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I am the person who will destroy China.

born with a silver block in the brain

Here is (another) good example of the close relationship of state religion and money, or between the moral magicians and the immoral elites...

Athenian Wealth: Millions of Silver Coins Stored in Parthenon Attic - http://www.livescience.com/51353-silver-coins-stored-in-parthenon-attic.html

..."And criminals would be less likely to steal the coins, as the Parthenon was a temple for Athena — meaning any theft from it would be considered a crime against the goddess."

(Too bad Greece can't mine for silver now! But that would be a drop in the bucket, because the world presently hinges on USA-related fiat currency and debtism).

This is pretty much how humans have conducted themselves throughout the history of civilisation, (yo). For those who don't believe in conspiracies, please consider that the connection between religion, and wealth, and stone masonry, has been going on for countless millenia...

And, and aside, I guess: Look at the TPP... Many popocrats would simply dismiss that any conspiracy could occur here, and we should just continue hewing to the promising religion of corporatism.

But, for 6 years, and more, the corporate discussions for the TPP have been going on. IN SECRET. Who has been looking at that? THEN, when it all surfaces for the MANIPULATED vote, the popocrats blame so-called, "conspiracy-theorists," for raising alarmist claims against, "Free Trade," (Golden Calf).

But this is words from THEIR MOUTHS. This is a phrase deliberately concocted and implanted by the CIA - SINCE THE 1950's! "Conspiracy theories"? SIX YEARS!!! It is only now, "conspiracy theory," because you have failed to keep an eye on the ball!

It is a SHELL-GAME! By the moral magicians for the immoral elites! By the politicians for the banksters. AND THEY TAKE LIVES AND MANIPULATE THE NEWS CYCLE TO GET THEIR WAY.

IT'S TRUE!!! THIS is what is going on!!!!!!!!

Jesus came along and dared to throw the money-changers out of the temple. His idea was that human value needed to be, (as originally), separated from the value of money, which the powerful CONTROLLED. I.e., human value had to be disconnected from kissing-ass of the CONTROLLAHOLICS and the MILITARISTS. The only problem with what he did was this:

To fight the moral magicians, he had to refer to a God who was so absolute and primary, (like a pope), that this would also alienate some believers, and create the groundwork for yet a greater IMPERIALISM further down the road.

Tribal, human value is not genetically predisposed to seeing itself in coins, or in distant mega-corp authoritarians, or in distant gods with no voice-mail.

Yet, the filthier mass of our society likes to feign these idols, do they not, badgering you and me, for an extra buck, or look? It's a travesty. Apes, they act as apes.
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