I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

Don't try this at home.

I sprained my back 2x today, after all this fridge stuff. Plus, other strain: I sleep right under a slanting roof, w/ the dog in my way when I try to get up, then I have to crouch down to leave the room through a tiny door. I inevitably sprain my back every year around this time, after all the months in the back room. It really isn't comfy for me to be sitting up, typing right now. I also should sleep a lot now. Why? Because any harm to my back is the ULTIMATE stress for my CFS, for some reason, always triggering relapses. Hard times ahead for me. The fridge guys are coming on Tuesday, meaning I will have more exertion. I was also hoping of hauling lots of canned food back from the food pantry - but probably not, now. And - I definitely need to haul a big bag of laundry for a block, to be picked up by the bus, to the laundromat, in a few days. Why must I carry it a block? Because if my dog sees me waiting for the bus inside, or on my porch, he builds into a nervous frenzy. Presently, he has a nervous stomach, and my carpet is quivering in fear. He gets nervous - and stubborn/ egotistical - when the people downstairs mess with us. E.g., they STOMP around, etc. So, then my dog MUST walk louder, shake his fur, scratch. And then the neighbours retaliate for this.

Also, it seems like the new guy who mows for the LL next door is playing passive aggressive games with me and my dog as well, mowing over THIS property where my dog shits, and then throwing lumps of grass there. It seems that everyone here is bitter towards me, ever since the people downstairs got out and continued the Nether's gossip. I am pretty disgusted. Someone called the police on me while I was out with my dog, saying I was beating him. I showed the officer that I was patting my dog firmly on the back-side, to get him to sit down, in respect of passers-by. He said they do far worse in K9, when they train their dogs. Anyway, this neighbourhood has been determined to paint me as a terrible person ever since I got here, despite my outstanding decency towards everyone. Constantly, there have been efforts to push me back into a corner, hoping my reaction would then give them reason to claim that I am a racist. Well, um. Speaking of racism.

PS - I made a perfect stir-fry, (using up food). Most of the same seasonings as other times, but this time I emphasized tartness instead of hot-spiciness. Sauer Kraut, powdered orange rind, lemon juice - on top of ginger, garlic, onion, etc. I also made a salad, which will last until the men come to dispose of my old friend, the fridge.

Now, I am already tired from my back.
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