I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

Incursions - Part One

As usual, I took my dog out front around noon, and some guy on crack or meth ran around on the deck next-door, then he jumped over that deck railing and ran towards my porch. He jumped up the side, climbing over.

Meanwhile, I yell, "Hey, get out of there!" And rush up towards him. I put my hand on him to ward him off the porch, but decided not to assault him. He pauses to look in my front window, but is filled with fear after my approach. He starts shouting out something repeatedly, like, "I didn't do it!" - (something like that - can't remember). Then he runs away a bit, screaming insanely in fear, and he cusps his hands over his head, looking like he felt he was being arrested. (Maybe he had caught a glimpse of the, "POLICE," sign on my porch).

A few days ago, I listened to a John Lennon mix, and marvelled over John's, "Cold Turkey," screams. Now there is some guy in my lawn doing the same thing. Isn't it a wild, wonderful Origami Universe, every which way?

- [present tense switches to past tense] -

Then, the newer neighbour guy, (whom I no longer care for), came out and went up to him. He tried to calm him down. More people came out of that house, and an older women said she was calling an ambulance. I went back to guiding my dog along his incidental dumps. My dog was unconcerned about all the nonsense. The newer neighbour guy eventually calmed the guy down a little, only to see the guy slip away and start going crazy again.

While I was around the corner of my house with the dog, the crazy guy was back with the newer neighbour guy, and was now yelling at me, since I was so far away. At this point, I gave the newer neighbour guy, and Jackrabbit Lurch, an angry look. Soon enough, after shouting, "I'm sorry," to everyone, the crazy guy slipped away again, and happilly gallopped away down the street.

A police/ car approached from my direction, so I signalled him to come hither, and then indicated that he must turn left onto my street, which he did. The others pointed down the street, and the police/ car went off after the guy. (I don't know if this was a regular-random police car; or if the woman had called the police, or if the woman had called an ambulance but a police car was sent instead). I do know that the police did not come back and take a report. However, a siren did come through, into that general area.

How does this fit into the bigger little picture, namely neighbours, vis-a-vis me? Crane your necks, bobble-heads, and look forward to Part Two, if we should ever live so long. So long.
Tags: drugs - crack &/or meth, local customs, music - b - lennon john, psychology - drug addicts

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