I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.


I can't get a (preliminary) dentists appointment until early August. Meanwhile, the head problem worsens. I am having an ominous dizziness. The tooth is turning dark - but so is the TOP of another tooth, 2-up. The real problem hidden, in the cheek area.

I hope to go to WalMart soon. Does anyone know of any pharmacy or supplement thing which might help in one way or another? I guess the most important thing would be in dealing with infection.

I am up early. Made what I dubbed a, "Sardinian Omelet," with black olives, and more. And drank coffee. I want to see if I can start my main computer, and get my camera programme on it, so I can take some pictures of my chimney, which has been blistering and bubbling plaster, due to a leak in the roof.

Finally, the LL is addressing the leak. But she wants to get before and after pics of the inside, for the owner. This suggests that they want to work on the INSIDE soon.

If this is so, they are going against my specific request, repeated several times: I can deal with the inside looking bad - so do the work on it WHEN I MOVE OUT. All I wanted was the roof leak taken care of. It was I who informed them of the problem, made the request, said it was an emergency, while they dragged their feet. The LL agreed to not have the inside work done presently. And now they seem to be going back on their word. Perhaps, if the owner is requiring this, then I can understand. But this lot is always so contrarian, in keeping with the local custom ass-backwards passive-aggression.

So, I want to take the pics myself, and surprise her with a thumb-drive in her drop-box tomorrow, which will include other fun stuff.

So glad the downstairs people are gone, but, 1 - I am tumbling to the ground as if wounded prey, and, 2 - I dread to think what the NEXT downstairs tenants may be. All of this stress has really been crippling me, stunting my anticipated progress.

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