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mobile home

The only "productive" thing that happened yesterday was that I managed to take a look at a mobile home. I first wandered from the back of the supermarket, in the direction of the mobile home park. There was a nice amount of greenery and fieldish areas for dog. I wandered into a mobile home area, but the most of the park was further off. I walked along the highway to the park office. A woman with a big tattoo drove me to the mobile home, and showed me around. I was not really given enough time to stare at the rooms and think about what furniture could go where, etc.

But I decided not to take the home, even though it was only $500. It was so much smaller than the pictures suggest. And there was water-warped wood in various areas. The smell of treated wood and dampness would be bad for my CFS, even if there was no black mould. I could not see my big dog living there. I also could not see myself feeling very optimistic about life, living there. And so, I would not be inspired to spend time making repairs on it.

It had two sheds, and a carport for a picnic table. But not enough land. And so forth.

I neither want to live in this town or in Illinois for a long time. But, in this park, there was an area of many empty lots, and I'm going to ask why if they've considered turning that area into an RV park. In that case, I might eventually get an RV and live there. But, not a likely possibility. There are other mobile homes for a few thousand dollars which are much better, elsewhere, although the lot rents are usually higher.

Art Deco house was manufactured in 1960!.....

Some of this land is another lot, even though I could use it - (for garden; and tie dog to tree).

It is NOT this big. Book case is for tiny books. Fridge is gone.

Same wood as previous pic. AC has been removed, leaving warped wood.

Why this pic? idk - Looks like window leaks.

Nice new floor. Nice bath. Yet... And very small.

The larger tiny bedroom. Little closets are behind the two wood panels.

Two nicer mobile homes in different towns....

$2000 - Illinois

$5000 - Wisconsin
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