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cheers - sunshine rainbow


Posted on 2015.08.25 at 23:14
Musique actuelle: Death Cab for Cutie, "What Sarah Said."
This post has lots of good points, and may actually be worth wading through for some of you foolhardy souls.

The Asian markets again dropped overnight. China was down another 4%. As I said in my last econ post, there would surely be attempts to bring the USA stock market under control by Tuesday. Well, before the market even opened this morning, Wall Street was up about 550 points, after being down about 550 points yesterday - like magic! How the heck does that happen?! It was through the intervention of the divine, "plunge protection team."

And, global investors were taking their money out of the falling Asian markets, and putting it in USA Wall Street, futures, and bonds. This is called a, "flight to safety."

A funny thing is this: As you know, China, Russia and India have been buying up gold, (and silver), like rapacious heathens. Why? Because they know that the global economy shall continue to go south, as the USA dollar will falls. The dollar is the world reserve currency. So, to protect themselves, these countries are buying gold to give their own currencies some REAL backing, whereas they had previously been related to the dollar, which is based on NOTHING, (nothing military and covert intelligence coercion).

Consequently, there is less and less gold, (and silver), in the world to buy. That is why you can't just walk down to the coin store and buy some. You have to put down you money and wait, (unless you are lucky). (The wait on USA silver eagles is 5 weeks). Well, you would think that the price of gold, (and silver), would have shot through the roof, because of its decreasing availability. But, instead, the prices are gradually dropping. Why is this?

This is because banks and investment agents are offering gold, (and silver), to be traded on the futures/commodities markets, (as well as mines, on Wall Street). However, they are drawing up paper contracts, which promise delivery of gold, when the investors call back their investment, which promise everyone WAY more gold than they actually possess. That is, there are WAY more of these tradable gold notes than there is actual gold. The ratio is about 100 pieces of paper for every unit of gold. So, if 100 people run in and demand that their gold be given to them, the banks, (etc.), cannot deliver. This is a gold bubble, based on PAPER.

But, in reality, actual gold is 100x less available than the traded paper notes promise. So, the price of REAL gold is being held down because the PAPER gold is is big cheap LIE. This hyper-fractional-reserve investment game is not merely lucrative to the banks, (etc.), in the short term, until there is a run on gold: It is is DELIBERATE, at the behest of the USA government, which is itself steered by the big banks and corporations. Why? Because, in keeping the price of real gold down, (with other commodities), it helps keep the relative value of the USA dollar up.

As the blood-for-oil stragedy of the USA reserve dollar gradually begins to fail itself, by ultimately damaging the robust global economy, it becomes more and more obvious that its value is far less than it pretends to be. The king has no clothes. So, behind the curtain, there is a conspiracy of manipulating the relative price of gold down, to prop the failing USA dollar up. Should the wider USA public ever discern what China, and Russia and India already know, then the USA dollar will crash.

The dollar has been in a bubble called arrogance.

In addition to this semi-legal manipulation of gold, there has been pronounced short-selling of gold (paper) on the markets, by Chase, Gold-in-Sachs, &c., to serve the same purpose. (City Group, Goldman Sachs, etc., btw, recently bought up a hoard of precious metals for themselves, because they know what is going on. They know what is coming because they have been instigating what is coming, including war).

And, importantly, by keeping the price of real gold down, the big banks and corporations in-the-know are able to buy gold up CHEAP, when they know its value is sure to skyrocket in the future.

So, all this has been leading smaller investors around by the nose. They see that the price of gold has been low, despite crises, and so they don't see the point of investing in it. Instead, they look at gold not as SAFE MONEY, but only as a COMMODITY. Gold is only partly a commodity - it is more, in reality, a true money, not paper. Like bitcoin, and unlike the USA dollar, or other paper, it is based on its real SCARCITY. More than these, gold is also based on its beauty and its perennial resistance to corrosion and rust. (Gold also has almost unearthly electrical properties).

However, USA investors are seeing gold as a mere commodity, like wheat and corn. So they assume gold's price SHOULD go down during depressed times, when trade drops, and when other commodities fall. So, the funny thing is this:

Although there is a flight to safety on the global trading and investment markets, nobody is fleeing to gold. Apart from those who hold the 100x inflated gold paper/ certificates, nobody is putting their money into a money as true as the sun. Instead, everyone keeps running around, desperate for arithmetically increasing profits, putting their money in Apple - then out of Apple - then in China - then out of China. And where does it often end up? What are the safest bets on the world market today? Ironically, they are USA treasury bonds, and the USA dollar.

The UK markets have been down by 12% for the year. That is why they have only fallen a few points during this global crash. Germany and France have only been down a few points for the year, (as the Euro has been treading water), and so they have crashed much farther down, in the last few days. Like the UK, Japan has been deeply down for the year, and so has fallen less in the last few days. Everyone is evening out, though. It's a global fall, (even as countries compete for dwindling trade, by devaluing their currencies - by printing more money).

The decline of other economies has been the main thing which has been sustaining the apparent viability of the CENTRE, i.e., the USA economy. (But we see how the BRIIC countries are cautiously vying to become the new global center, and reserve currency). This won't last forever.

Global investors, who want to keep their pace of profits up, (due to greed, inflation, competition and their extended commitments), and who want to keep their money from being TAXED so much, are in a permanent state of jitters, running around, looking for shelters. (The big ones find shelter in corruption, but still invest, often to manipulate the markets). While the economies of other countries are dropping because of this, or because of the relatively high USA dollars, or because of the destruction of USA funded wars, investments go to the USA bonds and dollar.

