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Bern it down! Mister Sand Man!

One mega theme-post that hath been languishing in Limbo during my own private hell is about Progressivism, especially from the angle of individuals who were more involved in social work than in politics. Maybe I can kick all other ruminations out of my brain-gut, long enough to complete that post tonight, before the wine kicks in and all aboot. One good adjunct to that is today's edition of NPR's, "On Point," where they discuss Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, and Populists of the past. Recommended. The site is http://www.onpointradio.org, and is on NPR.org, WBUR, WAMU, tmblr and twitter. (I can't access for you specifically).

Donald Trump gave a 90-minute speech recently which is being hailed as quasi-historical. I have heard that the speech was less than political than personal-rhetorical, where 1/3 of it was spent on him lauding himself, in comparison to the other GOPpers.* There was not a lot devoted to philosophy or policy proposals. It was more like he was, "Throwing fish out to a bunch of seals."

Bernie Sanders, on the other hand, made his latest historical speech to the student bodies of Liberty University, an Evangelical, right-wing conspiracy - also of seals, apparently. Bernie discussed progressive ideas. Sitting mute, required to be there, the students later erupted in cheers as one student dutifully asked Bernie about his implicitly gad-damned opinion on ABORTION.

It's great how people who forever look backwards set up traps to blame all others, habitually. They thrive through this world of money by painting the entire environment a sickly green shade of BLAME. Thus did the students proudly bide their time and bite their lips, blanking out all that Bernie Socialist was saying, waiting for the moment to pounce. It was as if the assumption, all along, was that Bernie was to be blamed, and so attacked. (Which reminds me of Black-Lives-Matter, btw).

Bernie's response was that he felt that THE GOVERNMENT SHOULD NOT BE INVOLVED in dictating a woman's choice. This went right over the heads of the audience, and floated off to Vermont. Right after this, on the NPR report, there were little interviews of students who were unphased. "When asked about Sander's minumum wage proposal, [or such], the students insisted that they didn't think that the government should be involved. It was as if Bernie's previous utterance had never occurred, and now they had taken it up and waving it around as their own. This is what I despise about wheedling, Profiteering, religionist conservatives. Steeling credit, placing blame, at every turn - reducing everyone else to the ranks of deprivation. They are psychopaths with an emotional calling.

Anyway, it was acknowledged that the greatness of Bernie's speech lay in its testicles. Bernie had dared to preach his socialist message at such an unlikely and unforgiving place. Soon, Obama - in his cooptive way - responded by making a speech about how LIBERAL students should dare to read and hear opinions which differ from their own, [such as daring to read naturalnews.com - Edit].

Well, there was one voice from the Liberty University throng which hath spoketh up, in a letter praising the inherent CHRISTIANITY of Bernie Sander's message. And here it is:

Maybe this isn't it, because I thought it mentioned Mathew 15. (Maybe you can find more). - https://www.reddit.com/r/SandersForPresident/comments/3kx57b/im_an_alumni_of_liberty_u_bernie_is_the_voice_of/


Incidentally, the serious attacks are now being formulated from higher up, puppetted by Jeb Bush, Hillary Clinton and others. On the other hand, supposedly SOME higher-ups would like a "Socialist" as president, to further their political agenda. Unfortunately, Bernie is not a good puppet. Also, you have to ask yourself why, even though Hillary Clinton's alleged crimes are indeed serious, the Justice Department and the FBI have taken this to the level it has, despite the fact(?) that Hillary is the Neo-Con/Lib Democratic/Bankster selection to win, (against their choices of GOPpers to alternately win). The question is this: Has Obama been pushing the downfall of Hillary, because of a personal uprising against the Clinton's dynastic power, or because of some other agenda? Or is the Democratic Party preparing to run Gore or Biden in her place? Or something else?

Also, important: In order to renew Presidential emergency powers, so keeping us illegally in a war against Assad's Syria, and so Russia, the Congress has to renew certain legislation, as it does each year, since 9/11. The way this has been done in the past has been to concoct some emergency which scares the Congress into voting in favour. Therefore, prior to December 14, you can expect some national "emergency" to again force the vote - possibly even by September 23, about when there may also be an economic crisis, (and/or stock market crash). You can bet that such a crisis will also be used to try to quash Bernie, as being: Soft on terriblism; soft on Iran; soft on Russia; a Socialist, and so forth.

PS - Thom Hartmann did a welcomed dittitribe** concerning the sudden Aquarian conspiracy of people electing "far-leftists", (in France), in Australia, in the UK - and maybe in the USA. He postulated that this was due to an upwelling from the global subconscious, spontaneously, (reacting to a half century of global garbage). To emphasise that he believes we are living in an interconnected universe, Thom mentioned my favourite subject, quantum entanglement.

He also said that studies have shown that dogs prepare for their masters' return NOT based on time or circumstance, but on the instant the master makes the decision to come home. I so love when people introduce these topics into the realm of the real. I do know from extensive trial and error that my dog(s) KNOWS when I am planning on leaving NOT based on any cues, but on my decisions and intentions.

However, the problem is that the elitists and the corrupt also conspire by such nebulous terms of endearment. And, so, I insist that we not throw after-the-fact science out of the window, because it is always possible that the change of politics might not (just) be an emergency from below, but a synchronised scheme from above. This is what makes it SO hard to figure out what is conspiracy, and what is choice, or weather, or the sun, and so on! The universe is constructed so that we are incapable of finally figuring any of this out 100%. Wonder is the main rubric of consciousness, which determines all, in conspiracy. But I digress. Or do I?

Btw - one idea of encouragement... It was said that there are two wings of Populism: the one that looks to a future, and the one that looks to a past. The Tea Party Conservatives and Donald Trump belong to the latter. The problem is this: You cannot return to any past. So.....

Bernie video - http://www.democraticunderground.com/1251597526

* - This is an old mm101 original, which I eventually saw used in the media, except it was spelt wrongishly: "GOPers."
** - another mm101 original.

You'll be "loved", you'll be "loved"
Like you never have known;
And the memories of me will seem more like bad dreams -
Just a series of blurs like I never occurred.
Someday you will be "loved".
- http://songmeanings.com/songs/view/3530822107858552891/
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