billions of dollars left China despite efforts by that government to stop it. Zero Hedge has recently reported that the People's Bank of China has pumped one trillion dollars into the market. Precipitated by all this, the entire Chinese economy is now slowing, feeding back into the global recession - (or depression, actually).

There is the decline of oil, and the phasing-out of coal, along with a fall in consumption. The USA fracking boom is being dismantled. There is almost no shipping going on across the oceans. There is a teetering global currency war, largely responsible for the current, "strength", of the USA dollar. There has been a flight of jobs and companies to Asia, where increasing population means that wages remain cheap, and where those companies are now losing trade to the USA, etc. Wide-scale lay-offs are coming in China. While USA mega-corp, Walmart, (which put downtowns out of business), announces increased wages for its workers, it closes more stores.

Technology and robotics are moving in to massively displace workers. One out of every four full-time Amazon workers is a robot - that's something like 40,000 robots, so far. Meanwhile, trade deals like the TPP, along with attempts to regionalise national economies, are being formed in order to benefit the big corporations and their families at the top. The greatest problem is that the world is too much in debt. As that fails, attempts at austerity and forced control are imposed - but capital is vanishing nonetheless. The world has been overconfident in its imaginary Future, borrowing on it, and now that future is crumbling. Other, more menacing futures, are raising their ugly heads.

So, an economic collapse is probable. If such should occur long enough before November, this would bode well for Sanders. In June or July, Saudi Arabia will be announcing its move away from the petrodollar, which will seriously impact the stock markets. And the GOP convention is in July, and might be attended by some troubling dissent, if not violence. I don't know when the California Dem Primary is, but a big Bernie win there could also impact the elitocratic economy. (Californians have until May 23 to register - please advance the Bernie vote now!) Anyway, if there is very serious economic trouble, say between June and September, then social forces could move to get Bernie elected. Bernie should stay in the race, if only because of this very real possibility, if not because Hillary and Trump just might self-destruct!

However, serious war is also probable, and this would detract from Bernie's strength, supporting Hawkish Clinton. You may notice that Obama came out with his regular, day-before-Primary pronouncement, (supporting Clinton's association to his status quo administration), which was a message of sending out more troops, to Iraq, I believe. By making war the issue, the status quo maintains control, in substitute for a free economy, which would otherwise send all the bankster crooks to jail.

To continue: By tussling with Saudi Arabia, etc., it appears that the USA forces are deliberately TRYING to dismantle the global USA petro-dollar system, while also working to subvert nations to global control - by corporatist elites. It is a good thing that Bernie wishes to have the redacted 9/11 report see the light of day, and thus incriminate Saudi Arabia. But this may inadvertently just serve how things are being planned to be played anyway, eventually. Why? Because they foresee the inevitable. Once global oil trade no longer "backs" the USA dollar, then there is nothing else backing the dollar - no gold, no silver, no commodities, no currencies. The only thing left backing the dollar is blind faith. So, either the dollar will soon collapse, or that blind faith will be forced by the threats and actions of the USA-global military-industrial war machine, (which had been honing its craft all along the previous, tenuous petro-dollar scheme). Global war will only delay, and then intensify, the inevitable collapse.

For more insight into the tenuous economy, see http://www.shadowstats.com; http://www.zerohedge.com; http://www.theeconomiccollapseblog.com; http://www.usawatchdog.org; http://www.armstrongeconomics.com; Gerald Cilenti's Trends Research, and The Golden Jackass. [In the first site, John Williams is providing straight evidence that WE HAVE NEVER RECOVERED FROM THE RECESSION OF 2008. I'll post this over at LJ's the_recession, a great community!] (You may be surprised to know that even former Reagan official, David Stockman, and other Republicans, now see the huge mistake made by "Supply-Side, Trickle-Down, Austrian-Chicago School, Friedman, Chile/Argentina/Greece, free-for-all-but-the-middle-class, Economics").

3 - Because I want to note more about conspiracies in this post, I am reposting a paragraph from (the previous) Part 3 of this series. Note that the corruption, and the conspiracies, always grows like arterial plaque along the rigour-mortifying systems and ways of the failing status quo economy - as if by fate...

"... the whole anti-ISIS thing probably resounds of the same-old, same-old, to a lot of people. I think that a lot of people now rightly believe that 9/11 was an 'inside job' by the Saudi royal family, and possibly some Israelis, along with rogue USA agents who benefit from the petro-dollar regime.** Likewise, these people see that ISIS, and associated events, have been associated with the same corrupt conspiracies ,of gun-runners, and oil barons, and regime-changers and government destabilizers, etc. Many people know that ISIS was another USA/allies demon child, and they view the rhetoric against it as just more deception. So, and to me, it sounds like Bernie's anti-ISIS rhetoric is the same old typical PANDERING. It seems that Bernie is inadequately informed on this, or on the meaning of Benghazi, while Trump is ahead of the curve on these things. This is one reason why some praise Trump as, 'having balls.'"....

