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- (a short-short) - Madman O'Really - 3/15/16

Once upon a time, computers became very fast, and very small. They became smaller and smaller very quickly. Soon, humans were too big to deal with their shrinking computers. Scientists agreed that humans must be genetically engineered to become small, to keep pace. They commenced to miniaturize humans, so that their little eyes and fingers and brains could cooperate with the ever-shrinking machines.

Btw, the whole idea of, "labour" - i.e., of humans doing work for pay - had been thrown out the windows, because computers were now doing all the work; while less and less energy, and tinier and tinier clothes, and food, were needed, as the human population reached 10 billion, and more.

There was a point, early on, where humans became the size of little children. The successive genetic distortions resulted in them becoming frail, and having relatively large heads, with tiny chins, and big cat eyes. Yes, these humanoids, of the future, were what we now call, "The Greys."

The Greys were never aliens from outer space. They were, in fact, us, GMO'd, and physically impoverished by a diet of GMO plants, drugs and grass. Only a small number of the Greys chose to awaken and revolt. So, this group of Greys sent time-travellers to present-day Earth, to seek genetic material from we robust humans; from cows, (for meat, and womb-creation); from cats, etc. They selfishly wanted to regain their larger physical stature, and live a Luddite life, without computers, ruling over all the tiny, grey zombie people.

Although we continue to receive visits from these rebel Greys, they lost their rebellion, and were fed to the new carnivorous mini-computers, who transformed them into soap.

All other people continued to race after their regressing computers, all getting smaller and smaller. People became tinier than mites.

At some point, some organic baggage had to be dropped. The human organism had to be simplified and simplified, in order to function at smaller scales. By the time humans were functioning on the scale of molecules, they no longer looked as they do today. Instead, they looked more like viruses, or strands of DNA.

So did computers, pretty much.

And, being so microscopic, humans looked at the world, and operated in the world, in a completely different way. They saw things in multiple dimensions. Therefore, they were visitted by countless beings, or spirits, from alternate times and places, and potentialities. In fact, they could look at an atom, (singularity), and see an infinity of realities, all conspiring. The line between subatomic particles, and waves, was a complete blur, of blissful and lifeless magic, kinda like when you go into a stroke or die.

Yes, eventually, because of their programmed momentum, humans grew even smaller than atoms. They became smaller than subatomic particles. Smaller than angels. So, the whole point of figuring out digits, and logics, and time, and place, with computers, had become completely irrelevant. Impossible. Artificial refrigeration had become asymptotic, plateauing, falling away.

Instead, humans could now only communicate via quantum superluminal information transfer, i.e., quantum entanglement:

like conjoined twins or clones, with appropriate encryption. Like ghosts. Neither Here Nor There. Both. Either. This was a Double Paradox.

As quanta, in an endless, dynamic flux of universal chaos, humans had successfully become the first Super-Quantum Computers, losing all bearing of traditional computer reasoning.

They pretty much meditated all day long, with all other being, across the universe, like a dreaming corpse.

And so it was that human beings successfully devolved their species out of existence, as was the fashion of the day.
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