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the wisdom of trees

When I was much sicker, I was really distraught by people indiscriminately cutting down trees, ruining homes for animals, increasing global warming, increasing crime potentiality, etc. That's one reason I tried to start my ecopark, which would have greatly been an arboretum.

Plants and trees got it goin on.

A lot of vines have a manner of thinking - where they can "see" available places to reach towards and cling to, even many feet away, and they focus their energy on directing a select branch to grow and reach in that direction.

And trees, which operate on basic fractal principles, know to grow their branches towards the south, so that a trained eye can look at any tree, in it's context of other trees, etc., and know which direction is north, etc. And a VERY amazing thing I have noticed is that tree branches often will immitate the landscape. Many tree branches will follow the slanting lines of rooftops in the vicinity. And this imitation is three-dimensional, so it can be seen from a variety of angles. What the branches are doing is following the "route of least resistance" in 3-dimensional relation to the art of their environment. And so they also seek out the best spacial arrangement amongst themselves, with sun-orientation also in play, so that from any angle, one can see that the branches always have a balance, even though it looks chaotic. That's because plants don't think in 3 dimensions - they are based on a smaller scale, like insects with compound eyes, or atoms, where spaciality is more multi-dimensional. Anyway, it consumates in a 3-dimensionality which we can appreciate, if we love art.

And the chaos-dimensionality brings us closer to the quantum scale - the level of chance and creativity, or the spiritual stuff from where we gain our own consciousness. Just because plants think on a different scale doesn't mean they aren't thinking, or that they do not have spirits.

Whenever I bight into fresh lettuce - my lips curl up... it's as if something in me senses the plant, which is still alive, screaming for it's life. It's weird.

When the great storm of 2002 rolled through rkfd, several trees where felled on our property. All the little plants showed the after-effects of fear, by eventually yellowing, stunting growth, or even dying - all because the incident traumatized them. And it wasn't merely a change in sunlight, either, I ascertained. They freaked out. They didn't know what might come next. Or perhaps some mourned their deceased brothers, and died of grief.

They call me madman101.


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