This safety is becoming more and more tenuous, more and more a short-term fix. And, so, off the money goes again to other places. It's a crazy game of hopscotch, or whack-a-mole - an addiction - and a craving to keep up past dreams and expectations.

This is the same fundamental phenomenon as the banks finding less and less places to put their capital. There is less and less vision of a REAL future(s) in which to invest. Meanwhile, they have more loans out, as to Greece, than they can possibly cover, (just like 100x more paper promises than gold on hand). All the countries, (and their corps), are caught in a web of debt to each other, bringing everyone slowly down together - while the reactive stock markets become frenetic.

The "asset" of capital which the banks seek to invest, in big prizes with big short-term pay-offs, are a FAIL, because they are based on OTHER loans which largely cannot be repaid. And so, the capital itself is a lie.

It was a Ponsi scheme.

While the big banks and mega-corps are only in bed with with big investors and big government, siphoning the phantom of capital up, and away into risky failures - away from the people, their labour, and their robust economies - they are more and more dominated by corruption.

The world is caught in a debt-based economy, centred on the USA dollar. The prime example of this is that, every time the USA government tries to artificially stimulate its economy through 'printing' more dollars, (QE), it goes deeper and deeper into debt to the Fed, China, etc. The central country is on the verge of bankruptcy and default. The dollars floating around, the capital for investors and borrowers, is false, based on paper, and the coercions of indebtedness and force. That is no substitute for true CONFIDENCE, or for true TRUST. It is a nowhere game - a money sink. A lie.

What happens when the economy is based on debts which are called, "assets"; on manipulations which are trusted in; on government stats which are deceptive; on a GDP which includes destruction as productiveness; on a global military which eats up over 50 cents of every tax dollar; on arms production which only puts $ and people into the ground, and on a dollar which is based not on trust but on force? Corruption happens. It is only natural that, as capital divorces from reality, those dealing in it, near the top, more and more rationalise obtaining and using it in ways contrary to real productivity.

Ergo, QE. Ergo, "too big to fail." Ergo, derivatives. Ergo, abuse of privacy. Ergo, divide-and-conquer. Ergo, corporate welfare. Ergo, puppet politicians. Ergo, corporate media lies.

And: Corporate mergers, overdraft fees, GMO food, vulture capitalism, crisis capitalism, crony capitalism...

And: Manipulation of LIBOR rates, currency rates, gold markets, Wall Street plunges, public perceptions...

And: Profitting from money-laundering, gun-running, drug-running, mortgage fraud, student loan fraud, sex-trafficking, the police state, wars...

And: suicidings, knock-offs, assassinations, false-flag terriblism, covert military and cyber attacks...

And: The wide imposition of, "austerity" capital controls and poverty - stealing jobs, pensions, 401Ks, savings accounts, property, and lives, (and gold fillings).

This is what happened last time, when big, dysfunctional banks, and their corporations, buddied up with big, dysfunctional government(s), turning from enticing consumers, to forcing people, to go to war for their greed.

Simultaneously, there went the jobs to China. And in came the law and order. And dis-ease.

There is no doubt that these flames of corporatist corruption greatly continue from the bank-supported NAZIism, and anti-communism, of Hitler's Germany. Tens of thousands of forgiven NAZIs moved on to build this architecture of destruction in the 1940s, based in the USA, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Antarctica, etc., with corporate board members sharing seats on various mega-corps, sitting in seats of government, and bribing and threatening presidents and members of congress. (I am not even mentioning their think tanks and foundations). These are the schemes of the, "Chicago School," which originated from Austrian economics, raiding and plundering countries in South America, the Middle East, Europe, and now the USA.

Simultaneously, there went the order. And in came the entropy. The fire, and its dark side. (Btw - look straight-on at Cheney, Rumsfeld, Graham, Feinstein and McCain. They are American, corporatist NAZIs. Brought to you by the corporate structure, the Bush dynasty, the Dulles, the Kochs, Nixon, and major politicians, right AND LEFT).

This corruption is a natural correlation of the divorce of capital from reality. It is a snowballing, self-feeding loop. Big science, big pharma, big med, big ag, big investment, big war - all based on corrupted research and politics.

The globe-trotting of market investors somewhat mirrors the activity of banks giving out loans or credit, more and more moving out of lending in the USA, (except for into giant mega-corps), and into investing in faster growing corporations and countries, such as the BRIICS. Note that most major, "USA," corporations no longer service USA customers, jobs, or taxes. Instead, they are now GLOBAL corporations, with no allegiances to the USA. They are solely interesting in making as much money as soon as possible, all else be damned. This selfish Darwinism is the natural outgrowth of naive Ayn-Randian economic libertarianism, (as claimed by Bernie Sanders), except where the giant corporations and banks are receiving "socialist" or military support and money from government(s), (as claimed by Trump and others). Both are true. Yet far left and far right are unfortunately divided, according to the apparent contradiction.

Now that China seems to be crashing, (as predicted), bank capital is pulling out, and searching for anything shiny. It is possible that some capital, (and investments), will edge a bit back into the USA. (This would mean that loans would become more available to the, "smaller Americans"). This won't last long, as the contest between China and the USA, (and their corporations), becomes more militant, both vying for global dominance. But, the main thing is, the global system(s) is moving more towards instability and diffusion.

