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Bernie Sanders is a Senator from Vermont. He is a regular guest on progressive talk radio shows - (weekly on the Thom Hartmann Show). He is the only so-called Socialist in the US Senate. How did he do that? By appealing to both people on the left and people on the right. People! He appeals NOT to the old-center left+right on status quo CORPORATISATION*, but to the rising coalition of left+right from the old "margins" - people not interested in the false dreams and promises of trickle-down WRECK-ONOMICS*; not interested in the illusion of the foreign-controlled stock-market; not interested in losing more jobs and wealth to globalised mega-corps; not interested in divide-and-conquer social issues like abortion, marijuana, gay marriage, racialism, FEAR, and other prurient bones thrown to the slow-of-brain, to keep the banksters in power.

[Please see my tag for left-right alliance - http://madman101.livejournal.com/tag/politics%20-%20left-right%20alliance ]

Bernie Sanders opposes the two-prong, killer, Catch-22 VICE of globalised corporate-fueled MILITARISATION, and the internal NATIONAL INSECURITY STATE of spying, tasering, and disappearing whistle-blowers. Left or right, who in their INFORMED MIND does not agree with that? Bernie opposes the loss of jobs and infrastructure, the separation of income and wealth in America, profligate military spending, and rampant political and economic corruption and dysregulation.

This so-called fool has not only garnered support from left AND right in his own state, he is now garnering crowds across the nation, in his run for PRESIDENCY, which beat out everyone on the right! Rick Santorum held a start-up event, and only one supporter showed up - maybe it was even just HIM! Donald Trump had to pay people to come and cheer at his official event. AND SO ON. Bernie is gathering crowds of 5,000 people. Even in Las Vegas, the den of libertarianism, where there is no progressive talk radio, Bernie somehow got a crowd of almost 2,000. This is the beginning of the game, where such numbers are BIG.

In fact, there was a poll done, where politicians and evil fictitious superheroes were rated according to likability. All politicians were in the NEGATIVE, except for one, on the left: Bernie ("SOCIALIST") Sanders! He beat out Hillary Clinton, and everyone else. Surprisingly, this was not in the mainstream news. Why? You tell me why... And be sure to use the term "CORPORATIST MEDIA". Who was the next, right-wing candidate? Rand Paul. Tells you something about what is on the minds of the PEOPLE. (Liberals: For your information, Rand Paul is not an idiot, as portrayed. The main danger from him comes from the possibility that he may be a sell-out to the craperations*).

My beloved Norman Goldman has taken it upon himself to excoriate Bernie Sanders - for using poor marketing stragedies. "Whut?" you may say? Norman has wasted countless hours shouting that Bernie was a fool for saying, in his innitial introduction to the Presidential race, that he IS A SOCIALIST. Funny, that term never seemed to get in his way in Vermont - or now, across the nation. But, Norman Goldman is living in the 1980's, where labelling was more important than sincerity.

Listen. Any idiot can tell you that it doesn't matter whether or not Bernie says he is a socialist, the right-wing pundits will attack him either way. In fact, it is better to be up front about it, and get it out of the way now, as Obama did with the Weather Underground - (or whoever that guy was - Bill Aires). Hillary astutely tried to get Benghazi and her emails out of the way. Get the dirt out of the way while most people are not studying up.

Bernie Sanders is a Socialist in name only, btw. He caucuses with the Democrats, (most of who have sold out to foreign interests, like the Republicans). Much of his strength comes from having the BALLS to say he is a Socialist, even when he lives his Senatorial life as a Democrat. To tell you the truth, I am more interested in Socialists and Constitutionalist-Libertarians than I am in corporatist status quo - FAUX MIDDLE - Democrats or Republicans!

I have tried to understand Norman Goldman's rabidity, regarding Bernie. Is Bernie Jewish? Maybe Norman feels he must compete to be RIGHT, against another Jew, deep down in his psyche. I don't know what it is. Norman says he will spout off on this, believe that all who disagree are fools, even if he ends up off the air - THAT'S HOW FUNDAMENTALIST RIGHT HE IS. And yet, he is always denouncing people for claiming to be right - on the mere grounds that THEY are THEM. Well, Norman is doing the exact same thing. If he wants a heart attack, he needs to keep following in this rut. He is projecting.

Back to Bernie... Is it possible for him to win? Well, look, by now, we should have grown up and learnt this, if nothing else: YOU VOTE FOR WHO YOU BELIEVE IN. That's it. End of story. None of this, "Well, I don't think he will win, if...", or, "He will just be a spoiler who will allow the Republicans to win." What, are we a bunch of television experts? This is INSANE.

(Norman! You have elevated yourself to top idiot in charge of the asylum! Are you in marketting - because, dood, marketing comes AFTER THE FACT. LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE!)

VOTE FOR WHO YOU BELIEVE IN. That's the whole point! You are undermining democracy when you play all these idiotic armchair quarterback games. You play these games - and think you are so smart - so savvy? NO! You are an idiot. You are swarming in with the rest of the herd and voting for cardboard PLACARDS, in identity politics. You are copping out - you are not thinking! You are reducing everything to a simple game of, "Well, let's see, if this guy wins, and this guy loses, then..." STUPID! THINK! Think about policies! Think about history! Think about the future! What, you want to vote in more Bush-Clinton royalty, so you can fall deeper into squalour, and tweet and bicker about People Magazine?

Socialist! Who cares? WHO CARES! We need serious work done here, so let's go all the way, with a socialist! You really think that SOCIALISM has any chance in America? No way! It's never going to happen! - (OK - now I need to diverge into talking about the NWO, and it's 2-tiered political agenda - but this will be for another post).

PS - Early on, I considered whom Sanders should choose as a running-mate, if he didn't want to end up as another stooge in left-wing identity politics folly. I came up with - yes - JESS VENTURA! Why, because the VP is the bulldog. And Ventura appeals to the right, even though he is left. I am sure that Sanders will be a dork and choose someone on the left. He has the best chance with Elizabeth Warren. In fact, as I have been watching things, I see this as a likely possibility, planned out. Perhaps. Al this stuff is ex post facto.

Here is my tag on Bernie Sanders - http://madman101.livejournal.com/tag/sanders%20-%20bernie - (so far).

* - another mm101 original.


Ninja Nick
nick_101 at 2015-06-21 04:54 (UTC) (Lien)
I believe in Bernie.
where hypotheses come to die
madman101 at 2015-06-21 18:10 (UTC) (Lien)
god bless you
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