" - The USA has been in a unique oil relationship with Saudi Arabia since WWII, and went to a full petro-dollar relationship in 1971. This relationship, and associated warrings and destabilisations, strongly affects the value of the USA dollar. The military-industrial complex; the national (in)security state; the anti-privacy network; mercenaries like Blackwater; oil corporations like Haliburton; associated banks, and a vast and loose conspiracy of corrupt government-affiliated, or rogue, 'intelligence' agents, running drugs and arms, and inciting violence and assassinations, has definitely sprouted up around this oil relationship with Saudi Arabia over the years, and has become like a thick tangle of vines, choking to death the original tree. Why? The easy money, mainly from taxes. So, it is not only possible, but probable, that agents from the Saudi royal family, (formerly a band of highway bandits), were responsible for 9/11. (It is also likely that several false-flag massacres have since been enacted in order to push certain agendas here). Now, the Obama Administration is considering releasing information from the 9/11 commission report which had previously been redacted - information which will implicate Saudi Arabia in the 9/11 massacre. One reason for this threat may be to thwart Saudi Arabia from switching over to China as an oil partner, thus seriously imperilling the future of the USA dollar, which is backed by nothing else but the confidence behind oil, and the fear behind wars and threats of wars. This comes at a time when Saudi Arabia has gone rogue in overproducing oil, putting USA frackers out of business, threatening the bond market, and further damaging the global economy. So, the reason for this Obama trip to Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and the Queen's house, will certainly be to discuss these things, as well as the future of ISIS. However, I also have a hunch that another topic will be discussed: 'What will the global network of corrupt elite and banks do, should an unwanted candidate like Trump or Sanders win the White House?' (I feel that they want Trump less than they want Bernie, btw). Just as during the days of the crumbling Roman Empire, the threats to the established order came from both without and within. "

Note also: The whole issue of ISIS, innitiated and funded by sectors of the USA/UK, Saudi Arabia et all, Turkey and Israel, is too extensive to even touch on here. There is plenty to be found online. Here's something weird: I compiled a great deal of links and articles on my previous laptop, regarding ISIS and related affairs and conspiracies. I was also working on articles on this, and on other daring unmentionables, like Monsanto. I managed to do a post in my LJ, rather unflattering to Hillary Clinton. Just after this, my laptop AND hard-drive were destroyed. Who knows the mind of God, right? But, the fact is, I have been hounded and hacked at so many times in the past, I know I am on at least one list somewhere.

Anyway, once again, there is another news report claiming that Israel has been supporting ISIS, supposedly our enemy, and cause of all evil. (Kinda like Oceania, or Eurasia - I forget which). Well, people in the know have known this all along. Oddly, Israel has been an ally with Saudi Arabia in other above- and below-level operations. Their main agreement is that Iran, (formerly the Persian Empire), MUST BE STOPPED. This is very much in line with our own policy of continuing to "contain" Russia, and associated BRIC nations, (soon-to-include Saudi Arabia - it is all COMING APART). Yes, it is even said that elements of Israel were in cooperation with elements of Saudi Arabia, inflicting the disaster of 9/11, which made lots and lots of money for insurance companies, war contractors, and oil companies. I'm talking trillion$. (One reason the redacted 9/11 info might never be released is that it wouldn't just implicate Saudi Arabia, but possible also Israel - or at least elements of).

The main thing to keep in mind is that Hillary Clinton knows all this. She was involved in the illegal gun-running to Al-Qaida-ergo-ISIS in Turkey and Syria, and yet somehow never managed to be asked about this all through the Benghazi hearings. This is what she means when she says she has more experience. More connections.

4 - Sometimes, facilitating conspiracies is just plain political protocol. For example, was NYC Flight 800 shut down by a missile? Some are convinced that is was. But why would the USA military hide this from the public? Because it would reveal their inability to protect the public, on this at least. And that would be why Bill Clinton could never announce it. Yet, what if this missile theory were indeed true, and the missile attack was a preliminary practice for, or against, 9/11? If it had been revealed, 9/11 might have been stopped. Then, maybe there were people complicit in 9/11 who in fact conspired not to have the Flight 800 info released. Yes, this is speculation. But it is within the bounds of the norm. And it is healthy and good for all sides to be free to generate such hypotheses towards discovering the truth, rather than to be stifled by the media. Freedom requires eternal vigilance.

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