What is happening is that, globally, more and more money is being shovelled to the top, while less opportunity is being allowed to the greater mass of humanity. Indeed, the game is to exploit the greater mass, as few and fewer dynamic loan and investment opportunities are thought to be available to the big banks, etc. And, more and more of the capital is being thrown away, at the top, on ridiculous, bad risks, like derivatives. Gambling on insecure securities is a vampiring away of society's wealth, opportunities and labour. To feed this addiction, more FALSE capital is produced. Funny money. It is handed out at the top, and denied to others, who nevertheless pay taxes to support it all.

War, btw, is the ultimate bad risk, and it becomes a-greed upon by those at the top, who feel no other recourse for themselves. Their whole game, all along, has been to promise one thing and deliver something different. To say one thing and do another. To lie, cheat and steal. Therefore, to continue to lead the masses by the nose, they brandish lofty moral absolutes, as they ready the war, in collusion. War is the anti-future. It is the ultimate failed loan, the ultimate loss of credit, the ultimate flight of trust: EXCEPT FOR THE ELITES

Shovelling money to the top - to the top global banks, corporations, families, syndicates and armies - means money is largely fleeing the USA. Globalism has been eating away our wealth. Despite the fact that Treasury Bond interest rates have been held low for a perversely long time, supposedly to, "stimulate investment," the small-business USA economy finds it difficult to borrow! Why? Because big banks feel such queasiness over their false capital, that they only want to loan out where the return, for them, is at a higher rate: In faster growing economies.

Now, those economies are faltering as well, and the banks are in a state of peril. If they can't keep the pace of lending, and reaping profit, up, then they become exposed as having VANISHED "assets," meaning they may collapse. In fact, as in the case of Greece, they feel better if their extended loans do NOT default, but are instead reserviced, or considered, "non-producing." They NEED Greece to keep owing and never really paying up! They NEED the USA to keep printing QE money, and so going into mega-debt!

It is an impossible house of cards, and that is the reality that everyone is running from. The future has become non-producing! The only people who benefit from all this are the cut-throat defenders of the Status Quo, though most of it is crumbling fast. It's like: Who would benefit from a possible nuclear war? Those in their bunkers who start it first. THAT is the mentality. It is massive denial, and massive inhumanity. The currency of the day. The money of desperation. Calling itself god.

In the USA, the rising tide of the poor versus the ever-more-paranoid rich is mainly caused by this funnelling of money to the top, and out of the country. This process is facilitated by false promises, deceptions and coercions. Everyone identifies with the populist billionaires, like Trump, Buffet, Soros, Bloomberg, the Clintons, the Bush's - so much so that they dumbly can elect no one else. As a self-defensive habit, and as an offensive strategy, the rich can scarcely get to where they are, without saying one thing and doing another. Many of them are clever psychopaths who are DEPENDENT upon the public's gullibility - its TRUST that they do not mean harm, that they do not conspire, that they are just plain good people. Well, like the Man says, it is virtually impossible to have GOOD and RICH in the same place. GOOD is a fantasy of life, and RICH thrives on the ultimate prospect of death.

Lawyers and politicians are the handmaids to the rich, and refine their practice of DUPLICITY to an art. They preserve the Status Quo, upon which the rich are dependent, even as they use it to destroy people, and countries. For example, they are invested in BIG OIL, and look where that has led us. All along the way, the public is given slogans and morals and judgements and blame-placing and promises and multiple reasons why we should help them do this or that, such as go into Iraq, or Iran, or Libya.

They act like they are just casually coming by these issues, like you or I, even though they have spent decades mapping out their destructive, profiteering war plans. But, "A thousand points of light," has become a thousand point drop on Wall Street, and thousands more homeless, and billions in worse poverty and abuse. Or - how about that promise of a, "Peace dividend," after the fall of the USSR? Or, what ever happened to Reagan's, "City on a hill" - ???

Lawyers learn to take both sides, selecting either depending on who is paying them. Politicians say anything to get elected, as long as it is scripted. Police often put on airs of moral correctness, only to show themselves as ruthlessly protecting the gated elites and banks. The duplicity of CORRUPTION, noted above, is parallel to a duplicity in the economy, and society. And, there is a psychology of ambiguation of values within individuals and groups, where divided, (identity-politics) values and allegiances, discussed in my other posts, which leaves society tense and gelatinised, more susceptible to lies from on high. You had better believe that such pulverising of the social psyche has been a major study and effort of intelligence agencies.

Well, just as there is duplicity in a dysfunctionalising society, there is duplicity in the economy, such as a low price of gold despite crises; such as low interest rates yet little internal lending; such as banks chock-full of anti-productive corruption; such as acts of war committed during peace talks; such as whistle-blowers being persecuted even if they benefit society, and so on.

Everybody talks about the problems of inflation, or of deflation. But the main problem we are having, as wealth evapourates into high pockets, and space weapons, is the problem of conflation.

This whole system is so rigour-mortified that the great danger from China is that it will next pull in its loans to the USA, (as purchased bonds). This will cause USA interest rates to be raised, which will then cause havoc on the LIBOR rate, and cause a run on derivatives, where the world will then be short COUNTLESS TRILLIONS more than the wealth it has available. Gordon Brown's assistant, Damien McBride has warned that this next global crash will be 20x worse than the crash of 2008.

And, at 100x-to-1, the value of gold could then, theoretically, rise by a factor of 100. Let's see... What is $1200 times 100? $120,000 an ounce. I'm sure it won't go that far - but it's going to go high. Concurrently, USA dollars will be rushing in from overseas, leading to hyperinflation. This process will be the crash of the dollar, which may additionally be deliberately devalued by the USA government, as is the method.

