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Links between health problems and endocrine-disrupting chemicals now stronger, statement argues

The list of health problems that scientists can confidently link to exposure to hormone-disrupting chemicals has grown to include diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and obesity, a new scientific statement suggests. The statement, released today by the Endocrine Society, also adds support to the somewhat controversial idea that even minute doses of these chemicals can interfere with the activity of natural hormones, which play a major role in regulating physiology and behavior.

But the report—which updates a similar statement released in 2009—is drawing sharp criticism from the chemical industry - [which it calls, "too broad," lol]....

... But the summary adds that most industrial chemicals released into the environment—numbering in the tens of thousands—have never been tested for endocrine-disrupting potential. Moreover, Gore added, scientists are increasingly finding that some chemical replacements for BPA and other suspected endocrine disrupters display endocrine-disrupting potential themselves. These conclusions, the summary says, highlight the need to test chemicals before they enter commerce and to better educate the public and policymakers on how to prevent exposures...

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