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PATCHWORK THEME-POST: The Baby Boomer Crash, Part ONE

Posted on 2016.04.12 at 18:11
OK. This is how I'm going to put this together into a themish post and/or series. I am going to begin it with a kind-of continuation of the Bernie-Trump post series. Please recall the examples I gave of status-quo talking-head "authorities" talking down to we the commoners, using identifiable leaps of logic or reasoning, which we gobble up, mainly because of the pleasant-sounding tone of their voice? Well, here is another one. And, I want to add a certain commentary to this, at the end. THEN, I will follow this with a list of the books I bought when I went shopping on Thursday. At that time, I was accosted by an old baby boomer guy, who gave me such grief that I must relate the incident to you, partly for the irony of it all. After that, I will discuss the fact that such incidents are all too abundant in my life. Why is this happening to me? We will answer this, and other questions, when you read forth, tally ho.

(But first this reminder of the anti-social insanity from the guy downstairs)...

The guy downstairs has been going ballistic, so I am keeping my music meagerly loud. I decided to wait a night or two before I proceed with the relentless water torture: Basically Depeche Mode's album, "I Feel Loved," repeated over and over all night. I am sorry, this is the only thing that works. If I just carry on like a normal house mouse, he slams and bangs and stomps if he hears no noise, because he thinks I am sleeping. Today, he went into a rage because he heard me crack three eggs. Or, how about the rage after my dog, with his front paws on his chair, dropped those paws to the floor. Oh my! Such personal insults I am inflicting on him. I really wonder if my LL TOLD him that I have CFS, and need rest and sleep, and low stress maybe even. Because, if so, then his assaults, which almost always come when he thinks I am sleeping, are craven crimes of a calculating psychopath. How do I get these people? What is my LL's problem? She is too nice - but I think she may be one of those nice shy closet sadist people, who fed this guy all the ammunition he needed to virtually kill me. After all, everybody wants to be liked. Or, she was simply naively taken in by this manipulator.

I have a lot to post, themely, as usual. I hate losing thoughts and memories, and seeing posts fly away with the rest of my wasted life. But, tonight I am again in-disposed-of, painfully tired and needing rest and sleep and happy feelings. The brain machine ain't up to snuff. You have no idea what it is like to crave sleep and peace, when your body and brain want to explode from physical anxiety, blood pressure, and a seemingly collapsible skull. My eyes feel pasted to the back, or pulled down away through my body as if they were my balls. Speaking of which, I want to have the latter removed. The finasteride is blocking the stress of the DHT, but I figure if I also got rid of the straight testosterone, not only would I reduce male animal anxiety, I would also grow happy boobs to stop jackasses in their tracks. Anyway, I am perpetually whistling, and getting up and about, and not relaxing, just to keep this guy from thinking I am asleep and stomping away. Thus, there is no rest for the innocently wicked. My whole life, I have been buggered by such bastards, and I never asked for any of it. The more I mind my own business, the more they dog me. It is perplexing and disgusting to watch them make complete, worthless idiots out of themselves - (for what?). I usually dispose of them in the end, or they slide off my duck-like back, signifying nothing. And now it's worse than ever: After the army of crazy angry old baby boomer ladies, there is now an onslaught set upon me - of their crazy old baby boomer husbands!

And all of this may be fine for some guy who is not ill, as I am. But I am very ill. And everyone is convinced that I am not. Because of my stiff upper lip and stoic nonchalance. THEREFORE, they all become doctors and judges and executioners, all in one, absolutely convinced that I deserve to be punished for not REALLY being ill. The ironic thing is that, even though I am supposedly not ill, these cowards always take the opportunity to attack WHEN I am MOST vulnerable - somehow, in their heads, they see me as well, but attack when they see me as sick. No wonder such cognitively-dissonant, self-conflicting people desperately need a hobby, sneaking out of the closet to fane glorious NAZIs, blaming victims and culling the herd. Such venerable altruists they are.

And thus begins a theme post, or series, about several of the attacks, mainly from old baby boomers, I have incurred lately. I don't know if it is this town, or these exciting times of Trump and decline, but I am telling you... Let me tell you... I have to say... The phenomenon has never been more determined, in my humble experience.

[I am picking this back up on Tues 4/12/16 4:30pm ant the library]. Remember that headache that was around for 2 weeks or more? Today, it finally cracked, and now I have been having a sharp, stabbing, "counter-headache" in the middle of my left/brain, with other regions involved. This exact series of events has never happened before. I am hoping it is good - maybe I am healing big time. I have heard that people with CFS commonly have some kind of problem w/ their left hemisphere, which I suppose might be related to HHV6. So, maybe this is that problem now solving itself after so many years. Maybe all it needs now is more sleep. I always have false hope like this, though. Maybe what is really happening is that problem area is so frustrated because it hasn't been getting enough oxygen, it has decided to become a cancer. I won't be helping by dousing it in wine tonight, but the guy downstairs is intolerable for saints or sane men.

