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The Bernie-Trump Post - Part ONE

"In fact, we're kind-of having a contest in America between these two types right now: The status-quo-defending technocratics are chiding the irresponsible masses who want and need NEW CHANGE and invention and HUMANITY - the 'anarchists.' It's a contest of the technocrats trying to control the masses, and the masses are resisting and controlling and out of control and pissed and helpless and moody. And the latter have lots of ideas and internet info and they don't like not being listened to as if they're idiots, but a lot of them ARE idiots."

- This was written by a great madman back in 2011. (It was in a post on a scientist vs. an artist, trying to cure cancer as strange bed-fellows, in a story by RadioLab, of course). I just happened to bump into it lately, and saw how it predicted today's popular politics: Especially as seen in the Trump campaign/throng, but also in the Bernie campaign/throng, as well as in the bizarre changes made by the partisan opponents as they try to imitate the common-folk appeal of these two populists. E.g., "I've got the biggest opposable thumb," is retorted to with, "I'll kick your ass - cuz my wife is FAMILY, man!"

The genuine common fervour is this: "The hell with this crap! We are sick of you two parties not listening to us! So watch us give you the bird salute, if not the full Hitler, 'nothing up mah armpit!' wave."

Except, this: When I spoke of the, "technocrats," I was talking about the science world and its politics. In fact, it cannot be possible for a class only of technocrats to overlord us with their wayward wisdom and wizardry alone. Right? (as they say... right? Right?? RIGHT??? So)... Scientists need their government research grants, and legal permissions, legal protections, etc. More than this, they need their corporate developers, (exploiters), like Phiser, Monsanto, Bayer, Sergenta, Google, GM, Rand Corp., Rathion (sp?!), Exxon, Microsoft, etc. Just so happens that these mega-corps are mostly Wall Street Fortunate 500's, (and Blue Chips), on a mission to perpetually accelerate profits for their shareholders, (and bonuses for their CEO's). That means that mutual stocks, hedge funds, IRA's, etc., of the common people are feeding, demanding this corporate person-yet-zombie enterprise of greed. By hook or by crook, they must make their money. So, common folk, mostly retiring Baby Boomers, continue to support the royal screwing of our economy, privacy, etc., even after millions of jobs, and 60,000 manufacturing plants, have been sucked away out of this country, resulting in even more job losses. So, the status quo investment pathology of these corporations BETTER be somehow magical and amazingly successful for the foreseeable future, OR ELSE OUR GRAND STATUS QUO IS HEADED FOR A TRASHINGLY SMASHING CRASH.

In this environment, all sorts of scientific graft is promulgated. Scientists are lured into writing fake research/ study papers, etc., in support of injurious drugs, of global warming, and so on and so on. Doctors are goaded into pushing fatally harmful opiates, statins and SSRI's on their status-quo-trusting patients. Scientific and corporate spies infiltrate every technocratic business, in and between the USA, China, Russia, etc., many sponsored by their respective governments. 20-30 microchip technologists from Texas on their way to a business conference in China happen to go down in a jet disappearing from Malaysia. Another group of technologists go down in a plane over the Alps, and so forth. Stories are expertly constructed to cover the crimes. Chemical plants in China, Russia and the USA mysteriously explode. Dozens of microbiologists are mysteriously suicided in the USA, followed by a wave of Naturalists. Killed for what they know, or could say. Computer experts and whistleblowers are followed and harassed, and then they die in exploding cars and so on. I think what makes a politician, these days, is the ability to avoid being killed, or having one's family killed, by this craven corporate+government onslaught - i.e., to kiss ass, and to lie to their constituents. The amount of money coming from technocratic corporations, including into political campaigns and super-PAC's, is a travesty in and of itself - and certainly serves to control the common people, all of whom are getting weaker in their health, and poorer in their wealth.

Of course, it is the mergence of corporations with government, and the mergence of these with the scientific technology-network, which gives the word, "technocracy," its real, menacing power. What we are really talking about is the utilisation of new, computerised technology and scientists, for the benefit of (global) corporations, through the enabling of (globalising) governments. This is simply 2016 corporatism, which is comparable to Hitler's NAZI "fascism", partly in that it also champions technological development for the control of populations - a side-stepping of true economic developing which gives corporations coveted power nonetheless, if not profit. This switch-over is the same dysfunctionalisation which occurs when an economy moves from productivity, (manufacturing), into profiting from destruction, ultimately a WAR ECONOMY, which may also be said to be, essentially, a complete SLAVE ECONOMY. The selection of only a few monopolies to dominate an economy breeds the needs to control, as true wealth vanishes, and becomes the very OPPOSITE of free enterprise, and of true human crediting and value.

