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PSYCHIC RELATIVITY - and The Origami Universe - PART ONE

Posted on 2016.04.07 at 17:03
Here's an earlier theme post, unfinished. I was planning to use today, Wednesday April 6, to write something to post at the library, but was instead hit with massive brain/ fatigue all day. So, I am submitting this to you as PART ONE, to be continued later. I am trying to clear away all this unfinished or unposted writing which goes back to last year, even. I also desperately want to write a theme post on Bernie, Trump, 2016 conspiracies, and related.

I am going to a used book store SALE, (Thurs eve.), and then to laundry, thrift store and grocery. (My dog will have been left at home, inside, for 6 hours - - - eek). Near the bookstore is a consignment mall, where I might pick up a coputer screen, an LP warped into some kind of ashtray, and who knows what not and all get out. At the thrift store, there may still be some leather "sneakers" which were htere last time, but I never realised that they would make great walking shoes. I also want to buy two nice garden tools, replacing the two nice garden tools I bought there some time back, because those were stolen by some neighbour.

[Sunday eve, March 26, 2016] - My dog has been having one of his annoying weird days. He had the runs earlier. It may be that the jackass downstairs messes with him on the days that I am gone, banging on the walls, making him nervous, just as the Nethers did. This guy does virtually everything that the Nethers did, except pump a stereo so loud that it shakes the house, violently. And, he doesn't have a dog. But he is fixated on me, and my dog, and he reacts to every single noise he hears. He seriously is mentally ill. Anyway, today, my dog moved in slow motion, following me around needilly, getting under my feet, not obeying commands, etc. I can understand this if he had a sore stomach all day - but that wasn't it. He was just all stoopid. Part of the reason was that the guy downstairs was stomping around all day and, in my dog's mond, this was contesting my authority - so that means he had to either be needy of me, urging me to stay solid with him, or he himself had to become distracted and contest my authority. I have seen this happen so many times before. It leads to dysfunctional relations. This means he is all in the realm of stress, fight/flight, nervous hunger, egoism, defiance, stubborn selfishness, etc. I'll just call this the, "ego realm." When he is in the ego realm, he is not tight with me, and does not connect psychically, he does not read me, like a fellow hunter. It is only when confidence is high and stress is low, or authority is stable, when dogs can step out of their PAVLOVIAN psychology and do more human free-association and psychic attenuation. It is this latter state or quality which I want to discuss a little.

There is a woman with a book, and she claims that dogs "evolved" with man as a fellow hunter, so useful because they could respond to where their masters were looking. Humans have a white part of the eye, which can betray where they are directing their eyesight. Dogs can respond to this, without requiring speech or sound, and track the same prey, so the argument goes.

Well, I was very interested in this hypothesis. I think there is a bit of truth to it. However, I have known that it takes a bit of training before dogs responsibly follow the pointing eye, or the pointing finger. This does not mean that the hypothesis is untrue, just qualified, and possibly true or untrue. I do think there is a stronger hpothesis, and that is one where dogs are not merely focused on their masters eyes, but on their toughts and feelings: I.e., dogs became useful fellow hunters to man because of their psychic attenuations. Dogs know their owners, especially if a good relationship is going on. This is possibly more true for dogs more closely related to the wolf, such as mine own Akita. Think of how the social wolf moves in a pack - I am sure a dynamic psychic bond is going on there, especially at times when stress and authority instability are not high. Indeed, at such times, these animals, like elephants and others, carry on like spiritual, or "religious", beings. And, there need be no wonder at how dogs can find their ways over hundreds of lost miles back to their beacon owners. All it is about is keeping the body and mind close to what is true, just as we eat to live, or fall in love only to make babies. Keeping close to what is true is like the planet creaking and moaning here and there, as it keeps to the same old orbit, despite, and within, universal change. Hoaning into the heart of an owner is no more complicated than this.

I have proved with 100% certainty that my dog knows the instant I decide to go out, to stores or etc. He knows this despite there being no cue or clue associated with my decision. It is nothing in my body language, attitude, manner, speech - nothing. When I decide that I am going to go out, he starts getting impatient, running down to the front door, and so forth. Since it is my intention, in my head, to go out, now the same intention is in his head, and he firmly believes that he is going out! - no matter how many times I never take him with me. This later part defies logic, even for a dog. It defies Pavlovian association. It gives support to the idea that MY intention is in HIS head. This can happen at a distance. And I am sure that, home alone, my dog knows when I decide to start coming back home. I have heard this from other dog owners: Their dogs will be seen to rush to the front door, awaiting the return of their masters, at precisely the instant that their owners start heading home. Imagine how useful this psychic attenuation would be between dog and human hunters. Sharing the same intentions and directions.