I fumble down the street, with my brain half-cocked, feeling akin to a drunkard in some ways, but it is only my hidden tragedy percolating away. Everywhere I go, it seems I run into humans or dogs who just come out of nowhere to suddenly complicate my life. People were put on Earth for the sole purpose of bothering meh. But this is my crippled brain complaining. I can't think straight. My thought is blocked by vascular boulders. Certainly I neither can, nor would if I could, empathise. So, one of my encounters was with the guy from Jordan who works in the liquor store. He is a nice guy, and we are going to get together before he moves off to Ohio, and the Army. He is a good person. But the last thing I wanted was to be delayed into a long conversation with another dreaded human being. It just arrests whatever inches of progress I am making, leaving me exhausted and truly retarded. But, I am hoping the headache, et al, will be clearing up enough, soon, as I sit here quiet and safe in the library, away from all the worries of my so-called world, including my dog, who is again acting desperate over food. I hope I will be able to post more significant stuff here on Thursday or Friday.

So. I was listening to NPR, I think, maybe. Heads were bobbling all about. (Oh yes, it was NPR). The discussion was about GMO versus organic farming. It is mainly lead by a cordial, pleasant-sounding business shill, who was kindly asserting that, basically, he was afraid to go outside of his house, because of all of the slurs and hating on people who believe in GMOs. Well, certainly, he was succeeding in getting us all to feel sorry for him. He was saying how healthy GMO's are for the environment. He kept repeating, as they all do, that opponents of GMOs are "UNSCIENTIFIC" - basically Luddites. I heard this accusation yet again yesterday, and today, on the morning Ag show here. For example, the nationally-broadcast opinion on the Ag show, said that opponents were, "Unscientific, Mislead, Misguided, " and whatever else. So. Ever since this whole snag with Vermont came up, there has been a real, concerted assault on GMO and labeling opponents, which has included name-calling, and certainly misrepresentation.

They included a female who is anti-GMO, anti-pesticides, (which most GMOs include), and she said that she personally chooses NOT to put poisons on her garden. The shill pointed out this as an example of how pro-GMO people are being persecuted, by people who call pesticides, "poisons." He then went into how even organic farmers use "poisons" - and even organic plants produce their own "poisons". So, this was basically a blurring of the issue. He said that arsenic is a natural poison, whereas unnatural coke was not. Ha ha:

First of all, there is natural arsenic, which can be tolerated fine, to some degree, by humans. Then there is the poisonous kind of arsenic. They are not the same thing. Next, you can't tell me that coke isn't a poison: Corn-Syrup containing mercury, bt, GMO, SUGAR, and acid which can dissolve a penny, and nothing natural added. It is completely destroying the fat, diabetic country of Mexico, which venerates it.

He also said that, ever since he used GMO crops, he could let his field lie naturally, untilled, because there are so few pests around. Ohh! Good. Kinda like Hiroshima after the bomb, and the corn crops are the pillars and bricks still standing, right. Very healthy. How insane to say that because one does not need" to till the soil, that one is being kind to nature, when in fact one is completely messing with it and with the future.

As far as, "unscientific." There is enough evidence that Europe and most of the world have concluded that GMOs, and RoundUp, cause cancer, and so they have been fighting to ban these. Plus, in Europe, the ethic is one of caution, in favour of nature: They do not assume that every damn thing that comes down the bio-tech pipe is going to be healthy. They take precautions, and pass laws. THEN, if solid evidence comes in about cancer, decades down the road, millions of people and animals will not have been destroyed stupidly, as is the fashion in America. The more Americans are dumbed down by the media monopolies, Big Science, etc., to sheepishly assent to consuming this crap, the more this crap will destroy their brains and dumb them down even further.

Oh - finally, the shill said that what we need is to all get along, so that everyone is "free to choose" what one wants to eat, whether it be organic, or pesticidal, or GMO, etc. Isn't that just so sweet. Let's all live in a happy world where massive corporate juggernauts wage media blitzes to delude people into thinking that things are natural and healthy, when in fact they are toxic, and only EXPEDIENT to the profit of mega-farms and food companies. Let's give people free choice when, for years and years, supermarkets were forever stocked AGAINST organic foods. Let's live in a free world where people know what they are eating when the big food and ag industries have been doing everything possible to cut corners, destroy jobs, destroy small farms, add cheap artificial ingredients, etc., AND WAGE A MASSIVE FIGHT AGAINST LABELLING PRODUCTS AS GMO. The hypocrisy of this glib statement, which sounds so fair and Democratic to anyone with a sweet-tooth for bullshit, is absolutely astonishing.

