I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

Listen to the rhythm of the falling brain...

It's been too warm to write or be online. Today, I finished making the relish, salsa-dip, and coffee. The salsa-dip was not as good as last time, partly because I mistakenly added a can of re-fried pinto beans instead of re-fried black beans. The other main ingredients were mild jalapeno cheese sauce, avocados, diced tomatoes, tomato paste, cilantro, lime. Forgot to add a little pumpkin. I have cans upon cans of pumpkin - for my dog, for recipes, but mostly for when the world ends.

About a week ago, I was lying in my back bedroom, as the coffee-maker snorted and gurgled away. I heard my dog bark. So, I went out to check. I had done something wrong, due to bad brain. I had forgotten to empty the full pot of coffee before I brewed a second pot. So, there was a pot of overspill. Fortunately, I actually kept my coffee-maker cradled in TWO baking/ casserole pans, for just such an emergency, (but also to deter hypothetical cockroaches from seeking out their beloved hypothetical moisture.

So, the inner, glass pan caught all the coffee. But, since the coffee maker was sitting in its own excrement, it kinda shorted out, electrically. That's what made my dog bark. Good dog. Goooood dog. Unfortunately, my coffee-maker no longer works. So, I have been trying to make coffee elsewise, and I have not yet found a supreme method. I also have a one-cup coffee-maker, and I scoff.

While I have been out with my dog, several times, various neighbours have slammed their doors at me. They would rather buy into the gossip, of some new neighbours who are black, than hear the real story from me, a white neighbour who has been here the longest. Hmmmm... maybe this retarded mentality has something to do with why they keep having to move - being all back-asswards and such.

But, I still get my friendly people walking along, hailing me. I am friendly with blacks, whites, Hispanics. However, it is disgusting that so many blacks refuse to talk to me, and so many white DO talk to me. I noticed this black/white racism as soon as I moved here - and they are trying to perpetuate it in me. Just like the neighbours have approved of the story of the people downstairs, as if I am the instigator, the enemy, the door-slammer. It really is all so pathetic, playing right into the hands of the police and their higher powers that be, ultimately the banksters - and the white elites.

I really need to find a natural place. My earnest, difficult life deserves it. Illinois is in sad shape, and will be going bankrupt soon, not to mention the coming collapse of the national dollar, with associated hyperinflation or severe depression, cutting into our bank accounts, 401k's, CDs, Social Security - not to mention a plummetting of our purchasing power, and of the availability of goods.

Well, I have moved into my main bedroom tonight, where it is slightly cooler and more comfortable, plus I have two little fans, instead of one. When I am in my HOT back bedroom, my loyal dog goes back and lies in there with me, even though it is too warm. I am beginning to coax him into the good summer habits, because it will get as hot as an oven in this apartment.

J-Girl &/or Guy, from downstairs, were out with a BBQ on their porch. So, they slammed their door a few times, because they saw me outside. I don't know about the "coming" race war. I see it has already begun, in stupid ways. So. In my opinion, knowing that gigantic shit is going to hit the fan, it is inevitable that there will be a huge racial flare-up in this country. In that case, maybe it would be good if a 1000X Solar Flare gave this planet a little dusting, just to shut us up for a while.

This frontal headache - keeps a-thumpin. Hard sharp pains in right hemisphere. The latter type is relatively new, and I am hoping these are,"healing headaches": a GOOD sign. Maybe because I have been taking so much turmeric. Otherwise, it could be something else, like a very big, terminal, bad idea!

I need a powerful little 3-speed, (bi-directional), fan, or an AC, to fit within a 19" window. Anyone got one for me? I have about 37 cents.

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