When individual mammals share the same interests, as in a family, especially when they are in a trusting and respectful and authoritative bond, they tend to cross over borders and boundaries, psychically, so that, in a way, they become a shared, single being. This is not a 100%, Borgish meld, as we have alluded regarding times when stress or instability is high. When authority is being tested, then more mondane, material conversations and behaviours occur - in the ego realm. When interests sometimes diverge. When a cat crosses the walk. When stomachs or bowels tend to differ. When one is ill. And so forth. These are all times which make the psychic bond less than 100%. AND, it is during these times that the individual's cognitive and biological processing represses various incoming information, discrete, psychic or even blunt, away from the psychic bond and towards the diverged material interests of that individual. The ego represses the id. The consciousness selects and rejects memories and associations. This becomes more austere the more the reptilian, fight/flight part of the brain and nervous system predominate.

It is where certain streams of consciousness continue to comport that the psychic bond remains shared and active. Look at this, now, not as a divergence of an individual, but as a difference between various individuals. Those individuals outside the family - or the "kind"red - diverge the most, and repression of shared psychic awareness is very high. HOWEVER: Those alien individuals may have families of their own, where convergence is high. So, what we have is a relativity of psychic bonding. It is as if each individual is his or her own TRUTH, and, to the extent that in-family individuals share that truth, then there is psychic sharing.

It is as if each individual is his or her own universe. At the edge - the event horizon - aliens are cast away, psychically, though they continue to interact in the material, ego realm. Meanwhile, some alien is also a universe unto him- or herself, casting away other universes. How interesting it is that information and memory is not simply available to all for psychic awareness and retrieval - no. Instead, psychic info and memory comes more from the dynamism and individuality of life, (being), itself. In order to tune in, each individual, and its followers, attentuates as if through a self-specific encrypted code, or as if through a precise spatial-temporal configuration, as if an antenna. In this way, alternate "sole" universes are allowed to exist together, with some degree of psychic sharing, depending upon "familiarity" (kind), but moreso in a realm of materiality and ego, which is assumed to be the "real" world. But this realm, sometimes referred to as the "temporal world", is more of a byproduct of this paradox of absolute, yet sharing, universes. "Time" eminates from this teeming host of being. It is as though all extraneous stuff is dumped into the temporal realm, with so much lost, including essence, since it is the way of localised time always to travel upon one agreed-upon direction, and not another. Reality is a dump-yard. "Life is a pig-stye." This dumping away: This is assocated with the very process of repression itself, or of the selection and disgarding of info, memories and associations. Thus, the more fight/flight the ego, then the more repression, then the more the "real world" rises up more intractible, fatal and deathly. Those psychopaths who think as baser animals, as Pavlovian dogs, refining their limbic egos - elevating fight/flight to an all encompasing philosophy - they construct what I have called "the logics of death", as they also fuel discord, war, and profit from destruction. It is they who are elevated into positions of control by all those sheep who bother only to fear.

It is interesting to note that, although I have yet to expound upon the idea, I see that there is an important connection between "authority" and the placebo effect. Placing faith in authority requires a degree of superstition, which becomes a self-fulfilling projection meant to control the self, as a function of the ego's repressive endeavours. Further, the placebo phenomenon involves the very same attenuations as are exercised during psychic sensing. Therefore, a dog's abidance in his master's authority, e.g., is itself an exercise of psychic will or intention.

So, it can be pondered how the WILL has influenced evolution over the ages, even though science relegates this impetus or inertia - this life itself - away, out of the only relevant realm assumed to be real: The world external to being - the temporal world of ego and matter.

We have seen that this - like time - is an illusion.

My dog knows my intention OUTSIDE OF TIME, outside of place. It is suprareal, superluminal, and entangled.

