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Living a graveyard life where the greedy ghouls sang, "Don't ask, don't tell," and where I was deemed to be the freak, I could look back now and say, "I told you so!" Because of their deaf minds, and controllaholic means, more wonderful lives were ended. As is the way.

But all I want to do is sleep.

STATINS RED ALERT: Widely prescribed drugs act as cellular poisons that accelerate aging... deactivate DNA repair... promote diabetes, muscle fatigue and memory loss

Statins cause brain dysfunction
Use of Cholesterol-Lowering Meds on the Rise
Stop taking statin drugs - high cholesterol leads to longer life

Study shows cholesterol drugs cause memory loss; MSM reports the exact opposite:
"Don't listen to science, says mainstream media: Statins are perfectly safe and effective because we say so." Researchers from both Rutgers University and the University of Pennsylvania observed that memory loss rates were roughly equal among patients taking statins and patients taking LLDs, which some news outlets are claiming means that the drugs are both safe and effective. But non-users of either drug fared significantly better in the memory department than both users of statins and users of LLDs, suggesting quite the opposite: that both cholesterol-lowering drug classes lead to memory loss.

The body needs cholesterol to make a myriad of hormones, among other things. The brain needs cholesterol to remylenate neural cell walls, among other things. Cholesterol does not cause heart and circulatory diseases: INFLAMMATION does. Inflammation is reactive to the immune system reacting to internal or external aggitants, including vaccines, or tooth decay bacteria, or meat molecules like carnatine, or rancid (trans) vegetable oils, or other toxic oxidizers. The inflammatory response can become volatile and intense from stress, anxiety/depression, (cortisol), sugars, (glucocorticoids), gluten, cysteine, increased homocysteine, viruses, fungi, cancer, allergens - and can cycle into a loop, including an auto-immune chronic condition. Mitochondrial glucose, oxygen, ATP, and protein utilization is damaged, as then is DNA.

Calcium does not directly cause heart/circulatory problems, it is rather associated with the inflammatory response. Cholesterol plaque then builds up over disoriented and displaced staph cells on artery walls. The staph cells were sent out to make repairs elsewhere. This process is very similar IN THE BRAIN. The brain, however, is much more sensitive to immune reactions! To take away cholesterol is not to get at the underlying issue(s), and is to take away the body's ability to repair and regenerate itself! Add to that the insane toxic soup of endless prescriptions meant (supposedly) to counteract each others' harmful side effects, i.e., to make BIG MONEY for BIG PHARM, but which actually dumbs the will and kills the patient.


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