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crazy - nerd boy

" - - how to use my tags!

Posted on 2015.09.04 at 17:02
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I have a lot of tags. (Not all posts are tagged, or tagged completely, i.e., "+++").

Often, one tag might not have all the posts it should, and some other tag has other relevant posts. Or, you might be looking for a word under the tag-cluster, environment -, when that word hasn't been filed there (yet). (For example, dates are currently divided between being alone, near the top of the page, or being filed under, history -).

So, the thing to do is to search my entire tag page for the word(s) you want. This is a really efficient tool for research.

Firefox has a word-search option. Just hit F3. (I have found that, before closing this option, it is best to erase whatever word is in it, otherwise it won't work correctly later). I am sure that Chrome, Explorer, etc., also have this search option, but I don't know.

If you'd like to find my actual definition of one of my terms, then go to the top of the page, and see the terms that are in quotation marks. (More posts using these terms are located under normal tags throughout the page). For example, "conspiracy" is a tag which defines "conspiracy", but there are several tags below which use that concept, such as:

conspiracies - the counter-conspiracy
conspiracy - nature of
conspiracy dynamics
conspiracy questions
conspiracy series
conspiracy theories
conspiracy theorists
economy - conspiracies
history - usa conspiracies
politics - counter-conspiracy

You can also find more terms and definitions at:

my terms - http://madman101.livejournal.com/tag/my%20terms

definitions - http://madman101.livejournal.com/tag/definitions

There is overlap and duplication in my tags. This is often deliberate, to facilitate searching. For example, see the two above, followed by asterisks. (Sometimes, I have no choice but to duplicate. Sometimes it is a mistake).

Near the top of the page, are tags like this: -posted to indie_lifestyle. That means that all of that tag's posts are available to be seen by the community, indie_lifestyle. So, every once in a while, I go to the community, and post this link for them. However, you can follow them too, just for the content, which is broader than most tags.

See that there are two other "indie_lifestyle" tags? These are mistakes. Because I can no longer access my, "edit tags," page, I cannot remove these mistakes presently. There are a lot of tags that show a ZERO for number-of-entries, and these are regrettable mistakes as well.

As time goes by, I try to organise my tags better. But my tags will be forever incomplete. Nevertheless, they are often great for research or curiosity, whether the interest is animals, music, economics, the economy, food, geology, psychology, etc. They provide complete strangers endless hours of pleasure and nefarious spying. I am currently arranging to have my tombstone engraved with my complete list of tags.

You only see the tags from the LJ screens/groups you are in, e.g., Public, Friends-only, Psychology, Elite friends, etc. Although I don't do a lot of screens lately, I will again. I sometimes go back and reduce some posts to some limitted screens. So, the more groups you belong to, the more tags you see - and the more of my posts may fill up your friends page. If you want to choose your groups, go here - http://madman101.livejournal.com/815092.html?nc=59#comments

My tags are HERE.

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