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Clinton Favorability Plunges, Sanders Surges Amid Classified Emails Scandal - Hillary Rodham Clinton is seeing her favorability ratings collapse

by Zero Hedge | July 27, 2015

Despite all her proclamations of new fairness doctrines, false promises of her truthfulness, and exclamations of ‘everyday Americanism’ Hillary Rodham Clinton is seeing her favorability ratings collapse. As populist as she dares to be, in the face of her donating captors, it appears the everyday American just isn’t buying it as Gallup reports just 43% Americans view her favorably (down from 66% just a few years ago) while none other than Bernie Sanders is bounding up the popularity ladder, rising from 12% to 24% favorability in recent weeks.

READ ALL ABOUT IT - http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-07-26/clinton-favorability-plunges-sanders-surges-amid-classified-emails-scandal
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