Recall the words to the song: "You've got to WORK for love, la la la..." Well, this is true. When we value the intimate connection called love, we are more than eager to go out into a field and gather flowers for our love; to build a shelter; to farm the land; to work two jobs; to put up with annoyances; to abstain, to comb our unruly hair, and so forth. Why? Because we are trusting that the apple of our eye is the promise of our own future. We defer to that loving authority.

Well, that's what CREDIT originally was! Credit was first the deference and support provided by one's beloved society, or mates, in return for one's proven allegiance, as through work. Originally, labour was a commitment to one's group or family, paid off by their continuing cooperation and help. Later, by their gold or money, and loans.

(This faithful placebo effect can get all twisted up when we love abstractions and demagogues, as we maintain confidence in the money and the games and the banks which tout the status quo, though it be crumbling for us, and giving a smaller and smaller elite more and more power).

As we worship the stuffed-up dollar, (which has lost 95% of its gold value since 1971), we hand over love of group, and healthy love of self, and of being, not only to things but to the corporations and banks which CONTROL these things, and this dollar. Credit becomes something we horde up to beg for, from the too-big-to-fail banks. Respect becomes something we must fight and war for. Security. Privacy. Civil rights. These goods take flight when we hand over trust and control to the banks, which OVERSEE the whole corporation/ technocracy juggernaut. We allow ourselves to fall into imaginary camps, substitute groups, and abstractions of RACE, GENDER, PARTY, and so on, whereby we become completely malleable by the conspiring monopolies that be. No longer enjoying being, we attack anyone who seems to do so, out of our own pathetic envy. We take our jealousy and call it morality, rationalising our attacks. We take the visage of "religion" and use it to justify fighting against rights for the heathen minorities. Meanwhile, losing control, we become pawns, then soldiers, then slaves - beings for counting - bodies for bagging.

As our environment rebounds against us, this is the future we map out, from our own animal stupidity and cowardice. This is the tragedy for the commoners. This Trump and sanders. Because justice sleeps even in the most battered mind, the most bruised and broken heart. It is easy for people to wake up, once the fire gets going, and say, "We're mad as hell at this, and we don't want it anymore!"

They are tired of talking heads in the corporate media, most certainly including NPR, supposedly offering political analysis, when in fact they are dim-wittingly advancing the status-quo assumed-front-runners at every turn. After one such forum, by corporate neopets on the "GGT", (Government Gravy Train), one person called in, and called their game, saying that these folks were not talking about the ISSUES covered by Sanders and Trump. Instead, they were only covering the horse-race, (where they regularly repeat such "truisms" as, "Clinton will be the nominee, because of her superdelegates"), because, of course, the general populace isn't wise enough to consider real issues. Real issues like the crime of the TPP, and so on, are safely off-limits. Let's spend all day on anti-Trump and Terrorism. As soon as the guy was off the line, the talking heads went right back to the horse-race talk: "We'll, you see, this caller shows the great dissatisfaction behind a lot of voters. Right?" SO. What is the dissatisfaction about????!!!!! It's about issues. It's about flagrant lying. It's about disingenuous, narcissistic talking heads!

I was flabbergasted to hear one talking head assert, after a caller brought up the anti-democratic corruption in the Democratic party, called superdelegates, who favour status-quo Hillary Clinton, basically: "You don't understand the democratic process! If Bernie Pulls ahead, even pre-committed superdelegates can change their support over to Sanders!" Oh, really? Yes, somewhat, but it's not a common phenomenon. The fact is that they are there in the first place to support the status-quo/ party candidate. That is why Madison's (superdelegate) Tammy Baldwin continues to support Hillary Clinton, even after her district massively supported Sanders. So, Baldwin will go to the party convention and completely flout the votes of all the people in her district who voted for sanders, by her vote for Clinton there. To quote the reporter, who was enquiring about the GOP process, which is opposing Trump despite his lead, "Then why even have Primaries to begin with, if the party establishment chooses the party Presidential nominee??"

The official responded, "Ya know, that's a good question."

I'll tell you why. Because, "Let them eat cake." (Not a pastry - the reference was to COAL cake).

So, this is what people are tired of. they are tired of being talked down to, and manipulated, and only pretending that they have rights and influence. If the corporate status quo elites of both parties, (which exclude alternate parties), are the ones who choose the two nominees, and we are stuck with voting for one corporatist technocrat versus the other, then the hell with this.

Here's another one. Someone called another radio show, concerning corporate tax rates. This caller said that USA corporations may supposedly pay higher rates than in some countries, but they make a killing through all the available loopholes, including sheltering their money overseas. Some mega-corporations pay ZERO Federal taxes, while they depend on local communities to beg them to come to down with gifts of tax breaks, etc. (The corporations use up the public infrastructure, pollute the local environment, etc., and yet the magical jobs and tax surplus never materializes). What was the talking-head's response???

