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Entwined: The Twin Within

"How Bernie Bailed Me Out!" - http://bernie2016.livejournal.com/45618.html

Dirty ELECTRICITY Pollution in your home and how to stop it - SEE WEDNESDAY - MARCH 30, 2016: http://thepowerhour.com/schedule.htm

AUDIO - Letters from a human insect to Dr. Seuss - http://www.openculture.com/2014/02/kafkas-famous-character-gregor-samsa-meets-dr-seuss-in-a-great-radio-play.html - and TAS TRANSCRIPT: - http://www.thisamericanlife.org/radio-archives/episode/470/transcript

MINUTE physics - https://www.youtube.com/user/minutephysics

OK - I have been writing theme post stuff, when not insane, but I could not finish them and post them here at the library today - was too ill. That will be next week.

I have a replacement wallet which is a big brown thing - an old female wallet with faded brown paisley lining, yo. I had this lying around for just such an emergency. It is too big for these tight jeans. On my way to the bank, I could NOT pull it out of my back pocket! I tried and I tried, but it did not budge an inch. (In fact, these tight jeans are the reason I recently lost my last wallet: I was too impatient to squeeze the wallet back into its tight pocket!)

As I was fumbling, picking away at my relatively fat ass, a man jaunted up from the parking lot, towards the bank doors. As he approaches, he says, "What do you need?" or something like that. He was looking at me as he approached. I said, "Huh?!" He pointed to his Bluetooth. He was on the phone.

The rat downstairs is still pounding away. He really is seriously mentally ill, and yet my LL wishes not to know of it... Even though this will eventually cause her trouble down the road, whether I am still here or not.

Next: I will now attempt a mini theme post...

I have always been intrigued by people who discovered that they had a tiny crumbled up twin in their eyeball, or in their brain, or wherever. Fascinating. The twin embryo had stopped growing while en utero, deferring to the growth of the bigger child. It then was relegated to the status of being some kind of parasite, in a host who was able to walk around and function in the outside world. The parasite continued to live, sporting hair and fingernails and so on, and, we may guess that it thought a bit as well, small and disheveled as it was, or at least it borrowed a thought or two from its host.

Also, the condition of Siamese twins has always peeked my scientific brain, or perhaps my twin within. I saw that Siamese twins could be almost fully separate and "independently" function, or they could share a heart, or a vagina, etc., or basically be one body with two heads.

Well, it is not a leap to think that there is such a thing as Siamese twins which are so merged together that, to all appearances, they simply look like one single person. This was my conjecture, from a number of years ago. Turns out that such was reported on RadioLab recently, (I believe), that this condition actually exists. .....

Wait - this library computer is fixing to log me off so I have to post and log back on!!

OK. Me back.

So, the RadioLab episode featured a woman who had a baby. But the baby was not hers! WHUh?!

That's right, it belonged to the twin with which she was merged, who had different DNA. Some systems in the body, e.g., circulatory, or whatever, belonged to the lady, while other systems in the shared body belongs to the twin. Well. Who is to say which is the "real" lady, or the "primary" twin, or host? Yo -boing!

Well, all things considered, it is theoretically possible that you may have a twin living as part of you. And maybe it is even of the opposite sex! - ?! This would help explain a tranny or two, yes?

However, it is not necessary for the merged-twin phenomenon, (etc.), to exist in order to have, e.g., the body of a man and the brain of a woman.

I have noted that if any particular place in the brain is disturbed or short-circuited or absent, then there are corollary changes that occur in the body. For example, given some brain glitch, one could be as OCD as a squirrel, or believe oneself to have a phantom limb, or see alligators in the sky, or one could have gut problems, etc., etc.

So, it not a stretch to say that some part of the brain may be altered to induce a conviction that one is of the opposite sex - a conviction which is experientially or virtually TRUE. Changes in maternal hormones during pregnancy can induce such, and similar, changes, for sure. But that need not be the only agent or manner of alteration necessary for what is called, "gender Dysphoria or Body-Dismorphic Disorder," or, "Homosexuality," and so on.

I'll do a little PS to this post later. Now I have to run to the pantry before it closes. Bee_girl may be back from here baby-birthing. BTW - I am considering dating the Hispanic girl over at the formerly Pepe-market. She can hardly speak English, but she's very nice, and googles at me. Ciao.

PS - I see you guys are keeping up the posting. Glad. I hope I can return to LJ normalcy soon.

Part 2 is here: http://madman101.livejournal.com/1780786.html
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