This was the method in Zimbabwe, in Argentina, and in sacrosanct Wiemar Germany. What I have called, "Expendancy." It can and will happen here. The petro-dollar machine's fugue of destabalising Syria, and Ukraine, and Egypt, and Libya, and Argentina, and Greece, etc., rationalised by the Milton Friedman Chicago School, and sponsored by the I.M.F., is coming this way. Because it easier for the bastard elite to BREAK things than it is to BUILD things, and profit by this control of futures. It's disgusting. But very, very real.

"Follow me into the Monkey House," they advertise, when they intend to feed like lions. What dupes the people be, hoping against hope, putting faith in false authority merely because it can kill, in its mad dance of vain narcissism, as if it were a giant Sundae at the end of a desert, when all it really is, is a blind devotion to the great god, Placebo, (Guardian of the Dark Future).

It is the public who conflates Wall Street success with imaginary personal future success. It is the public who conflate ball-game like pettiness and gossip with real power. The promises made by billionaire politicians are conflated with honesty, even when, over and over again such politicians turn around and do the opposite, to serve the rich/ corporations. Prime example, Scott Walker, Governor of Wisconsin. Donald Trump is happy to describe how untrustworthy and duplicitous he has been in the past, donating to the political campaigns of bth parties, and everyone cheers, "Oh, boy, I can't wait 'til he gets in and changes that!"

"Yes, we can really trust him. See how outraged he is at his own duplicity!"

(Finally, a rich person who is good! - jk... Actually, he seems to be in the race as a favour to his nefarious buddies, the Clintons, in order to break up the GOP).

Permitted by our conflations, the corruptions in politics, and in justice, and in the economy, further distance the poor from the rich, the poor from their property, the poor from their rights. By poor, I also ESPECIALLY mean the middle class, who fancy themselves as future rich people, in a country that can do no wrong, oddly. Give it up for America! Damn those demonic ISIS actors! They are the reason you are debtors prison! Give up your taxes! Give up your CDs! Give up your Dreams!

So, duplicity is but one way the corporate and military rich increase their power. They also do it by manipulating groups to hate and fight each other. They manipulate the corporate media, where half of the talking heads seem to be former Generals. They instill fear of the next terriblist attacks, and they construct such attacks. They make threats against politicians prior to upcoming votes, and make examples by suiciding doctors, banksters, whistle-blowers, family members, etc.

They make a game of trouncing social moral values - (and, you know, I might make a separate post of this one). In this, they are so often anti-Christian, or naturally, "running from the sun." They incite blame and xenophobia, promising jobs but persecuting the jobless, the homeless, the downtrodden, women, transsexuals, China, whatever it takes. Yet, their presence in office only worsens unemployment, etc., while they end up getting caught with homosexuals in bathroom stalls.

One other, major way that the rich and their shills and cronies increase their power, (other than through covert corruption), is by creating problems, and then offering themselves as the solution to these problems. We do not know the extend to which terriblism has been faked, constructed as a means of empowering the expansion of the National Insecurity State. But we can safely say that it has been large.

We do know that USA rogue agencies and agents have funded and supported Al Qaeda, ISIS, rebels in the Ukraine, aggitators in Ferguson, and so on. It is probable that countless false flags events have been constructed, including 9/11, to instill fear, and push votes through congress. And, salient events have been constructed, supported by the media, in order to divert attention, allowing votes to go through, or battles to be waged, or crimes to be committed or forgiven, etc.

Ironically, these destabilisations, inviting control, often end up damaging the economy, when they are sometimes meant to stabilise it. On the other hand, they are often meant to destabilise, for the benefit of select corporate marauders. But, the main thing is that many of these moves are meant to put the public in the palm of the control of big government, which is largely a corpse, parasited by big corporations... (Not that there are good people and good agencies and good programmes in government as well, there are!)

[Of course, there are the real economic and guerrilla tactics used to advance power, such as blowing up airplanes, or political rivals, or buildings or towns].

Some examples of the creation of problems, allowing corporations to come in with solutions, under the power of corporatist, (fascist), government? Monsanto. Lace the food supply, so that farmers and consumers have no choice but to buy their copyrighted seeds, supported by highly duplicitous GMO anti-labelling legislation.

RoundUp. Say there is a need to kill all weeds with a chemical which is "harmless" to humans, which is a lie, then lace corn, etc., with RoundUp-ready genes so the corn does not die from the chemical, but the weeds and ground will. More RoundUp ends up in food, and people end up being treated for chronic digestive and immune system problems.

Vaccines. Create a measles crisis, etc., then compel people to have no choice in the control of their bodies, through widespread, mandatory vaccinations. Then, people may become chronically ill, as a reaction to multiple vacinations, to mercury, to aluminum, to accelerants, to additional viruses and fragments, and to a chronic revving-up of their immune systems, provoking auto-immune and pathogenic disruptions, (as has happened to me after a chemical poisoning, which may have been ROUNDUP, btw). Thereafter, the allopathic medical-insurance establishment can make a fortune, treating these chronically ill people for life.

Provocateurs. Incite violence at OCCUPY, Peace, Teabagger, G8, or political protests, rationalising bringing in tear gas, tasers, rubber bullets, heavy armaments, etc.

Gun Abuse. Stage a mass shooting prior to incremental legislation promoting gun control. Fearful liberals become the most enthusiastic and trusting, even though there has been a pattern of dismantling gun ownership, prior to military take-over.

