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Global-warming prelude to mini-ice-age.

I guess those Canadian wildfires are still going strong. Here in Northern Illinois, I went out with my dog at 5:am, and the whole outside was an eerie PINK, due to smoke particles refracting the rising sunlight. If any of you have been near a passing tornado, then you probably know the dull glow that precedes it, a moonish, black-light pink or green. This had the same feeling, like an awesome power tentatively subdued. Or like Saint Elmo's Fire, or being rife with static electricity when lightning is about to strike.

"Red skies in the morning is a sailor's warning. Red skies at night is a shepherd's delight."

Of course, there have also been fires from California to Washington State, (and from BC to Saskatchewan - maybe Manitoba). So, who knows what part of our ending world this warning issued frometh. They say red skies in the morning is a warning because it sometimes referred to the dust particles of exploded volcanoes, which would also disturb the weather. Wildfires can do the same.

Some days or weeks ago, the local weather channel actually put out an advisory, concerning haze from the Canadian fires. It said there might even be the smell of smoke in the air. Sure enough, there were a few strong whiffs of wood smoke. I also saw a few butterflies who might have flown down, trying to escape with their little suitcases and backpacks.

Well, this morning, not only was everything weirdly pink, including a thin ceiling of clouds dusted by soft salmon sunlight, everything smelled like an up-close forest fire. There have been red dust clouds from China and the Sahara in the past, but this was closer to home, full-bodied, like a good cold Moose-Head. I lay on my steps drunk waiting for the Rapture. And those pesky Canadians in their UFO's.
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