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TPA = "FAST TRACK" - !!!

A vote is coming up on the nortorious TTP on Friday. I believe it is a vote to allow unconstitutional "FAST TRACK". This is called the, "TPA," to confuse you, "Trade Promotion Authority." TPA = FAST TRACK on TPP, (TAP, TPIP, TTIP, TRAP, and everything else the trans-boudary megacorporatists want). You can read up on these terms here on elsewhere. Thom Hartmann show is currently discussing this topic.

Hey! Shouldn't we be able to read the TPP?! I think so! Why not. Just try!

Read the TPP !

- Not -

We all know that NAFTA and SHAFTA and etc. were failures, sucking away American jobs, as predicted by Ross Perot. THIS IS WORSE. Negotiated and voted on in secret, the TPA-allowed TPP, only has about 15% of its sections devoted to actual trade, where the same sort of job loss, and law suits, and coercions, and violations of rights, will occur - ON STEROIDS. The other 85% is devoted to giveaways to big pharm, violations of environmental standards, and things which we don't yet even know about, since they have not been released by WikiLeaks.

Please contact your Representative ASAP, (phone or postcard only). Contacting the President WILL NOT CHANGE HIS CORPORATIST MIND.

(ps - my brain has been hell - gotta run now).
Tags: +, economy - trade: tpp/ ttip/ceta/tisa

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