Race. Promote racial incidents in the media, and through paid instigators, and then bring in the Justice Department and militarisation of police as solutions. Further, this, like the topics of immigration, or abortion, or women's rights, garners votes for either political pole, left or right.

Privacy. Launch cyber and terriblist attacks to warrant the invasion of personal privacy.

Unfair trade. Claim that the loss of jobs is due to restricted trade, when it is the opposite, then proceed to pass NAFTA, GATT, SHAFTA, TPP, etc., largely in secret corporate conspiracy.

Blame. Blame the enemy. Blame any enemy. Get money paid to you to start a war as the solution.

There are countless examples of this very human method of control, [contrived, "problem," calls for $pecial, "$olution"], which naturally becomes a conspiracy in dysfunctionalising corporate $tates. Just think of the rationalisations for heroically going to war with Spain, with Japan, with Iraq, with Iran - all enabled by contrived false-flag events. More and more, false-flag problem-solution becomes a means by which governments are protecting select mega-corporations, doing their bidding. "THE THIRD WAY."

Perhaps you have examples of this very confining habit. I have seen it rampant in my family. I have seen a relative reduce his son to tears by tampering with a toy, shouting to the son that he was not, "doing it right," to then say, proudly, "OK, alllllright, I will fix it for you! Here..." Makes my skin crawl.

But, such bad habits of the heart are what motivate idiots to study to become professionals, and what motivate professionals to destroy the planet: Shifting blame, saying one thing and doing another, conflating causations and correlations, (making false promises, undercutting rivals, gossipping, ass-kissing, suiciding), all to cover up guilt, and to further permit insatiable greed, control and denial. Then of course, this: Well, if there IS global warming, we didn't cause it! Let, "the free market," be the solution!

What motivates human activity? It is largely the will to outfox entropy. To make decisions advancing food, profit, desire, genes, popularity, etc., all as a way to get around disorder and impending, anxiety-provoking stressors and dangers. However, through, "paradoxical learning," many people, like flies, don't know when to stop, and develop this motivation into corrupt practices, addictions and pathologies. This is certainly more true for people who lose empathy: haters, revengers, psychopaths, killers, autonomes*.

As money flows into corporations, and CEOs' pockets and yachts, there is no stopping some people, and the money is diverted into extravagant and destructive pursuits, (and away from taxes). Where some people spend all their time just getting past entropy, trying to stay alive, corpopaths* revel in creating entropy for others. They brandish the weapons, words and logics of death, putting ends before means, and self before others. This is counter-rational, except, in the case of the exploitative rich, profit can be made through destruction and control.

Destruction for society, but profit for the corpocrats*, includes practices of rigging the stock and commodities markets. It involves insider trading. It involves bribes, false investment, coercion, and other forms of economic corruption. This turns social morality upside down, in a fight to support and advance their threatened Status/ Quo.

This is corruption by humans, but as a function of corrupting economic institutions and forces. Sending investment money hopscotching around the globe, just to balloon profit as much as possible, is a kind of corruption, both human and corporate. It betrays the country-folks from which corporations were originally chartered, sending their wealth and jobs overseas. The rule that, "corporations have a duty to their shareholders to maximise profit," is a false truism. Corporations were originally born to assist and advance the welfare of their societies! Stockholders do not represent these societies, especially now that they have globalised.

Corporations do not trump people. Corrupt laws freeing up corporations to do so have been part of the plan all along, and must be corrected.

Market-hopping across the globe is a kind of cheating - a panicky hyper-competition which never stops to think, but only runs from bubble to bubble, amplifying the future crashes. We must remember that money may be a tool, but it is based on trust and cooperation. On shared values and plans. That's where money comes from: Society. The further corporations go on, cheating at the money game, cheating other players, and all of society, then the more likely it becomes that the economy will collapse. Cheating violates the very foundation of the common economy.

Another way of corporate cheating, underlining this point, is the callous foisting off of pollution, and other externalities, upon the environment, upon which the wider society chokes and falls ill, paying taxes for its own demise. Similarly, roads, bridges, police protection, utilities, laws of order, tax write-offs, free advertising, Chamber of Commerce support, political favours - these all serve the expansion of corporations, which corporations usually use FOR FREE, leaving society to pick up the tab. In essence, corporations are intrinsically dysfunction. Ultimately, they opt to become welfare queens and dominatrices.

Able to protect the liability of officers, owners, etc., corporations can provide an insulated conduit for personal cheating. Some of these practices are legal, others are illegal. But, when all is said and done, corporations are instruments for power, and power is the ablity to lie, or to force, and get away with it. Therefore, corporations are, from the start, foundations for cheating.

The flaw of rampant, reckless, unregulated, dysfunction capitalism exists at the ground floor. When corporations grow too large and dysfunctional, less and less responsive to society, they more and more invest in cheating society. Just look at who supported war puppet, John McCain, in the last election: Kenneth Ableman(sp?), Nevada don of gambling casinos and shady business deal in Asia. And, look at the guy who runs with nefarious sleaze, Donald Trump, doling out money to both parties, and running errand for his nefarious friends, the Clintons. It was Bill Clinton who brought us NAFTA, and corporate deregulation, and crimes in Arkansas and Oklahoma.

