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up close

Posted on 2005.05.21 at 11:05
That was nice. I got out of my car at the library, and there were two older black guys looking at the back of my car. I asked them if they liked the propaganda. Yep. They said something about the car not being in the paper yet. I told them about the guy who took a pic of it, from behind, w/ the husky ass mooning him. How I ended up going to his house and talking to his wife to see if he was someone who was after me and my license plate. (You all realise, I gots to be wise, me bein me, who I is). They laughed. Then we talked about Madison. I could tell he was from Madison because WE ACTUALLY HAD A NORMAL CONVERSATION.

Hey - this reminds me...

I want each of you to know that I have NEVER made any sarcastic remarks about you here in this jnl, or in any comments. It is important to me that I respect you. And I try to make you laugh. This is important to me. I realise that I can make some very bizarre and insane comments - but they are never veiled references about any or you. I know it is easy to assume I am the sarcastic type, when a lot of my humour is dry and intelligent, and I make a LOT of observations about other human beings. I am a writer, and I study people, what makes them who they are, what makes them absurd, what makes them laugh, etc. And, there have been a few times when I have resorted to sarcasm about some of the jerks in this jerk-off town. But even then, it usually isn't angry - it's creative. At least I try. At least I like to think so. So, some of you friends, esp. the shier ones, who might not think they are so interesting, I want you to know that I really do care about your feelings, and I want you to feel welcome here. Just because I might SEEM ascerbic doesn't mean that I'll bight your head off. Just look at my record. Trouble usually starts w/ people attacking ME. Which is no big deal.

Anyway, this medium is indirect enough as it is. I would never feel right about being even more indirect, being passive aggressive, and I always seek to remember that LJ gives a full picture of none of us, and so I try to always keep in mind that you all have your seperate individual lives, and I want always to put, as much as I can, you the PERSON, above anything else. Of course, I am a clod, and I make mistakes a lot, and so forth. Maybe I also need you to go a little easy on me too.


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