[Sun morning] - My dog has other psychic connections to me. First of all, his behaviour is to follow me around, and to change his sleeping area or position every time he sees that I am making some shift, like shutting my computer down and going to sleep. If I am up and about, cleaning or something, he starts walking back and forth in front of me, getting under my feet and bothering me. He simply assumes my intentions for himself. If I am eating, this means he should be eating, even though I don't normally share my food with him, to keep him on a schedule.

So, on top of this normal behaviour, his psychic connections are similarly parasitic. I will note below how psychic awareness is not necessarilly always a good thing, btw.

One connection he seems to have is an awareness of when I decide that I am going to give him food, even hours from my decision, and/or what type of food I plan to give him, such as chicken for dinner. He suddenly becomes impatient for his dinner, hours too soon, with no other explanation for this.

But another, more clear connection, is one wherein he is not the only parasite, but I also feed off of him. This occurs when we are lying in bed at night. My CFS head takes a long time to clear, or settle down and open up, if it can at all. When it does so, the vascular pressures en ma tete betray where the oxygen and neurochemicals are now more active - for example, the temporal lobes open up and more acetylcholine is functioning. When a certain point is reached, it is like a little jump, or spark crossing, so that my body slips back into a more proper gear. (Same occurs with my heart).

Well, these instances usually involve little jerks from my limbs, especially my legs. When a circuit in my head clears, then there is a freeing jerk in my leg, for example. The unusual thing about this is that every time it happens, if my dog is next to me, my dog is seen to be having a dream - a dream which involves him jerking his limbs, e.g., as if he were jumping or running. So, when he goes into a dream like this, then my head clears, and we both do little jerks - OR: when my head clears, then he has a dream, and we both do little jerks...

Which is it? His dream is the cause? Or my relaxation is the cause? Both. Neither. Each alone. This is another double paradox, outside of time and place. The fact is that we are together synching our body-clocks, sharing each other's mind and body-energy. If I were asleep as well, it is probable that I would be sharing a bit of my dog's dream as well, and vice versa. Then, we both dismantle the structures of repression or regulation constructed by our egos during the day, our biases and assumptions and apprehensions, etc. In dreams, this dismatling is associated with the emergence of dream symbols and images, recalling half-attentions rendered earlier during the day - half-attentions and half-denials - wherein these symbols combine, etc., in seemingly haphazard ways, trying to make new sense of disgarded chaos, questions, curiosities, suspicions and superstitions. All of this swirls around the adjusting of the circadian rhythms, just as planets creak and moan, as they try to stay true to their orbits.

It is probable that all mammals sleeping in close proximity experience this psychic synchronisation. It would be more true for those animals who have a stronger emotional or psychic bond. As there is relativity for psychic awareness for different individuals or groups vis-a-vis others, ("aliens"), there is a relativity for this biological synchronisation as well. Note how the synchronisation is attented to by dream symbolism, just as, while awake, psychic imput is attended to by thoughts, often which occlude the generative psychic input itself, in favour of ego-determination, or existential perogative, in time and place.

Just as dream images are summoned by this paradoxical collusion of sole and absolute "universes" (beings) during synchronisation, or during other instances of psychic relativity, as thoughts are summon, and as meaning is summoned: so it is that our general, cosmic Universe seemingly impossibly summons salient meaningful events and signs for us, each individually, beyond statistical probability, and yet somehow folds all this together into a real, predictable world that all can share, with all of its bites and bruises. Examples of such meaningful signs would be, e.g., synchronicity, bizarre coincidence, deja vous, uncanny luck, visitations, premonitions, invention, or, simply, the "flow". In the same way, memory is extracted from the paradoxical, multi-folding universe, composed of an infinity of beings - all sole universes unto themselves. I am discussing, of course, THE ORIGAMI UNIVERSE.

Note that you can follow up on these thoughts through my tags, e.g., for: origami universe, entanglement, psychic, etc.

Poetically, note that all of reality is a trash-heap, sloughing off the more cosmic dance of psychic will and wonder, and the dynamic interplay of psychic beings. Well, nevertheless, somehow imbedded in this flat real world of time and space indeed are these instances of bizarre coincidence and meaning - these signs and dream-like symbols which are laid down as if to guide or suggest us through life, or at least to give our "soles" some better bearing and consolation.

OK - next topic after I rest or sleep: How psychic activity can be a bad thing, as when it feeds groupism, narcisism and controlaholism...

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