Don't be too surprised that Trump seems to be running as a favour to Hillary, btw. Before Ross Perot ran for office, he lunched regularly with Bill Clinton, his Tex-Arkana buddie from just across the state line, in Hope. Perot went on to divide the GOP, then dropped out in mid-stream, and thus got Bill Clinton elected. So, these are the tricks these people play, in their service to the money of craporations*. (You would think they would be ashamed, running from the light of day, as Mike Huckabee, the other candidate from Hope, might insist. This makes me wonder how decent Huckabee really is, underneath all his moralising rhetoric).

I haven't even disgust the collusive Bush's, Cheney, and so on. They are all in the same game, and put on their left-vs-right robes as a distraction for the divided people. Yes, they get their social issues advanced. I'm not talking about what's in FRONT of the curtain. I'm talking about real bread and butter here.

In order to push money through Wall Street, and across the world markets, corporations cut corners, so to speak. To save the tiniest bit of time, hundreds of corporations have moved their trading computers right into the basement of the New York Stock Exchange. Why? To cut the transit time through cables down to an absolute minimum. Such is the competition. But, these corporations have a split-second advantage over corporations in other cities, and can run their 'bids' before them in time. That means that, unless a room in Chicago is rigged up via a 900-mile-long laser to NYC, computers in Chicago will lose out.

So what? On a very upper level, this represents the separation of the advantaged from the disadvantaged: The rich mega-corps from the poorer rookie corporations, limping along. At the speed of light. This also represents humanity's gone-obsessive drive to outrun entropy, heat-death, thermodynamic reality. It is as if these quants are shrinking down to the size of atoms, and accelerating like photons, just to make an extra million dollars for their overlords. Just like science, in other ways, we are reducing reality to polarity, even at a quantum level.

Is this not some kind of desperate flight?

All the little quants stuck in the basement of the NYSE are guaranteed as much equality as possible: The length of each of their computer cables IS EXACTLY THE SAME. That's nice, there is fairness in this upper sanctum sanctorum. But what about the traders in other cities? What about the corporations in other countries? What about the little guys, with their mutual funds and 401Ks, and such?

What about all the poor people in Bangladesh who barely have food, much less computers?

Do you see? This is a crazy race which accelerates the enrichment of the rich, and the impoverishment of the others. It is the tip of the iceberg of world wealth inequality. Yes, it is fascinating, like the promises of the emerald city were fascinating to immigrating workers.

But OUR BIG CONFLATION is that this dream, led by a handful of masters, shall become available to you and me. No. It never will. There is a vast, concerted effort to see that others never catch up. In order to execute this operation, the rich promise, and lie, and cheat, at the expense of society... Often to the detriment of society, in multifarious ways.

"Cutting corners," is tantamount to CHEATING.

It is little different than foisting off secondary costs, or unduly receiving benefits from the commons, paid for by the commoners.

Yes, there is always going to be some grief, strife or AHIMSA, dealt out to the huddling mass of misfortunate people, while others are lucky, (gloating like bastards about their superiority). A little rain must fall. But that is different than the fact that so many corporations and families, perhaps behind their cloaks of philanthropy, make life much worse for people, in their pursuit of money and power. They play unfairness like their lives depended on it. And, should the people ever get wise, they do.

And, look at the military-corporate-intelligence complex. They have been receiving trillions of dollars for hidden black ops, hiding advanced technologies from the taxpayers for decades, some of which they are now using in this very threshold of World War Three. I'm serious. This war juggernaut, like so many police, serves the rich before it ever serves society or its land. As corporations flee national borders, you will see wars follow, and see our borders open up to destroyers, "friend," or, "foe," who knows?

And, supposedly, it is a dream of many of the elite to use advancing technologies to extend lifespan, to merge with computers, and to euthanize the populace.

Realise, of course, that I am highlighting the problem side of things. Because some people have to do this.

There are other ways for corporations to cheat, legally and illegally, getting their money moved through the markets. They grease palms. They spy to find insider intelligence and predictions. They lie about their profits. They short-sell when the markets drop. They dump stock. They get out near the end of a bubble, while everyone after them get stuck with a lower value on the stock. Conversely, they build up bubbles. They make misleading offerings. They sprout dummy corporations. They hide money. They push doomed investments. Etc.

Stock, and related, trading is a non-stop affair around the globe, 24/7. There are many different stock markets to use, and many more places in which to park investments. For many, this is merely an endless shell game of moving digital money, which never really rests, or returns to Earth. Not only has the quantity of trading increased, so has the speed and the computerisation. Now, there are computers trading according to software programmes, with no humans involved. They make massive amounts of tiny trades every millisecond, automatically. This is enough to make some extra money, playing a mathematical game, rather than treating money as a form of social trust or confidence.

Automatic computer mass-trading is the logical conclusion of moneyism*, where money is so much a thing unto itself, that is devoid of human will. Such trades can accidentally conspire to lock together and bring markets flash-crashing down very quickly. They are also responsible for feeding the feed-back loops of irresponsible bubbles. They are not regulated. Although they can create problems for the economy, and society, they do give an advantage to their owners, just like the basement of the NYSE, discussed above.

If these are not regulated to serve social will and welfare, they will eventually be the spearhead of the AI revolution which prominent societies have said will threaten the existence of the human species.

The main point is that, lightning-fast, mass,"micro-trading," is one more example of how corporate traders cheat, gaining advantage over all others - for what? For a bit, for a billion, for a bust.

Another point is this: Look at this sub-atomic-scale, fast-as-light trading. How relevant is it, anymore, to human reality? It supersedes, and surpasses human reality. It helps create an unstoppable dynamo of rises and falls, becoming a kind of heat, melting down real economics. It surpasses governments, and plunge-protection teams. It divorces and diffuses the why or when of investments, and leaves societies subservient to its precisely calculated, yet tragically haphazard, whims.

