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Sanders update

Posted on 2015.07.11 at 00:03
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Regrettably, I have heard mainly derogatory criticisms of Bernie Sandars by even the most "progressive" far-righties. Since he calls himself a "Socialist," then he has no chance with them. It is disgusting. Just as disgusting as what the far left does. And, Donald Trump is a flash in the pan, existing to gain present sensation and future millions. He is here, according to Thom Hartmann, to bash everyone except Scott Walker... Because that is now who the billionaires want, instead of old-timer, Jeb Bush.

But, Trump says some useful idiot things, (not on media-circus racism, but on TRADE),and so he gets ranked. And, here is the far-right ranking him next to SOCIALIST, Bernesto Sanderos!

The refreshing surge of Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump: America tires of the same old insider corruption and idiocy offered by Clinton and Bush - http://www.naturalnews.com/050357_Bernie_Sanders_Donald_Trump_political_corruption.html

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