"Most other countries WANT to help their corporations! But in THIS country, there is such an anti-corporate attitude, where no one wants to help USA corporations! We should be HAPPY to have our corporations!"

I've got news for this shill. Most of the rest of the world also DOES NOT WANT USA CORPORATIONS, because they are the corporation which have caused so much trouble in their countries. USA corporations are the very reason why these countries want and NEED to protect their own corporations!

And here's another one. I listen to an early morning show which includes farm reports. One report is from a guy called, "Max Armstrong." He keeps pushing so-called free-trade, (which, like, "Right-to-Work", is a blatant misnomer), especially as it concerns the TPP, (Trans-Pacific Partnership). I have heard him, and so many other talking dead shills always premise their well-mannered rants with, "Opponents of the TPP advocate a trade war... A trade war would be the inevitable result of us protecting our manufacturing, (and jobs)..."

Well, the fact is that virtually all other countries already have barriers up to protect their trade, manufacturing, and internal corporations and jobs. THAT is why China has been kicking our ass, with our official government approval. Most countries have tariffs on incoming goods, making them more expensive for internal consumers to buy, compared to indigenous goods. Many countries SUBSIDIZE goods manufactured internally, as well as export costs. Virtually all countries have a VAT tax - a Value-Added-Tax - on incoming goods, making them more expensive internally. Governments manipulate internal investment and loans. Also, most countries are now manipulating their currencies, to bring the currency values down, thus making it cheaper for other countries to buy their goods. (Many countries also have lax labour, environmental and corporate legal regulations).

The USA has virtually none of these protections. Oh, the Congress still supports the subsidy of sugar, and the boycott on Cuba, to fight dangerous Communism, gag me w/ a proverbial spoon. So, the USA is kinda the only country which has NOT been involved in this global "war", which has been running pretty steady for years. The USA also maintains a "strong" dollar, through the global petro-dollar war-games, making our exports crazy expensive for others to buy. Make any sense to you? So, it is completely disingenuous to monger fear that any protections of our jobs and industries would usher in a trade war. And, regarding the argument that trade wars caused the Great Depression, this is also incorrect.

Of course, USA mega-corporations have pillaged and plundered overseas, despite the lack of protections. There were things like corruption, or the demand to buy oil with dollars, which were a kind of protection for our corporations, which kept the terms of trade skewed in our favour. But now, USA mega-corporations are all global, with their capital and addresses parked overseas. They are no longer USA corporations, bettering our interests, they are GLOBAL parasites, gambling away our many forms of social and monetary wealth on derivatives and investments and companies and products and jobs IN OTHER COUNTRIES - NOT HERE. I bet you didn't know this: Even after the TPP were to be installed, the USA would not have a VAT tax, while all other countries except Borneo WOULD. Same for tariffs. And, China is slated to be ushered into the TPP by these selfish global corporations, despite the claim that the TPP is meant to FIGHT China trade dominance. AND, the so called job and environmental protections meant to make the TPP more palatable to the awake segment of the USA population? They still basically do not exist. THIS IS ALL GREEDY ZOMBIE CORPORATION BULLSHIT.

You know, I wrote about, "The Twin Within," all about merging bodies and cells. I never mentioned the phenomenon of corporate, "Inversion," did I? That's where a big USA corporation cannibalizes a smaller one overseas, and then says that its address is now that of the subsidiary. In this way, the mega-corporation avoids paying taxes in the USA. This issue has been in the news, with actions by Pres. Obama, (in addition to the Panama Papers). I will be writing on these two events ASAP.

But note this: Phiser said it had to back out of an inversion deal with a foreign company, all because of Obama's action. Well, pooh pooh. The fact is that Phiser already keeps an overseas address, in a shell company, and does not pay taxes here in the USA. So, once again, it's just more bullshit. What remains inverting is the TRUTH.

OK - me gotta close up this post real quick-like. I am making it the Bernie-Trump Post, part one.

Note that I also wrote of this popular dissent brewing in other, earlier posts. I also predicted a coming "revolution" comparable to the 1960's, to be due from 2016-2018. I predicted this years ago, and here we are. I sing my praises in lieu of having any kind of sane society.

NOTE - Please note that there are more examples of brain-dead status quo reasoning at http://madman101.livejournal.com/1782228.html. AND THEN, Part Two of the Bernie-Trump Series begins here - http://bernie2016.livejournal.com/48558.html, (bernie2016), and also in my this-here journal.
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