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Don't Make Fun of Daddy's Voice!

The Pope steps up to the plate:

Well, I'm a little late on this. Pope Francis released his environmental Encyclical recently. This Encyclical is revolutionary in human history, even though the power of the Pope, these days, is diminished. An example of the relative im-Potence of the Pontiff, in Americaland, is the hurried scramble of Republican Catholics - (more-so, unrepresentative Presidential candidates) - to publicly rebuke the Pope's Encyclical, saying, "He should stick to traditional Church teachings, and stay out of politics! We think he is going too far!"

Well, economy, environment, poverty, population, the right to life (water), STEWARDSHIP - How can anyone say that these do not relate to traditional Catholic teachings? The Pope entirely understood that this response was coming, and where was he the next day? Praying over the Shroud of Turin, ha ha(!)

Hey - remember the HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE, when the Pope reigned politically over most of Europe, and beyond? And what religious wars, or religious movements, are NOT political.

Catholic means political.

Catholic does not mean an excuse to retreat into narcisstic delusions of moral correctness, justifying all vices and CONSUMPTIONS.

"Going too far?"! We face the fastest, most immediate global MASS EXTINCTION, of all time, and his giving of his opinion means that he is GOING TOO FAR?!

I'll tell you right now! As much as I praise the Pope for this - it should have happened 100 years ago, and drastic international action should have begun 50 years ago. In the big picture, this little Papal fart of dismay is NOTHING - it's too late. Too little, too late. Yet, I applaud anyone who tries, and swims upstream against the tide, despite all indications of impending demise.

"Going too far" - pfft!

What else did they say? I tell you what, I am going to cover this topic in a seperate post, which I will link here - (TBC)

The main thing is this: I want to cover the Encyclical itself, here.

First, here an an earlier post of mine, relating to Pope Francis and environment, Narcissism - http://madman101.livejournal.com/1680445.html

I was hoping to do the current post on Father's Day, which would have been slightly apt. (At least the Encyclical resounded w/ a few Catholics around that day). It would have also have given my the chance to post lyrics from a song which I listened to recently. (I think that, "Sword," is, strangely, my next favourite Morrissey album to, "Maladjusted".

Such as...

Don't make fun of Daddy's voice
Because he can't help it
When he was teenage boy
Something got stuck in his throat!

No te divertes con Papi
No te divertes con Papi
No te divertes con Papi
No te divertes con Papi
No te divertes con Papi
No te divertes con Papi
No te divertes con Papi

No te divertes con Papi

Pope’s Climate Encyclical: 4 Main Points - ( http://www.livescience.com/51268-4-main-points-pope-climate-encyclical.html )

1. We all have a moral (and, for Catholics, a religious) obligation to take care of the Earth and the poorest.

2. Humans are driving the bulk of observed global warming, as well as numerous other environmental problems that pollute the air and water. We must own up to that fact and work to fix the problems we have caused.

3. The way primarily Western, developed society currently lives is wasteful and unsustainable. Its consequences are disproportionately felt by the poor, developing nations who don’t get the benefits of that way of life.

4. If we don’t act now to solve climate change and other environmental ills, we leave a compounding crisis to future generations. The action that we take must come soon and must be real, substantial and a true global effort.

Pope Francis Uses Encyclical To Deliver Moral Message On Climate Change - All Things Considered
June 18th, 2015, 2:15pm | KPCC
NPR's Melissa Block speaks to John Carr of Georgetown University's Initiative on Catholic Thought and Public Life about Pope Francis' call to moral action on climate change.

Listen Now
[6 min 12 sec]

Pope Francis Calls For Urgent Action On Climate Change In Encyclical - All Things Considered
June 18th, 2015, 3:16pm | KPCC
Pope Francis blames climate change on apathy, political shortsightedness and a pursuit of profits. In a papal encyclical, he calls climate change one of the principal challenges facing humanity today.

Listen Now
[4 min 14 sec]

Both Catholics, Non-Catholics Applaud Pope For Bold Remarks On Climate Change - All Things Considered
June 18th, 2015, 3:16pm | KPCC
Catholics across the nation are reacting to a sweeping encyclical issued by Pope Francis on the issue of climate change. The 184-page papal letter explains that it is a global problem with far reaching environmental and social ramifications.

Listen Now
[3 min 34 sec]

06-18-15 - Marketplace - (The Power Grid - Good discussion is nearer to the end - don't have the cut)
Listen Now
[26 min 23 sec]

Living on Earth - "Pope Calls for Harmony With Nature To Save Humanity" - Pope Francis' eco-encyclical included a call for action on global warming, but the 184-page document offers much more than policy recommendations. It's a poetic, emotional call for a fundamental shift in our economic system, and a rethinking of our relationship with God's creation: the natural world. - http://loe.org/shows/segments.html?programID=15-P13-00025&segmentID=1

(stream / mp3) - http://loe.org/content/2015-06-19/loe_150619_web_a1.mp3

Living on Earth - Discussion with EPA head, Gina McCarthy. "Cleaning Up the Power Sector." - http://loe.org/shows/shows.html?programID=15-P13-00025#feature2 - EPA administrator Gina McCarthy joins host Steve Curwood to talk about her agency’s efforts to reign in CO2 emissions from the countries power plants, big trucks, gas fields, and airplanes. She says the EPA’s global warming efforts put the United States in a good position to be a leader at the Paris climate negotiations in the fall. (11:00)

(stream / mp3) - http://loe.org/content/2015-06-19/loe_150619_web_b1.mp3

I'm including THIS because I like it. It reminds me of the Ivory-Billed Woodpecker....
The Quest for the ‘Asian Unicorn’
(stream / mp3) - http://loe.org/content/2015-06-19/loe_150619_web_c1.mp3

There are now countless articles on the Encyclical online. Here is one article, to start you off. (Once again, LiveScience comes through as being a little too rightly "NORMALIST"....

Will Pope Francis' Climate Encyclical Change the World?
The Catholic Church doesn't endorse specific political parties or candidates, Shea said. So, even though the encyclical calls for action on climate change, "this isn't going to be giving you voting instructions," Shea told Live Science.
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