where hypotheses come to die (madman101) wrote,
where hypotheses come to die

I fear I may not be paranoid enough.

Love that Pope. I would go to war for this Pope. I am thinking of converting to Catholicism for this Pope. Oh, wait...

Anyway, what was it that Thoreau said?... "I am Pope of my very own Porta-Potty."

(Speaking of crapping in your crib, yo).

My health has been tragically precarious, and vice versa. BTW - and this goes out to Space_66, esp. - I really want to do a post on symmetry, apparent symmetry, apparent opposites, apparent randomness and apparent order, &c., but I need to get that all together in my head. And we all know about my head.

That tooth/head infection has not waned. Meanwhile, even though I have had soooo much sleep, I drift around wanting to fall into the nearest grave. So, I am imbibing in wine very cautiously. Thank goodness my day is over. Now - I spend time - days, maybe - getting back to theme-posting on LJ, unless it gets too hot in here, in which case I just pound prostitutes 24/7.

Seriously... I decided to take a long walk to Walgreens, and only buy wine. No grocery shopping this week, and maybe next. In fact, I have lots of food, an extra bottle of bought wine, lots of home-fermenting wine, so I really don't have to grocery shop the week after that, either. (All I need to do, then, is go to the doctor, TMI).

(Pre-first, I dropped off a note to my LL, then...)....

First, I went into a gov't Assessor here, and got GIS maps of the lot on which I live, and two adjacent lots. The photo-maps were SAD. The houses and lots were so small and blurry. One overlaid graphic line took up about (five or ten) feet, wide.

So, my map did not help me much, regarding the renegade lawn mower. Back in Yee Olde City, I could get an 8"x11" pic-map of one single plot, wherein one could see everything on the lot. The maps here are almost useless.

Not only are fences not allowed in front lawns here; not only are the streets arranged completely insanely, but no one can see where real property lines lie,,, (although, landlords most probably have access to better maps or definitions - so - I'm going to talk w/ my LL about all this). So, you can imagine: The populace is completely daft and rough-shod, willy-nilly and harem-skarem, every man for himself, everyone liable to fall into some undemarkated trap. It looks like this town was a little harbinger of progressivism, and that has degenerated into this air of selfish, egotistical, unfounded righteousness. Since everyone is this way, this has all gone underground, as an eternal, unrelenting, SUCKING war of PASSIVE AGGRESSION.

Mow over that uncertain property line! Sneak through that neighbours yard! Set off firecrackers in retaliation for someone sneezing.

I walked, away from the main highway, on a beautiful day, in an A-shirt/tank-top, whatever they are called. I bought the wine, and started back. I waited and waited to cross the highway. When I finally did, the road suddenly had cars turning on to it quickly, so I was stuck in the middle. One car stopped so I could pass, though I had to wait for another. I waved and said, "thank you," and so they commenced to yell at me. See. See what it is? These comfortable, pre-dark-ages Americans in their comfy petro cars and lifestyles, so vulnerable to a solar flare or deliberate EMP, stop to help someone, SO THEY CAN YELL AT THAT PERSON !

(This reminds me of when I was stooped over by my bushes, scooping my doggy's poop, as dictated, and this guy on a bike rides by, my back to him, and yells something out. I figured it was just more BS rap crap, so I didn't care. A little later, I realised that he was yelling at ME: "You gonna get SHOT, BITCH !"

(Because, as I said, this whole area is now convinced that I am evil, since they have gobbled up all the negative gossip from the racist NETHERS, and their successors downstairs. According to this propaganda, I was the one who slammed the doors, from the start, and so forth. Not them. I'm telling you, folks, this is some serious evil crap going on here).

(The whole thing is this: IF YOU MEAN BUSINESS, THEN YELL SO I CAN HEAR WHAT YOU'RE SAYING! What a bunch of pussy-assed crap - games. This has happned countless times before. Idiots basically yell at you by mumbling. It's vomit inducing. Then, they go back and boast about how they really scared me. It's all FANTASY. NARCISSISM. SELF-REFERENCING. NOT REAL)!

On my way home, I found the way under the second highway, and walked back. The way was down into the overpass, and it was too steep to be going down, so I should never do that again.

I like to think that exercise with vanquish my illness, and all its complications, at least step-by-step. But, no. Soon, I will be in hell again, suffering for this long walk - suffering for weeks, cumulatively. And the tooth/skull infection? It will diminish now - but then it will flower again in 4-5 days, worse than ever.

At home, I opened my wine. One bottle was weird. I didn't notice it at the store, but there was no wrapping around the top. All it was was the bottle, and the cork. I thought, "Someone could have opened this, and..." But, no. I didn't care. I continued on, even though I could have had the OTHER bottle, and taken THIS one back. Is the problem that I am PARANOID?


I am observant.

I began twisting the cork, and what do you know? There was no need to PULL it at all. It began popping out on IT'S OWN. That is a pretty good sign that the cork had been put in AFTER the regular bottling. Too weird - two weirdnesses.

So - really - cyanide could be in that bottle. Maybe the FBI-NSA-CIA-THREE-STOOGES deliberately sought out my store, my brand, and did their most dastardly. After all, have I not been constantly been logged off-line lately, with my password being erased? And, apparently, I was hit my yet ANOTHER DDOS attack today, but I didn't stick around long enough to look into it.

So... Did I run out of the kitchen in paranoia?


I spilled that wine, spilled that wine.

Glug glug.

Observez la!

Only AFTER I heard that black guy cursing me did I even care. I am observant, not paranoid. Due to the absurdities of my brain, the outer part of my brain can record things, unbeknownst to me, in a semi-somnambulant state, and then I can recall them when I am in better health later, possibly while dreaming. That is not paranoia. The problem I have is if I hear a BIG SHARP NOISE, it bypasses everything, and strangles my heart, and all associated stress reflexes. That is not paranoia. There is not anticipation or anxiety or planning behind that - it is immediate!

Enough of that.

That's about all for now, ciao.

Oh - I wanted to launch into the SC thing, and so on - maybe next...
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