Is this not the same old story? Those with the means, (or the 'gold'), set the rules for everyone else. They set the standard, which everyone must follow, emulate, and compete with. What a tragic call to economic arms, dictated by mindless machines. In this way, the game of power is made a kind of irresistible divinity.

The existential pursuit of order over entropy becomes a moral hazard, in collective action, to the common and willful pursuits of individual humans, and societies. They become crowded out like workers by robots. and, verily, is this not the prevailing agenda of global mega-corps? I tell you, these phenomena, these conspiracies, are more than human corruptions. They are mechanisms of reality itself. And so, this is one way how greed is married to economics, and conspiracy to physics.

And so, these latest crashes should not be wasted again on blame-placing, and forgetting history. They should not be fodder for the wars beginning. They should be a clarion call to ethical people to build new social and economic systems.

Instead, we are running from the sun.

Money is choice. Because money is an amalgam of numerous activities and trades - i.e., because it represents "trust" in general - it so offers a multitude of possible opportunities, and routes. Money once built by honesty and fairness is the same money that can be diverted into selfish destructions.

"Do things, do things, do things - good things, with it."

"Do things, do things, do things - bad things, with it."

Without social morality, and legal regulations, money is no longer a social hedge against entropy, but is inevitably made into a tool of entropy, profitting the mere handful who brandish it so.

So, have we not seen money dutifully perform this transition? Has not the, "greed-is-good," ethic, Reaganomics, naive libertarianism, and the Chicago school elevated moneyism into a religion, such that the sure all ills is to print more money - not for the people but for the global mega-corps - while money is grounded not on gold or morals, but on immaginary air, in the bellows of war. Capital has become decapitated from reality: from labourers, from consumers, from voters. It is rapidly becoming controlled by the zombie head of automatic, habitual corruption. It invested and festering in 2,000 trillions of dollars worth of derivatives, which are impossible to cover when they crash.

Money is conspiracy.

TAHT is why the global economy is crashing.

This is, to any observant human, doom.

Let's look at the simplest picture. Since 1913, then 1947, then 1971, the dollar has been detaching from reality, while the National Insecurity State, and its NAZI, corporate, military complex, has been replacing public WILL with CONTROL. A handful of mega-corps benefitted from this. To further gratify these globalising corporations, NAFTA, GATT, and special trade status for China, were created.

Among other things, these, and other deregulations, allowed big corporations to move overseas where labour was dirt-cheap, and evade USA taxes, fees, laws, and environmental regulations. This great migratory rush into China, (etc.), is what BUILT China. When we refer to China, we are referring to three things:

1 - The "communist," (statist), government.
2 - The immigrated, globalised corporations, which benefits and often works with the government.
3 - The Chinese people, caught in a vice in between.

It is difficult to point fingers at, "China," without pointing fingers at the, "USA", which was corporate China's Dr. Frankenstein. But as economies worsen, people will be encouraged to point fingers, and guns, you can be sure.

Thus proceeded a great sucking sound, of jobs to China, and to Mexico, and to Vietnam. The TPP is continuing this flight of jobs, although it purports to be an economic move against, "China," i.e., (against the USA globalised mega-corps).

Millions of jobs were lost in the USA. After some decades of reckless spending on credit, (which we, and Goldman Sachs, propagated to Greece, Spain, Italy, Cyprus, etc., for which they are now paying dearly), consumers in the USA stopped spending money. One reason for this was that the big banks were sending their credit to people and companies in China.

Therefore, Americans reduced their consumption, which is everywhere evident in retail, etc., closures, including McDonalds and WALMART. There was a simultaneous, "flight to quality," where people stopped buying GMOS, and toxic toys from China, and poisonous dog chews, and fast food, and stuff at WalMart. In its troubles, WalMart, so full of cheap goods from China, was a harbinger of the coming Chinese crash.

Without jobs, and credit, people stopped buying, (especially crappy stuff). Without Americans buying, corporations in China were no longer to sell and export their goods. This lead to an internal slowdown, which lead to the Chinese stock market crashes of over 33%. This lead to partly counterproductive moves by the Chinese government, including further devaluing the Yuan, to invite trade, and so exports. The lowering of the Yuan scared world traders, and so a global stock meltdown proceeded.

The present global meltdown is due to a methodical destruction of labour in the USA, which has been underway for many decades.

We once had a good thing going, making goods in the USA, buying these goods, investing back into the USA. But, by "exporting jobs" overseas, we lost the foundation of trust in our economy, and so the undergirdings of our money. The jobs were picked up in China, intent upon hyper-development, without safeguards and networks. However, starting with a cheap, almost infinite working class, the subsequent development of the Chinese middle class was irrational, and still colonial. Many Chinese jumped from poverty to investing in new houses in which no one would live. They lost their investments, and the real estate market declined.

Now, there is the danger of "China" pulling some of its bonds, leading to a crash of the dollar. And, covert military war seems to have already begun.

That is the consequence of exporting the corporation game, replacing American independence with a codependence between, "China," and the, "USA," and so the world. That is the consequence of severing trust. That is the consequence of the decapitated dollar, and its mileau of hyper-moneyism. That is the consequence of globalised, unfair trade. Many knew better, but greed prevailed.

Now, we live in a world of blood for oil, and all that.

