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Another day lost - this time to brain fatigue, mainly, brainly. Not sure about tomorrow. Not sure if I can write tonight, or just sleep. Again.

I was happy to hear a good NPR news report on the Pope's Encyclical on the so-called environment - immediately followed by a smaller report on "MarketPlace". Nice to hear a person in authority finally coming out and saying things I have been whistling into the desert winds all my so-called life.

Alex Jones has been ripping Pope Frances apart, as part of the Al Gore New World Order. The only reason I can find for this heathenism is that Jones doesn't believe global warming exists... Or, climate change. Well, maybe climate change, but that is NATURE. In no way has man contributed to it, so says Alex. But I don't care whether or not man has contributed to it or not. It is a red herring. Let's all say this together: Climate Change exists. And, unfortunately, it is called Global Warming. I hate to burst your bubble.

This: Because Jones is fixated on never admitting that Global Warming exists, by reference to the aforementioned red-herring crap, he proceeds to judge the Pope as being demonic, basically. Now, that's a little too much.

Another so-called interesting thing: Remember the red-haired girl from across the way? I've been trying to figure out what the hell happened over at that house. It is a continuing puzzle. At first, I thought that said girl had been arrested. Then I thought that maybe she had been killed in a car accident. Her younger sister is the only one remaining, (along with the Bull-Mastiff), assisted by her constantly visitting parents.

But, after observing the psychology of these people, over the months, I am thinking that maybe the red-haired girl committed suicide.

I remember back to wondering if that girl was showing interest in me, or just showing off, like everyone else in this region. Among other things, it was odd that she would let her dog out at the same time I was out, at 5:30am, in the freezing cold. Maybe she was just so depressed - possibly after a divorce - she wasn't really a part of life - wasn't really trying - didn't know what she wanted, etc. Or not. No idea.

But, I think back and also remember silently flashing police/and or ambulance lights over on that street, a little further down, one early morning. Only now do I wonder if this might have been concerning her. Suicide? Or maybe a car accident.

Some days that, the younger sister was given papers by a police officer. The dog started barking more. In the early Spring, the younger girl, with her father and mother, were acting weird out front. I mentioned this to my dog, and they heard this, and turned around and all glared at me. Ha ha. Eh.

Odd things continue there. Today, I noticed that their Christmas wreath was still hanging on their front door. As if - all time stopped some time in January. Sad. I feel so weighted down with concern for the younger sister, but I am also very curious. Maybe the two are related. Anyway, I know they are a dysfunctional family. I knew that problems were coming for these two girls, and the guy, when they first moved in.

After Halloween, of 2014, I put up a Christmas decoration on my door. A day or two after that, they put up their wreath. Was it competition - or, more like a desire to fit in to their new community - by hoping I would take notice - while they pretended not to care? I don't like referencing myself so much here, but it is one way I have of trying to figure out what happened.

Got to go now. Folks - I am so consumed by fatigue. I am sorry I cannot rock at the moment.
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