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I think you're standing on my left foot.

Posted on 2015.10.15 at 02:08
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For U.S. users and other interested parties -- did you watch the Democrat party candidates debate last night? What did you think of it? Who were the big winners and losers of the debate in your opinion?
I find that visually watching debates too often instills the desire to throw shoes. Because. If there is someone you don't like to begin with, which includes almost everyone, you see them standing there, and all your brain can register is, "You are in my WAY! Get out of my WAY!"

However, listening to the debates, enjoying a nice 1.5 bottle of fine wine, one can listen to what is truly being said, and become entranced by all the stupid grammatical mistakes that are being made.

So - I listened to the debates, and predicted that the corporate pundits would acclaim Hillary as, "the winner," whereas the real humans would acclaim Bernie as, "the winner." This is exactly what happened. Chat rooms, etc., al laud Bernie as the next President. He has gotten more google searches than Hillary, but don't trust that. They were infantile searches, like, "Is he Jewish?" and, "How fricken old is he?"

I was thinking that Webb sounded like a nice VP for Bernie, since everyone to the right of Elizabeth the Warren thinks Bernie is unrealistic and anti-military. However, I threw out this notion when I was reminded that Webb was pro-coal and pro-oil. Although this may be said to be pragmatic reasoning, he should just keep that muck to himself, because no one who has ever advocated pragmatism has ever given us progress out of fossil fuels. In fact, most people who say they are progressive on that front, (e.g., the Clintons), have also only dug us deeper into the crud. I figure that if a candidate were to say, "All oil plants will be shut down on the day I am sworn in," then there is a chance of some reasonable compromise being achieved, between fossil fuels, and lesser fossil fuels. In a perfect world, we should all be in flying saucers running on zero-point energy.

I think that many, if not all, of the candidates had advanced notice of some of the questions. This was most certainly true of Hillary, and of the final question.

I think there was laudable civility in the debates. I decry the disgusting comments from biased far-righties, which went from mocking, "We are all Democrats. It doesn't matter who you pick, just pick one of us," to, "They could't come together for the greater good." Many said that VETS were never mentioned, when in fact Bernie mentioned vets 3x, especially regarding REAL legislation he worked on in their behalf. So, I am a little miffed by this sudden labotomania on the so-called Constitutional right.

Also, I have been watching the politics surrounding the whole Clinton email thing, including behind-the-scenes strings, etc., and it looks like Bernie's comment that, "Americans are tired of your damn emails!", was either planned, helping to now get that issue out of Clinton's way, or else it was impolitic.

Don't get me wrong. I think Clinton did a good job - but I also think this was highly handled. So, adding to Clinton's disingenuous air, such as, "Me, too! I hate my emails too!", etc, she asserted, "Me, too! I'm a Progressive too!" basically. Well, no.

If you choose to be cautious on dropping the war on marijuana and hemp; if you want to require students to work to think, just because you did; if you keep bouncing back and forth regarding favouring, "free trade" schemes, depending on when you are in power; if you think the stragedies in the middle east have been sane; if you don't come out full-force against criminal spying and harassment by the NSA and Patriot Act; if you think Snowden is an unforgivable criminal, and if you think the most striking difference distinguishing you from Obama and previous presidents is that you dye your hair and have boobies, well, no, you are not a Progressive.

If you take great pride in going up to Wall Street and saying, "Hey, guys! Knock it off!" then you are not a Progressive - YOU ARE STATUS QUO PUPPETRY.

Bush, Clinton, Bush, Clinton. THIS IS INSANITY. Look what is happening to your country!

btw - o_c_c_u_p_y!

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