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You have no idea!

Posted on 2015.10.12 at 20:26
As we all know, today is the day that Columbus discovered Canada, and so I wish everyone in Canada a happy dee and a happy duh - Happy Canada Day!

However. I feel sorry for you. Because you only get one day, out of 365, to pretend that you are not the USA.

Let the last laugh be on us, howeverbeitall.

Because, as global continues to warming, Canada will one day have all this oil, and crops, and trade - and fresh water. You are probably the fuckiest lucking place on Earth. Which doesn't matter because soon the whole planet will explode. So, at least you will be the last to say, "I am so great!"

Except, maybe there will be an ice age. Then, you will be the first to say, "I am so cold!" But, I honestly can't see this - why.

Because air conditioners are expensive, so we can't cool down global warming too much, in which case you win, and no one else does. But burning things up is inexpensive. Blowing things up is inexpensive. Filling the skies with ash. Detonating nukes. HAARPING with the ionosphere. ENTROPY IS EASY.

So, if there is a ice age, we know enough to burn it away, in which case you win, as well. Probably, you will rule the world, either way. Except that you will be infiltrated by tiny Chinese communists.

In swastika spaceships.

Canadee Happiday!

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