OK - I want to back-track to the thoughts above, concerning money. I intended to connect this to further discussion about the nature of corporations...

Remember that money affords choice, even if it is the choice to destroy. As such, money can be used to violate its own underlying contract of social trust, if the society's morals fail to stop it.

Well, the further up you go in big corporations, which are economies of scale with greater and greater advantage over real entropy, (ergo with more power), there is more and more money to throw around. If this capital has been decapitated from social reality, then it can be thrown around in bad ways.

[Well - it looks like I will have to sleep on this important topic. Please see upcoming post, where the relationship of mega-corps to cycles is also mentioned]!

Anyway, I will be discussing the various cycles which have been predicting a massive crash, possibly in September, which the current crash is foreshadowing. I am referring to demographic cycles, societal cycles, and so forth. One cycle which may have impinged upon these collapses has been the solar cycle. Have we not learnt how bizarre the sun has become?

Also, I have said that the weather greatly influence human behaviour and economics. Well, none other than the gasses of our own industry, along with the intemperance of the sun, has put us into a greenhouse called global warming. There are fires, and droughts, and heavier hurricanes, and they all press upon each of us, more and more. And we press upon each other, pointing fingers. Or, we go out and make stupid economic choices. Or, we run, never looking back. The glaring sun puts us in a state of denial.

There are global warming deniers, who are well-healed by the oil industry. There are many who begrudgingly admit that global warming exists, but that humans never caused it, since we have no solutions to this man-made problem, and so no control, egads. "And we don't need more taxes, just leave us alone and let us die one day. Enough of your, '7 Generations', crap."

But there are also those who think that man alone caused global warming, and much of the solution involves blame. But, the real situation is this: Man has been caught in a conspiracy with the sun, blindly acting out its dictates, and even inspiring its wrath. No one is to blame, the universe of one never-ending accident of consciousness.

"We dance like flees beneath a pane of glass."

And, also, there are the agents of greed, of reptilian brain, disciplined to walk in the lock-steps of crooks who went before, and subservient to the corporate agenda, with perks like sex with children, or pictures with the Bilderbergs. These miscreants see not, and care not, of the winds from the sun. These psychopaths proceed along their pathological paths, hastening the end by extracting as much money for themselves as possible, through the machine gun of their company. If man caused global warming, then all the more glory for them, the destroyers.

Running from the sun, fixated on the decapitation of money.

In the past, the real estate crash of around 2007 was preceded by Hurricane Katrina, floods in Iowa, and the largest disaster in history: extensive forest fires throughout the west. It could have been psychic - it could have been psychology - and/or it could have been that just a little pressure on housing prices in New Orleans, California, Arizona, Iowa, etc., silently triggered the eventual collapse of the real estate bubble. (Maybe it even paradoxically fed the bubble, at first).

The real estate crash led to the stock market crash of 2008, and then to the state we are in today.

As if by 6th sense, the stock market crash of 1929 anticipated the weather disaster of the 1930's, the Great Dust Bowl, bringing the Roaring 20's to an end. But the actual economic depression did not take hold until these droughts were underway.

We walk a jerky tandem along the dictates of environment.

We humans have been accustomed to awakening to the light of the sun, and retiring after those rays disappear. These days, we slave away as proles for corporations, past sunset, under fluorescent lighting, in front of oscillating LEDs, and saturated by WiFi micro-radiation. We are like the quants under Wall Street, serving some higher, artificial function, like the Borg, half machine - or haunting harbingers of such.

Where has gone the sun? It is banging on the back of our minds, as we lunge forwards into abstraction, like hunters at prey, all for an easy meal we call success. Run. Run. Run. Run.

We are turning the screws and keys and keyboards, feeding into the contagious moving of fast money to and from all points of the globe, in the blink of a tired eye. Where did waking-up on a Sunday morning go?

We had our circadian cycles. Now, we are servants of the business cycles. And the one, unspoken goal is to keep the black-hole sun from setting on the so-called American Empire. We are like some underground religion, worshipping the moon, to spite the sun.

We are buffered about like bobbleheads by all the other cycles we ignore, and all our angst gets siphoned into electronic industry. It is as if we have been condensed into particles, and swooped up and around in the great cyclonic accelerator of global trade, along with all the other brainless bits. Then, one day, this thing called a body wakes up in pain, and we go busking for food.

Why is this post called, "Running From The Sun"?

These days, we have an extensive drought, and forest fires, and dying animals, mainly associated with global warming from the sun. Do we walk into the desert? No, we ignore it, and only strain further, looking into cellphone screens, insulated all day in harmful air-conditioning.

And, believe me, this sun's drought has pushed unconscious humanity into this economic collapse. That is the primary reason for the crash. The environment - the universe - is bigger than us, and it is just plain arrogant to think that we are masters of our fate, especially when we have sold our free will over to insane technology, under the love of a money which is made of paper, and which was given to us as a substitute for the infant of trust which was snatched away, along with our futures.

You better run.

And, watch the money shoot around the world, desperate to find another nickle at the next stop. See it circle the globe, from Europe, to the USA, to China - prodded on as night forever falls. The activity runs as naturally as the days on Earth, from East to West. It is as if we have no control - it has become a function of planetary rotation itself.

But we know, we can no longer stand the light of day.

When sunlight is known to be the greatest disinfection for corruption.

Watch the guilty. Watch their moves. Watch their denial.

Say what you see.

You are the sun.

This post is dedicated to my long-gone LJ friend, Katie, who has moved and inspired me.

* - another mm101 original!

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