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Pie in the Sky

On August 6 and 9, 1945, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, disrespectively, were NUKED. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atomic_bombings_of_Hiroshima_and_Nagasaki I have mentioned John Hersey's book, "Hiroshima," before, but I never tagged the posts. Recommended reading.

Take it from someone who has lost his mind going sane, studying these subjects: War is manna for the rich. War has been contrived to subdue, and even reduce, populations. War has been inflicted to divert economic collapse into stupid social slavery, setting everyone back, by centuries, and millions, except for the banksters and their kin and ilk - who would have been imprisoned in a fairer world.

How about that alluring train-crash of a so-called debate last night? Notice how everyone shoved each other away from the fire exit, stepping over each other's heads, claiming to be the most pugnacious candidate since Hitler? (More on this later).

And those same 10 warlord puppets competed with each other to prove how each would be THE most misogynist president ever? And then someone made a crack about how fat Rosie O'Donnell is. The man-woman war begins, after 8 years of white-black. All by design, with Hillary in the wings, btw.

Anyway, back to the story: WWII in Germany was no accident, it was a great big useful idiot. And Pearl Harbor was a set up - with full knowledge of FDR - after the USA provocation of a massive naval blockage of a Japanese port. The Atomic Bomm* was developed to compete with Germany's impending nuclear capacity, and then was not dropped on Germany, but on Japan - with the main intention of scaring Germany.

Just as Cheney & Co. planned out the carving up of Iraq many months prior to the USA invasion, the slicing up of Europe and Russia, and the whole PERPETUAL Cold WAR, was agreed on BEFORE the end of WWII.

Finally, there was no reason to nuke Japan, as it was known that the large air campaign into the mainland would be successful soon, and that Hirohito was already considering surrender.

Oh - and there certainly was no need to nuke Nagasaki. Communications were not getting out of Hiroshima after it was bommed, and so Japan wasn't even aware what hit them, then: Nagasaki was then bommed. If there had been awareness of the Hiroshima bomming immediately, the Japanese offer to surrender would also have been immediate.

In summary: The USA war machine built a bomm for Germany, which it dropped on Japan which was ready to surrender anyway, and then they dropped another one (even more) needlessly. Then, we moved in and built up the Japanese economy in our image, benefitting the rich of our own, who have now gone global, and are abandoning us.

That is the stragedy. EXPENDANCY**. Collapse the economy, move in militarilly, carve up the land, resources and investments for the global corporations and their blood-sucking banks. We have had perpetual war, no matter the President, since Clinton, who is a Bush family crony. Arguably since WWII. Arguably since the beginning.

How can anyone look at the fact that the USA, (etc.), has funded ISIS, has pretended to fight ISIS and NOT, has abandoned high-class military weaponry for its use - has FINAGLED the invasion of Syria, despite the stated will of the American people - how can anyone see this and not suspect that we have been living in a war-machine culture of deceit and false flags all our lives? Our parents and grandparents. And yet we go on thinking and voting in the same ways. What a masterful debate last night. What a master race.

And how could one not even allow the possibility that 9/11 was indeed a gruesome sham? Or that JFK's assassination was the beginning of the end of a long, cruel COUP? And, hand-in-hand with conspiracy, is the blatant, flagrant incompetence of governments and corporations, all commanded by a selfish gaggle of a few wanna-be-richer bastards.

So it was that 6 nuclear power plants were insanely built on a major fault-line, near where a Tsunami should one day hit. With insufficient power back-up, or emergency contingency plans. It was all about the money, and the bigness - the PERSONAL power.

And so Japan was Biblically nuked a THIRD time.

It began as a conspiracy of incompetence - a callous collusion of the Japane$e power company, G.E., and the Japanese government - and it continues as a conspiracy of lies, denial and destruction, after the Fukushima disasters of 2011, which poison the planet to this day, and far beyond. This deceit also involved the complicity of the USA government, the media, and other global actors. "Elected officials." Just like the BP Gulf Disaster - remember all that?

Well, this keeps going on, and we sit here. Remember TPP - ??? The time to start remembering was yesterday!

Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Fukushima.

Their hands are in every pie, and so they inevitably cry, "Ha! Why stop there?!"...

What Does a Nuclear Explosion in Space Look Like?

* - deliberate misspelling
** - my term

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