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Being Good

Posting on the fly. Keep eyes pealed for sign of incoming Pope post. (Request: Anyone have links about more cruddy SECRET stuff??? I need to move to amend my post on the like. I reckon).

At the moment, I see there is more than one way to be good. Three ways to be good...

1 - First, we are generally born good, unless we have acrimonious genes. Do you want to give a name to this innocent form of good? Comment or die. The problem with this nascent form of good, is that it is all mixed up with nascent bad. Where does the latter come from? Partly, it comes from us thinking we can keep being good, without boundaries. We encounter backlashes, and we retaliate, and we develop a whole system of how-to-retaliate, which other people interpret as, "How to be an asshole."

2 - Next, we act good in order to control the behaviour of certain people, usually people who can give us things, including freedom. This form of good is bad. It is unlike #1, and unlike #3, in the important ways. Acting to control the behaviour of, mainly, our overseers, (and then pressurising peers), and then our caretakers, is often about placating and appeasing, i.e., kissing ass, so that the powerful-of-authority will bestow opportunity upon us. This, my fellow wo-man, is baloney. It's like a tightrope dance between #1 and #3. It is the "good" of GROWING UP, so-called. However, this form of good also includes the attempt to manipulate the control of others not only due to wishes and wants, but due to FEAR. No wonder that this type of good is so common and indelible in DYSFUNCTIONAL FAMILIES. It is an experiment, which, in dysfunctional families, never breaks free, and becomes trapped in a loop, which is then perpetrated upon other victims in societies - BY RETARDED PSYCHOPATHS. Fear, as we know, is the currency of their traffic.

3 - The final form of good is a step above in the morality hierarchy, (of needs). Good is enacted from the onus of control of the individual, not coerced by groups, etc. One does good no matter what others may choose to do. This is the "highest" form of good - seeking to unite with the original innocence, empathy, universal love.

"Wisdom in the retention of innocence through adversity."

Unfortunately, society is mostly composed of people who have lower levels of morality. Thus, one may seek to make a humane friendship with another person in society, and then that person, like a crazy homeless person making eye-contact, moves in to abuse one.

So, one feels affronted, after extending a hand, and respecting this person! One is repaid with crap. (Granted, a subjective term - WE MUST BE CAREFUL OF EMOTIONAL CONCLUSIONS!!!!!!!)

Therefore, one is tempted to be dragged down into the same petty games of idiocy. How to get out of this? Humanity's only solution, so far, has been to create a class system, preferring elites, if not religious or moral elites. But this is insufficient - and usually destructive - as one goes on and fills one's head with big balloons and worldly appetites.

Humans are insatiable opportunists, by default, because each human is interested in maximising personal survival and pleasure.

This has got to stop.

Returning to the good of wisdom, #3, is what we have to focus on, unless there are other forms of good which I have not yet covered.
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