Oh - and here's another one, just to boot... It was a discussion about LGBT rights versus people with strong religious beliefs who refused to serve any LGBT public... on moral grounds... cuz LGBT thoughts just made their god-blessed egos squeamish... cuz jealousy and denial are the same thing as morality and persecution, right? Well, in this discussion, which included representatives from all side, everyone just kinda assumed that "strong religious beliefs" were in a way valid, when in fact they are rationalisations for personal selfishness and meanness. Why? Because no Christian religion that I know of is derived from anything to do with denying homosexuals, trans-people, etc. That is NOT what those religions are about. Bigotry may be shouted by preachers in pulpits, but that also happened over the idea of blacks marrying whites, once upon a time. THE FACT IS THAT, NOWHERE IN THE BIBLE ARE MENTIONED EVIL HOMOSEXUALS, LGBT DEVILS, OR BATHROOMS FOR TRANS-GENDERED PEOPLE. "Oh, but I have a RIGHT to be full of shit, this is my BELIEF!"

When I was talking to the guy from Jordan today, he decried how stupid people are around here. They only eat, have sex, argue, like animals. So, he must go find a place in America where people are not this self-dumbed-down, so his new daughter can have a good life. This guy has been to college. He believes in knowledge. In THINKING. In not eating up the deceitful rhetoric that is being spewed forth. Well, as long as the internet does not get eaten up by FaceBook completely, I think there may be some hope. "But, the best thing to do is to READ, READ, READ, READ, READ, READ, READ, Everything you can read! And LEARN, LEARN, LEARN, LEARN, LEARN, LEARN, LEARN, Everything you can learn! Because there's no tomorrow, like today; and there's no today, like tomorrow!"

Here is my haul from last Thursday's non-profit BOOK SALE:

I bought all paperbacks. I don't see much personal sense in buying hard-cover books. Paperbacks contain all the same writing, plus they are more portable and easier to hold, plus they are cheaper, plus they use less trees, plus they store better, plus you don't feel as bad if you must part with them. I feel like paperbacks are a kind of alternate currency - for the rich-of-brain.

So, I bought books all chummy with my glorious boyhood or past. It made me feel better about my life, as if there was some kind of continuity...

HEGEL: Text and Commentary, Translated and Edited by Walter Kaufmann. I recognise that name, somehow, Walter Kaufmann. This is a too-skinny book, so I went and bought an interpretation on Hegel, by the same guy. I really don't care for interpretations, except from really great brains...

HEGEL: A Reinterpretation by Walter Kaufmann. This is a meatier book.

ADVENTURES OF IDEAS: A Brilliant History of Mankind's Great Thoughts. By Alfred North Whitehead. I know this is not any kind of important work, but I will buy anything by this philosopher, who influenced me. As I said to erinfondue - or whatever her name is - me and Alfred have one serious issue in which we disagree. Other than that, we're tight. I was probably so influenced by him because he was available in paperback, ha ha.

The first books I found were from my most important and beloved influence, Henry David Thoreau. WALDEN and the ESSAY ON CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE. I already have copies of these, but I bought this to give to someone. If you have not read these, I insist that you shall. They are Seminole Indians.

A WEEK ON THE CONCORD AND MERRIMACK RIVERS, by Henry Thoreau. When I first read this, it was pretty boring, I must admit. I was expecting it to be as great as Walden. I'll read it again, hopefully. (My CFS stopped me from reading much, btw). It does bring back memories of a certain time in my life.

DEMOCRACY IN AMERICA - Alexis de Tocqueville. Edited and abridged by Richard D. Heffner. I have always wanted to read this. It is a classic, must-read. It's weird that it was right next to the two Thoreau books. I'm talking about a HUGE store, dudes. BTW - even though I have not read this yet, I believe everyone should read this.

THE SOCIAL CONTRACT - Jean-Jacque Rousseau. This is a very important work, in politics, philosophy and sociology. I am eager to finally read it. I believe it supports the concept of the public COMMONS, certainly versus whatever leader.

A SAND COUNTY ALMANAC: With Essays on Conservation from Round River. By Aldo Leopold
. I am happy and proud to finally add this to my eco-philosophy collection, yay.

LIFE, THE UNIVERSE AND EVERYTHING, by Douglas Adams. I probably won't read this because it is #3 in the series. I want the whole series, then maybe I'd read. I've seen the movie, "The Hitchhiker’s Guide," and, coincidentally, I rented it from the library the other day. But I didn't watch it, mostly because that monitor is a pain in the ass. But anyway, I love this stuff. I was looking for Phillip K. Dick but their books were too disorganised.

BENNY GOODMAN: Live at Carnegie Hall. (CD). I have always been a big fan of Benny Goodman. This is famous 1938 Jazz Festival at Carnegie Hall, also including Harry James, Lionel Hampton, and Count Basie. I have retrieved a major gem of my life. "Sing, Sing, Sing," was THE hallmark of the 1938 Jazz Festival. Check it out! Now I also want a copy of Paul Whiteman's appearance at Carnegie a decade earlier.

COME AWAY WITH ME by Norah Jones. (CD). Norah Jones has become dear to my heart. And I loved this album when it came out. I think I already have a copy in storage in Ye Olde City. But it will be nice to play this now. Norah Jones is wonderful. The daughter of Cranky Genius, Ravi Shankar. Oh, oops. Looks like I already have a copy of this CD (!)

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