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Music of the Spheres - (mini theme post)

All information contains emotion, and all emotion contains information. Like electricity and magnetism, they are two abiding forces at different ends of one continuum. "How could information contain emotion?" This is so because all information is a property of observation, and so consciousness. Observation is a dynamic, two-way street. All observers must exercise emotion during observation, or life, as a way of linking their measurement or "time" along in a linear, real fashion. It is a reference to self. It is also a reference to a bigger picture, or dynamic field. Therefore, compassion should be practiced towards all entities, for they have feelings. Empathy, sentience, consciousness - none of these are exceptional in the universe, they are the stuff of the universe - as is pain, irony, and death.

Observation is an "ordering" of the universe, so influencing all the universe in return. In kind. Just as there is no such thing as true randomness or true chaos in the universe, because there will always be some order overlaid - following from some natural tendency of the universe, there is no observation which does not make some sense, and which is not connected to all other things, and directly influenced by them.

"Emotion" = to emote - to move forward.

"Information" = to form within.

Information is like the language, or the words spoken.

Emotion is like the tone, or the music of the words spoken.

Before you and I were a twinkle in each others eye, there was the word.

But, before the word was not naught - not the singularity before the Big Bang.

Before the word was the music.

Before the information is the emotion, shared.

We lose ourselves typing away to LJ, to a lot of shadow people who might not really exist. But we have will and we have hope. We may feel alone and pathetic at times. But, the fact is, across the universe, before or beyond LJ, we share emotion. It is an origami universe. And words swim and splash up like dolphins, "randomly". These are the influences, the coincidences, the avatars for shared consciousness. These are the memoriables. Sharing the feelings goes without us saying, or seeing, but up go these proofs, like psychic magic, reaching across time and space, called words, or definite information, or ideas.

Visions and prophesies.

Pluck a string, you are singing to the music of the spheres, here, right here, and right now.

Dancing a mad tango between consciousness trumping entropy; and heat death trumping the hubris of existence.
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