I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

A strike from the source of money in the first place.

Debt strike: a new form of resistance

VERY GOOD: A Debtor’s Bill of Rights

· Article 1: The right to a fair and sustainable economy

· Article 2: The right to a clean and sustainable environment

· Article 3. The right to democratic decision-making

· Article 4. The right to a free, fair and vibrant market economy

· Article 5: The right to a rich and rewarding social life

· Article 6: The freedom to choose to labor

· Article 7: The right to live by one’s principles and faith

· Article 8: The right to be free of technologically intrusive manipulation

· Article 9. The right to be free of the moral obligation to honor financial debt.

· Article 10: The right to withhold debt payments to effect justice and fairness

(See link above for FULL).

Empowered By Debt

(Note: Find also FDR's address before Congress RE: A new Bill of Rights, (which I have posted somewhere!); note Bernie Sanders asserts that there is no freedom under the constraints of poverty; note I expect to do an important post on the DEBT-BASED-ECONOMY - in fact some of it is done already; note the Jewish/Christian concept of JUBILEE, note also that the Jewish Shemitah{sp} just ended, around the 13th or 15th).
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